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Modern women of India are no longer captive of traditions

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Started: 2/21/2009 Category: Society
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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"Modern women of India are no longer captive of traditions"
This statement may hold true for some specific fields, but taking into account the major parts of the society, modern women of India still have to remain as captives of traditions. For example, 90% of the Indian households are looked after by the lady of the family. The lady of the family has to take care of the children and teach them human virtues and values to make them eminent citizens of the society. It is also the lady who has to perform the daily domestic chores. Women are seldom allowed to work outside their homes or to take up a job. On the contrary, they are expected to serve their husbands as their superiors and work on their orders.
Hence, it would be incorrect to say that modern women of India are no longer captive of traditions.


I don't know your perception of a modern woman.. There could be two broad categories of modern women - one which takes the new challenges of the modern day with clarity and confidence and poised to march forward.. and the other which simply follows a blind concept of undefined Liberty in every field and adopts weird fashions and fads, under the label of modernity..

I consider the women leaders who form the women SHGs in the rural and urban sides to provide economic indepenedenct to the women folk as modern;

The ones who organise women to come together to control the evils of liquor, gambling and women bashing.. as modern..

The women who go to work in unconventional fields like the Army and Navy, the police and the Fire fighting, etc are modern..

There are dozens of such bold, intelligent and caring women of modern values who broke away from the tradition of confinement to kitchen and child rearing to things beyond these, while still presiding over the family duties.. The confines are enlarged beyond the traditional boundaries..

If you however consider those going to the Pubs, Rave parties, weekly visits to the costly bearuty parlours etc alone as modern.. well.. they have all broken all traditional bonds for good.. in the name of modern misnomer called liberty which had done little to the family or society anything but create contempt and conflict..

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Posted by debate.unique 8 years ago
hey mark94,
i had attended a debate on this topic and your views were spoken by one of my opponents. are these written somewhere????.........i dont mean to offend you.........just wanted to know......
Posted by debate.unique 8 years ago
actually there's a chain of a specific school in india.........and there's a debate being conducted in almost all the that's where this topic came from.
Posted by rougeagent21 8 years ago
Where did this topic come from anyway? I have seen it around a lot.
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