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Modified Storytelling

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Started: 11/23/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
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Opponent & I will add to the existing story line. Voting can be for the participant who produced the most enjoyable passages.

There was a boy named Luis-Noel Martinez. Boy isn't really an accurate description as he is a 19 year old senior at PS 8 high school in Queens. He is 5-8, around 170, and has a thin beard line and goatee. He secretly loves to draw and sketch, but his friends would definitely give him a hard time if they knew that was his true passion.

Although average sized, Luis-Noel was known as an excellent fighter. Even though there was tension in school between the whites, blacks, and Puerto Ricans, no one bothered Luis-Noel anymore. He had been, and was probably still being scouted for blanco 13. This was the gang that controlled the area from the Whitestone Bridge to about a mile beyond Corona Park.

No one in Luis-Noel's family had ever graduated from high school, and he was determined to be the first. He had already overcame many obstacles. His English was mediocre at best, having moved to Queens from Santurce at age 11. He learned to speak English by trial and error.

(please continue)


The other day I checked out the game "Character Name in a Sentence". I posted a few responses and realized I wasn't doing the same thing as the others, but really enjoyed how I posted and thought others might find this way challenging and fun to try.

Tell a character's story, and/or one of their stories, by using the letters in their name. Then post another name for the next player to try.

Here are some of the examples I used on the other post:

Christine Williams

Cricket aka "The Bug"; Model for Jabot Jr Cosmetics
Holier Than Thou
Righteous Attitude
Insisted on Leaving Danny after His Affair w/Phyllis
Sexually Harassed and Stalked by Michael Baldwin
Tried Lecturing Nina on How to Live Her Life
In Love and engaged with Phillip Chancellor III
Nina was Caught in Bed with Phillip which
Ended Christine's engagement to Phillip

Was Everybody's Idea of the Girl Next Door
Into the Field of Law She Went; being a
Legal Aid Attorney; a
Legal Partner in Baldwin, Blair & Associates
Into Everybody's Business; Former
Assistant District Attorney
Married to Paul Williams for a Time
Single now, after Divorcing Paul


Conceived by Billy & Chloe
Only Chloe said Cane was the father
Righteous Cane claimed the baby
Denied telling Chole he knew the truth
Ended up being wanted by both Cane & Billy
Loved by all in the end
Irresistible in the football costume
Absolutely adorable!

Tim Reid

Timid personality
Insecure around women
Made to look like a fool

Red slept with him and blackmailed him
Eating him alive
In the end he recanted his testimony leading to
Death to his career; crossed over to Bold & Beautiful

Let's get the creative juices flowing. . .1st up

Victor Newman
My apponent may have a good story but not good enough...
Debate Round No. 1


Luis-Noel's mind often wondered, as if in a trance like state. Random thought patterns such as using poeple's names as acronyms was not uncommon. Luis-Noel was walking home from school when he noticed a twenty dollar bill laying on the ground up ahead of him. He dismissed the acronyms and quickly thought how he might spend this small treasure. Twenty dollars wasn't what it used to be, but hey, he'd take it.

He quickened his pace as he got closer. Fifteen yards away, ten yards away, 5 yards away! Just as he reached down to pick up the money....................................................


PresadentWalker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Suddenly, Carlos, Enrique, and Jose emerged from behind a building. Mira! You gonna take my money man? asked Carlos.

Who says it's yours? asked Luis-Noel

We got some business man.

I aint got no business with you Carlos.

Carlos nodded at Enrique and Jose who slowly and deliberately walked toward Luis-Noel. "What you want wit me man?" asked Luis-Noel.

We need your help. replied Carlos

To do what? Fight the Diablos?

Carlos grinned, This guy is funny Enrique.

As Jose and Enrique creeped toward Luis-Noel, Carlos locked his switch blade with a loud click against the still of the evening. Luis-Noel lunged at Jose. He swung his elbow hard into Jose's nose. There was a sickening thud and crack. Jose's nose, obviously broken, began gushing blood. Half a second later Enrique found himself doubled over after Luis-Noel planted his foot into Enrique's groin. Half a second after that, Enrique was laying on the ground, knocked out cold after a hard punch split his cheek open. His right eye instantly swelled shut.

Do you still think its funny Oso? asked Luis-Noel

Carlos, "Oso" Rodriguez was taken aback. He had heard about Luis-Noel's fighting ability but had never seen it until now. "Calm down botto! You just messed up 2 of my guys man! "

Do you want to be next Oso? I can think of lots of places to put your cheap assed knife"

No man! No! I want you on my team man!

"I dont want to be on your "team" replied Luis-Noel, I got plans man.

"It's cool dog, if you ever change your mind...

I won't. You can go now.

Luis-Noel watched Carlos back away then disappear down an alley. Luis-Noel picked up the money and continued on his way leaving two of the "Lobos Commons" laying on the ground bleeding.


PresadentWalker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Luis-Noel continued on to a public library. After hesitating a moment, he went inside. Still uneasy with technology, he went to the old card catalog. Dissatisfied, he browsed the 700s section looking for an art book. He spent much longer than he intended to, but didn't seem to mind. He selected a book of sketches and went to a quiet table. He took some scratch paper from teh recycle bin, and found a couple of pencils at the computer desk.

He opened the book and skimmed through the pages. He settled on a picture of a raccoon in a tree with a black


PresadentWalker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


The drawing progressed nicely and smoothly, it seemed to flow effortlessly from the pencil to the paper. If possible, it actually looked better than the sketch in the book.

The gentleman who hovered a comfortable distance away approached. "Excuse me, I wondered if I might see your drawing?"

Luis-Noel turned the paper toward the man and looked up expectantly.

The man took glasses from his shirt pocket and put them on. He placed his hand near the drawing and looked back at Luis-Noel. "May I?"

Luis-Noel, not used to manners or courtesy shrugged and nodded.

The man picked up the drawing and looked at it as if he were examining every detail. He looked atthe drawing for far longer than expected. Luis-Noel began fidgeting impatiently. "It's not done, why do you care anyway?"

"How long have you been drawing?"

"All my life, why?"

"Your work is exquisite. Allow me to introduce myself, My name is William Carl Sanderson. I am a recruiter for the Pittsburgh Art Institute. I am always on the look out for talent. How would you feel about going to school for art?"...


PresadentWalker forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Walker, please post or forfeit.
Posted by feverish 7 years ago
Agree with Chrys below.

Why didn't you start your own debate Walker?

Maybe that L should be an N.
Posted by Chrysippus 7 years ago
That was rude, Walker.
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