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Modern Pixar is better than Disney Classics

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Started: 7/8/2016 Category: Movies
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I the Pro will be arguing in favour of Modern Pixar while the Con will argue for Disney Classics

1st Round- Only type I accept
2nd Round-Debate
3rd Round-Rebuttal and Conclusion


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Pixar always comes put with fresh,vivid and fun movies. Unlike disney classics they don't have a base to start off and have to start from scratch,still managing to make legendary films. Pixar manages to make unrealistic things like a clown fish and a toy of a cowboy feel like real humans and we as humans get emotionally connected to those characters. They have meanings on and beneath the surface of the film and teach children the real life issues that are currently taking place. Zootopia teaches kids about racism and how it affects people while still making us laugh at hilarious jokes. Pixar's movies have paved the road for other studios to follow by pretty much creating a new style of animation when they released Toy Story. Disney Classics had a pretty bland and simple animation style, Disney Classics don't have that good of a meaning behind their story, like what is Cinderella supposed to teach kids exactly. Pixar also domimates the Box Office and critics praise almost all their movies except Cars 2. Pixar also provided us with amazing songs like Let It Go and You got a friend in me. No doubt Pixar is the greatest animation studio out there and it's just beginning.


Disney classics are what established the Disney animation empire we have now. They brought fairy tales and fun stories to life and their legacy carries on to this day; they inspired and continue to inspire countless generations of people from all around the world. On top of that, the Disney classics teach children invaluable lessons.

Cinderella teaches kids be kind, optimistic, responsible, and patient, and though life is not always easy, having these qualities will lead to happiness. Sleeping Beauty teaches kids the power of 'true love', and if you look deeper into it, that they should not offend others (as the king did to Maleficent by not inviting her). The Little Mermaid teaches kids that you must decide how to live your life for yourself, and that doing so will present obstacles (like signing a contract with Ursula) and, if you stay on the right path, you will reach your goal. Robin Hood (yes, that's a Disney classic) inspires children who are born in the working class to question the authority and injustices committed by the ruling class.

Pixar is an amazing studio, I'll admit, and they have produced some pretty good films, however, they are nothing compared to Disney classics.

Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LeMiddleMan 3 months ago
All I can say is that as of 20XX to 20XX, Disney has or is effectively monopolizing the film industry, (And it has made soooooo much money).
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