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Monkey D. Luffy would beat Uzumaki Naruto in a straight-up brawl

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Started: 11/13/2009 Category: Entertainment
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Note: This is based on the most recent chapters in both manga.

Luffy would defeat Naruto because he is faster, stronger and more agile.

I would like to begin by stating the abilities of both combatants: Luffy has eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi, which has essensiallty turned him into rubber, allowing him to stretch almost any part of his body, has, as quoted from one piece wiki "extraordinarily inhuman strength, enough to break through stone and shatter steel with his bare hands, and can move at extreme speeds." And that's not even counting the gears.
Naruto, on the other hand, has the ability to summon gigantic toads, use the Rasengan, Kage Bunshin, Rasenshuriken, which will kill ANYONE it hits at the price of a broken arm, and the use of hermit mode, which, as said in Narutopedia, "Once mastered, Naruto was able to perfect the Rasenshuriken, so that he could throw it, and learn Frog Kata, the taijutsu style that uses the natural energy around the user to enhance the range and the potency of their attacks."

I look forward to this debate, and good luck.


I thank my opponent for challenging me to this debate, as I understand that he has been having difficulties with his computer and e-mail verification.

I would like to begin by challenging my opponent's definitions of the characters' abilities. Luffy is not capable of extreme speed; he is capable of stretching very quickly ( Though entering Second Gear allows Luffy to move quickly, doing so would require Luffy to remain stationary for roughly five seconds, long enough for Naruto to kill Luffy (I will elaborate upon this point later). Also, my opponent has not defined Naruto's abilities clearly enough for viewers to understand them, nor has he accurately described the drawbacks of RasenShuriken use. However, since defining all of Naruto's abilities would take far too long, I will instead provide a link with which viewers can gain an understanding of Naruto's capabilities: . Furthermore, I will be including the Kyuubi no Yoko in Naruto's abilities, as the Nine-Tailed Fox is a part of Naruto and thus part of his abilities. I would like to end the challenging of my opponent's definitions by affirming the rest of my opponent's definition of Luffy's abilities, despite its verbosity and grammatical inaccuracies.

I would now like to define "beat" as "to defeat, specifically by rendering the opponent unable to continue fighting, most likely through incapacitation or death".

Now I would like to move on to my own arguments, as my opponent has not provided any for me to refute.

1) My first argument is that Luffy is not fast enough to keep up with Naruto, and his faster attacks do not cause enough damage to kill Naruto. Naruto is capable of easily moving faster than the human eye can see, and Luffy's abilities do not include enhanced speed of thought or reaction time. Even if Luffy were to attempt to enter one of the Gears to combat Naruto, activating a gear takes time, time that Naruto could use to plant several shuriken and/or kunai in Luffy's head. In Sage Mode, Naruto's speed is augmented further, and he could generate a one-handed Rasen Shuriken at a distance, close to close range, and throw the shuriken to injure Luffy enough to kill him with a Kunai.

2) My second argument is that Naruto can outnumber Luffy and overwhelm him. Luffy's techniques are best suited to one-on-one combat or group combat against a number of mediocre foes. Naruto possesses the ability to summon a number of powerful toads and use techniques in conjunction with them. Naruto could summon Gamabunta, Gamakichi, and Gamatatsu (three of his most favored summons), hide inside Gamabunta's mouth, and have the toads distract Luffy long enough for Naruto to enter Sage Mode. From there, Naruto could summon Gamaken, Fukasaku, and Gamahiro, and together Sage Naruto and his toads could overwhelm Luffy.

3) My third argument is that Naruto can outsmart Luffy. Luffy's strategies are all improvised on-the-spot without any real strategic considerations involved. Naruto, on the other hand, is capable of "formulating complex plans in the midst of battle" and possesses considerable deceptive and tactical skill. Given the evidence I have presented and the greater variety in Naruto's abilities than Luffy's, it can be reasoned that Naruto could outsmart Luffy and defeat him.

4) My fourth argument is that, if Luffy causes Naruto severe damage or angers him, Naruto could utilize the power of the Nine-Tailed Fox to defeat Luffy. The Nine-Tails surrounds Naruto in a powerful aura of chakra and increases his strength, speed, and chakra exponentially. Since the Nine-Tails' chakra can cause damage to Naruto's skin faster than he can regenerate from it, it can be reasoned that Naruto would be protected from the majority of Luffy's attacks, which are physical. Naruto can also slash Luffy with his claws and/or stun him long enough to hit him with an Imari (, an attack so powerful that even the Sannin Orochimaru stated that, if he were to be hit by even the recoil from a Four-Tailed level Imari, he would be killed instantly.

I would like to thank my opponent for this debate and the viewers for their time. Please vote CON when the voting period arrives. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


I, like my opponent, would like to begin by challenging my opponent's definition of Luffy's abilities. Looking over the article a second time, I did indeed find that it says Luffy is in fact capable of moving at extreme speed.

I would like to begin by challenging my opponents points.

1) My opponent says that Luffy is slower than Naruto, but, according to One Piece Wiki,"...and can move at extreme speeds, eventually catching up to even the speed of weaker CP9 agents without the use of his Gears." Also, my opponent has shown no evidence that Naruto has the ability to move faster than the human eye can trace. Even if Naruto was faster than Luffy, which he isn't, a sneak attack or an attack behind the back would be useless, One Piece Wiki states, "in fact, on more than one occasion, Luffy was able to anticipate and counter attack that would normally be beyond his field of vision due to his sharp reflexes." Also, like the gears, Sage Mode takes time to activate- what would be minutes as opposed to second gear's 5 seconds. My opponent also states that Luffy's faster attacks are too weak to kill Naruto, which is clearly false, looking at Luffy's use of the 'Gomu no Gomu no Storm the Shichibukai, Crocodile.

2) While it is true that Luffy's techniques are best suited to one-on-one brawls or against a number of mediocre foes, Naruto's summoning jutsu also takes time; time that Luffy could use to hit him hard enough to make him lose focus. Naruto's Kage Bunshin would hardly even count as a distraction, as it typically takes one hit to destroy them.

3)My opponent states that Luffy is smarter that Naruto, which is not necessarily true. While Naruto is capable of "formulating complex plans in the midst of battle" and possesses considerable deceptive and tactical skill, Luffy, "In battle, has shown signs of intelligence, high tactical and innovational skills. He can easily adapt to hindering situations such as Mr. 3's Candle Lock or Enel's Gloam Paddling into an attack. He also used a mirror to reflect Foxy's Noro Noro Beam attack. Recently in the "Ace Execution" arc, Mihawk mentions that Luffy seems unusually clear-headed by avoiding Mihawk's attacks. Additionally, during his battle against Mihawk, he uses Buggy as a scapegoat shield to help protect him and move forward towards Ace." And "He is, however, a genius when it comes to fighting, such as when he figured out how to defeat Crocodile's Devil Fruit power on the verge of death, how to use Soru from sight, and developed a number of effective counters to Enel's "Mantra" ability."

4) Utilizing the Kyuubi(Nine-Tailed Fox)'s chakra, like the gears and Sage Mode, takes time. I would also like to remind my opponent that this is based on the most recent chapters; since there is no confirmed information that states that Naruto could still USE the Kyuubi's chakra to go any-amount-of-tails. Unlike Killerbee's symbiotic relationship with the 8-tails, Naruto's relationship with his bijuu is not on good terms, to put it mildly. Even if he still could go 4-tailed mode, using the Imari would be useless, as Luffy could simply move out of the way.

Onto my own point(s)

1) Luffy can outlast Naruto in the long run. As ludicrous as it sounds, Luffy could outlast Naruto in a match. Despite Naruto's impressive amount of stamina, Luffy's willpower outweighs it, hands down. "His strength is only exceeded by his enormous willpower, as demonstrated on several occasions throughout the series, most noted of all in the Thriller Bark Arc when he manages to take in 100 shadows without passing out, compared to normal humans, who can only take in 2 or 3. This willpower even lets him survive far beyond what normal people are capable of, as demonstrated recently when he was poisoned very far beyond what a human is capable of surviving, only living on despite his critical condition through sheer willpower, and also shown when he survived through Emporio Ivankov's "Healing Hormones" ability, which even with a slim chance of surviving had not only survived the endeavor, but made a recovery in twenty hours when the healing procedure for those that do survive is two days. " Naruto's stamina is nothing compared to Luffy's willpower.

I would like to apologize for the lack of quality of this rebuttal, it is late. 10:00 PM to be exact I promise the next one will be better.


I will begin by challenging my opponent's rebuttal.

1) Due to the Nine-tailed Fox's presence inside his body, Naruto possesses the greatest chakra reserves of any ninja in the series, with the possible exception of Kisame and the Rikudou Sage. Sasuke proved during the fight with Haku that even Genin-level shinobi are capable of channeling chakra to increase speed. Naruto possesses amazing chakra reserves and incredible shinobi skill, and it can be reasoned from these two facts that he is capable of moving extremely fast. In the Rescue Gaara arc, Naruto traveled all the way from Konoha to Suna over a few hours and did not appear to be more than slightly drained from the endeavor.

2) Naruto's summoning takes roughly three seconds per summon, less time than it takes to enter the Gear form. Since I have proven that Naruto is faster than Luffy, it can be reasoned that Naruto could summon at least one toad before Luffy could attack him, although he may have to attempt to increase the distance between them before attempting a summoning. Once Naruto increases the distance between him and Luffy and summons Gamabunta, he could maneuver such that Gamabunta is between him and Luffy and summon more toads, such as Gamahiro, Gamaken, Fukasaku, Gamatatsu, and Gamakichi ( My opponent has already stated that Luffy's anti-group techniques are suited to combat mediocre foes, and the Shinobi toads are anything but. These extremely powerful toads could distract Luffy long enough for Naruto to escape to a far distance, beyond the reach of Luffy's attacks. From there, Naruto could enter Sage Mode and arrive back at the batte to defeat Luffy with the aid of his toads.

3) While I acknowledge my opponent's claim that Luffy possesses great adaptive skill, this does not mean he is intelligent or tactically advanced. I would like to provide reasoning as to why the provided examples do not prove Luffy's tactical intelligence in a one-on-one battle: Luffy required aid from Usopp to defeat Mr. 3, aid he does not have at his "tactical" disposal in this fight; the fact that rubber is insulated against electricity is a scientific fact, not a tactical one; using a comrade as a shield is not a tactically advanced maneuver, nor is using a mirror to reflect light or water to condense sand. Though his counter to Gloam Paddling was a show of intelligence, none of my opponent's other examples prove anything other than that Luffy is capable of adapting to various situations through use of basic scientific knowledge.

4) Naruto has actually displayed the ability to activate his Kyuubi chakra in recent chapters without anything to suggest the contrary, as demonstrated by how he entered a partial Kyuubi form during his conversation with Pain. The Imari is only one example of an attack Naruto could use to damage Luffy, not the entirety of the attacks available to him in Kyuubi form. I will elaborate on this later. Also, Naruto is still capable of Self-Defense while entering Kyuubi form, as displayed by how he punched Sasuke with considerable force while entering Kyuubi-state in the Valley of the End. Attacking Naruto while he was entering Kyuubi form would only serve to hurt Luffy, as Naruto's Kyuubi chakra manifests itself around him as it is released and has been shown to be capable of damaging human tissue.

Now I will refute my opponent's argument:

1) Though Luffy does possess considerable willpower, this willpower will not allow him to regenerage from crippling physical injury such as the kind that Sage Naruto can inflict. Also, Luffy did not survive his critical condition purely due to willpower; Ivankov's Healing Hormones counteracted the poison to a degree that Luffy's willpower-driven immune system alone could not. Though willpower played a dramatic role in the healing process, Luffy's willpower was not the sole reason for his survival. Though Luffy's willpower allows him to achieve considerable feats, it does not allow him to outlast Naruto, who has three energy sources to Luffy's one: Senjutsu (which allows Naruto to draw chakra from nature), Naruto's own considerable willpower, and the Kyuubi.

Finally, my own arguments:

5) Presuming that Naruto follow my above strategy involving shinobi toads, he could then enter Kyuubi mode as soon as his Sage Mode expires. Once Sage Mode expires, Naruto could temporarily retreat and have the Toads fight Luffy while Naruto enters Kyuubi mode. Naruto has been shown to be able to enter the basic tail-less Kyuubi form without being in an extreme emotional state, and the speed, strength, and stamina this form grants him would allow the toads to rest for at least a few minutes. If Luffy manages to cause Naruto any considerable damage (which is unlikely, given that Naruto is too fast in the Kyuubi form for Luffy to enter a Gear), Naruto could either take more Kyuubi chakra and increase the power of his state or allow the Toads to take over combat long enough for him to re-enter Senjutsu mode.

6) My sixth argument is that Naruto's strength is multiplied when the toads arrive, rather than it merely being added to. This is due to the variety of combination techniques ( and traps that Naruto could utilize with his Toads. One example would be Naruto having a Kage Bunshin utilize his variant of the Toad Oil Flame Bullet ( to drive Luffy in a certain direction, where Naruto is waiting with a RasenShuriken. Naruto could prevent Luffy from attempting to escape from this trap by having a group of Kage Bunshin surround Luffy and grab him from various angles, including underground, while Fukasaku assails Luffy with Sage Art: Frog Call from above ( and the remaining toads surround Luffy. If this formation were to be assumed, Luffy would have much difficulty avoiding the RasenShuriken and surviving the subsequent havoc that could be wreaked upon him by Naruto and his toads. As I stated before, this is only one possibility of the variety of combination tactics Naruto could utilize.

7) My seventh and final argument is that Luffy is currently not at peak condition, and thus would not be able to fight with his full ability, allowing Naruto to win. My opponent has already stated that this fight is based on the characters' stated in the most recent chapters. In the most recent chapter of Naruto from the point of this debate's initiation, Naruto was not even slightly injured and had not expended even a substantial amount of energy, allowing the conclusion that he is at peak condition. Luffy, however, is in the midst of the Marineford battle, has been hit directly with a slash from Mihawk ( " Hawk-Eyes, peering through the crowd, manages to point out Luffy, and swings his blade forward, slashing Luffy"), and has used up at least a substantial amount of energy in the subsequent fight. Given these facts, it can be reasoned that Luffy would not be able to bring his full strength to bear where Naruto can, as Naruto can regain energy from the Kyuubi and Senjutsu, but Luffy has no food available to him to replenish his energy.

Now I will summarize my arguments:
1: Naruto is faster than Luffy in his exhausted state.
2: Naruto can outnumber and overwhelm Luffy with his toads.
3: Naruto can outsmart Luffy.
4: Naruto can draw on the power of the Nine-Tails to replenish his energy and defeat Luffy.
5: Naruto can alternate Sage and Kyuubi forms to prevent Luffy from taking advantage of a loss of momentum.
6: Naruto and his toads can utilize powerful group tactics to defeat Luffy.
7: Luffy is not at peak condition and cannot compete with a fully rested Naruto and his toads.

Thank you for your time. Sorry for the length of my statement. Please vote CON.
Debate Round No. 2


I will begin by refuting my opponents points. ()

1) I will admit that my opponent is right saying that even genin-level shinobi are capable of using chakra to increase speed, but he used Sasuke as an example. Sasuke is an Uchiha, and he's been learning to control his chakra far longer than Naruto has. My opponent also stated that Naruto traveled to Suna in a few hours when, in reality, it took him at least 1.5 to 2.5 days, as Kankuro had only half a day left at maximum to survive, and Sasori stated that it would take "Two, maybe three days," to live after being poisoned.

2) While I acknowledge that Naruto might be able to summon at least one toad before Luffy can attack, it would take at least another five to shout out a command to them, long enough for Luffy to activate second gear. My opponent also admitted that Naruto might have to increase the distance between him and Luffy before summoning, which is not likely to happen, as Luffy is capable of being a close-range fighter as well. If Luffy were to in fact have to face the 5 shinobi toads my opponent has used as examples, he could still use third gear, which he can use to increase the size of any part of his body. ()

3) My opponent states that my examples do not prove that Luffy possesses advanced tactical skill. I would like to point out that Luffy thought of these strategies while in the heat of battle, where there is no time to think clearly; Neither Nami, who wasn't even participating in the battle, nor Enel, thought about rubber's insolence to electricity before Luffy refused to evade Enel's attack. In fact, it is not even proven that this fact has been established before the fight.

4) Naruto has not shown the ability to activate Kyuubi's chakra so far. What my opponent is thinking of is the fact that the Kyuubi's slitted pupil appeared in Naruto's eyes. That does not necessarily mean that he is able to physically manifest the Kyuubi's chakra.

5) Luffy is made of rubber, which means he is immune to physical attacks (i.e. punches, kicks, etc.) meaning Sage Mode Naruto can not inflict crippling phisical injury. while it is true that Luffy's willpower was not the only factor in his healing process, the Healing horomones played a minor part in his revival.

6) It has not been proven that he can enter Kyuubi mode at will yet, as I said in my argument last round, he is not Killerbee and is in no way on good terms with the Kyuubi. Even if my opponent turns out to be correct, Luffy could use the time Naruto uses to go into Kyuubi mode to go into second gear.

7) If Luffy is in fact attacked and injured by the toads, he will most likely use his "Haki" ability, which has enough power to scare off the wolves on the fifth level of Impel Down. This might be enough to make some of the younger toads (i.e. Gamakichi, Gamatatsu) and the older toads (i.e. Fukasaku) faint, thus lessening the threat the toads, and by extension, Naruto possess. ()

Onto my own argument(s)
8) Luffy is more durable than Naruto and can survive through much more than he can. For example, Luffy traveled through all 6 levels of Impel Down ( with just the clothes that he entered with. He was also the second person to breakout of Impel Down, the first being Kinjishi. This is also proven from his apparently incredibly dangerous training he was put through by his grandfather. "...thrown into a bottomless ravine, tied to a balloon, thrown into a forest at night, etc."

9) Luffy might not be at peak condition, but he has more than enough strength to take Naruto down, in the most recent chapter, it is implied that Luffy feels like he could still fight, being seen charging to the execution platform.

10) Luffy in his normal form is stronger than Naruto in his normal form. Being a member of the Jūichinin no Chōshinsei (Eleven Supernovas) it has been implied that he is as strong as a shichibukai (seven warlords of the sea). It is also stated that "he had a punch as powerful as a pistol even at seven years of age."

11) My final argument: () moments 1, 3, 4 and 5

I thank you for your time and patience and I hope you vote Pro


I would like to thank my opponent for this debate. Now I will challenge his rebuttal.

1) I apologize for the inaccuracy of my information on Naruto's travel from Konoha to Suna, but that does not change the fact that Naruto is still very fast. Pages 2-3 of Chapter 276 ( demonstrate Naruto's speed, as here he is able to easily keep up with an opponent fleeing by air while waging a conversation, despite his disadvantage in having to travel across somewhat difficult ground terrain. It can be reasoned from this information that Naruto could travel even faster if he used more energy than in the example and on flat terrain.

2) Though Gear 2nd is very fast, it is still incapable of dealing fatal damage to an opponent, as demonstrated by my opponent's own "One Piece Ownage" video. In this video, Luffy strikes Rob Lucci, who has repeatedly placed Luffy's friends in mortal danger and threatened their lives (thus earning Luffy's ire), with one of his most powerful Gear 2nd attacks. The attack, powered by both Gear 2nd and Luffy's rage, knocks Lucci out but does not kill him. If an extremely powerful attack from Gear 2nd is not even able to kill a weakened opponent who does not possess regenerative abilities, how can it defeat Naruto, who possesses extremely strong regenerative abilities? Furthermore, 3rd Gear takes even longer to prepare than 2nd and requires one to already be in a Gear 2nd state, so it can be reasoned that Naruto could summon all of his combat Toads in rapid succession before Luffy could activate the gears. Also, my opponent's statement as to Naruto increasing distance is self-contradictory, as he said that "Luffy is capable of being a close-range fighter as well". Luffy's close-range capabilities are already established and have no bearing on Naruto's speed, especially since I have proven that Naruto is faster than Luffy. As to commanding the toads, Naruto could create Bunshin while running and give them the commands through thought, having the Bunshin issue commands while Naruto continues to summon.

3) Aside from the fact that rubber is scientifically established as insulatory, my opponent has made no attempt to disprove any of my other statements regarding Luffy's lack of tactical skill. Thus, my opponent has conceded that Luffy does not possess tactical ability. Lastly, thinking while under stress is a necessary skill for combat success in general and does not prove Luffy's tactical ability; rather, it shows his improvisational aptitude, which is already established.

4) In the instance I was referencing, Naruto released enough Kyuubi chakra to augment his Sage Form far enough to completely resist the control of the extremely powerful Nagato ( Naruto's eyes only take the slitted form when he is releasing Kyuubi chakra, showing that Naruto is at an advanced enough degree of Kyuubi Chakra Control that he can release enough chakra to change his eyes while maintaining Sage Form. Once Naruto's Sage Form deactivates, it could be reasoned that he could at least access his non-tailed chakra aura, if not a tailed form. Also, my opponent has not provided any actual evidence to suggest that Naruto could no longer manifest Kyuubi chakra, as Naruto's poor relationship with the Kyuubi has never impeded his access to the demon's chakra. Since I have refuted my opponent's statement and he has not provided any evidence to suggest that Naruto cannot access Kyuubi chakra, it can be reasoned that Naruto is capable of accessing it.

5) Sage Mode Naruto is not limited to "punches and kicks"; to the contrary, he has been shown to be capable of throwing and remotely detonating a Jutsu as powerful as the Rasen Shuriken repeatedly and utilizing two Rasengan without aid from a clone( Rasen Shuriken deals piercing damage to every cell in the body rather than blunt impact damage. Since Luffy shares rubber's physical properties, such as insulation and elasticity, it can be reasoned that he shares its weaknesses as well. Since rubber can be pierced and/or slashed, one can conclude that Luffy can also be slashed, as demonstrated here: Also, the healing hormones unlock the immune system's full potential, at which point the subject's willpower determines their healing rate ( Even though willpower was important in Luffy's recovery, without the healing hormones he most likely would've died.

6) As I stated earlier, Naruto's enmity with the Kyuubi has no effect on his chakra use. Also, Luffy could not enter 2nd Gear at this time without risking severe damage from the Toads.

7) The Wolf Squad is in no way on par with the Toads in terms of resolve and bravery, as they are ravenous, unintelligent beasts that had already been wounded in combat. Haki scared the wolves off. It did not incapacitate them. Given the Toads' superior resolve, it can be reasoned that the effect Haki would have on them would at least be diminished, if not nulled. Lastly, my opponent's Haki video does not have any bearing on the toads.

Now I will refute my opponent's arguments.

2) The fact that Luffy survived Impel Down does not prove that he can outlast Naruto, as there is nothing to suggest that Naruto could not survive Impel Down as well. Also, Luffy only made it through Crimson Hell unscathed with Buggy the Clown's aid; if he had not possessed Buggy's aid, Luffy would've suffered at least mild injury and would not have had foreknowledge of the prison's threats. Also, Luffy's survival of his grandfather's training has no bearing on this battle, as Naruto and the Toads are not attempting to kill Luffy with starvation or by dropping him from a great height, thus causing blunt force trauma; they intend to do extreme cellular damage with Rasen jutsu, pierce, slice, burn, and slash with the Toads' abilities/weapons and Naruto's ninja tools, and claw/maul to death with the Kyuubi's powers.

3) The content of the most recent chapter is irrelevant, as this debate was started before that chapter's publication and is operating on circumstances preceding that chapter.

4) My opponent has provided no information in this argument to suggest that Base Luffy is stronger than Base Naruto other than a conjecture based on an implied statement and an exaggerated quote, as it is physically impossible for the body of a seven-year-old to generate the same amount of force as a flintlock pistol. Also, Naruto will not be in his normal form for the entirety of the fight, so whether Base Luffy is stronger than Base Naruto is irrelevant.

5) This "argument" is a Non Sequitur, as the defeats of characters such as Rob Lucci speak nothing as to Luffy defeating Naruto.

Now I will weigh the debate.

My opponent has made five arguments:
1) A Non Sequitur in which he states that Luffy's willpower would allow him to survive extreme physical trauma and does not address Naruto's regenerative powers;
2) A baseless claim that Luffy is more durable than Naruto based on his survival of circumstances that Naruto very well could survive;
3) Another baseless claim that Luffy has enough strength left to defeat Naruto, this one lacking any evidence to support the assertion;
4) A "normal form" argument that is rendered irrelevant by the Gears, Sage Form, and the Kyuubi;
5) A Non Sequitur video with no bearing on Naruto's abilities or Luffy's superiority thereof.

On the other hand, I have made seven arguments, all of which I have defended against refutation. They are listed in the 2nd round.

In short, my numerous, stronger arguments outweigh my opponent's fewer, weaker arguments. Thus, CON has won the debate.

I would like to thank my opponent for the debate and the viewers for their time. I enjoyed this debate and hope my opponent did as well. Please vote CON.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by masacer 3 years ago
4 years later in the manga point of view luffy would destroy even four years ago because really and truly i read george debate and he made no sense why he won i dont kno because before luffy weht gear 2 or 3 he was stronger than naruto i mean he puled he city up from underground to defeat crocodile and he clearly shows his speed when he fought blueno and being able to get away from mihawks sword is like or can be compare to a rasen shiraken barriage thats speed come on if u want more ill give u more because shadow desirved to win u played with luffy 's feats to make it seem as if naruto could match him and luffy dealt with bigger monsters than those toads easily remember he fought babboon and he fight sea kongs rearly with only using one punch and each of those monster are just as big as the nine tail or even big u want remember those two giants that were on the same island as mister 3 come on shadow should have won because geogr your jus manipulating people because your speech long and weekings luffy where as the biggest thing luffy destroyed was pains meteor in the sky and luffy pushed buildings while in a tight position also brought up the island of alabasta as i said and foughtguys who are way moreexperienced in combat than naruto
Posted by Logical-Master 7 years ago
I'm pretty sure Naruto is way out of Luffy's league. The general consens is Ichigo > Luffy > Naruto. That said, I thought George did a better job
Posted by GeorgeCarlinWorshipper 7 years ago
I would also like to thank my opponent for this debate. Very strong, especially the rebuttal.

Also, good job w/ "congratulate". Only one letter off!
Posted by Shadowparadox 7 years ago
I wish to congradulate (I Know that's no how you spell it!) my opponent, and I want to say that while I do like Naruto, he's my 4th favorite anime protagonist, Luffy's the first
Posted by Zetsubou 7 years ago
One Peice link... sooooo long.

Naruto would, win though.
Posted by GeorgeCarlinWorshipper 7 years ago
Note: My opponent's first argument is a Non Sequitur because it does not follow from Luffy being able to survive being poisoned using willpower that he could survive the extreme physical trauma Naruto can inflict.
Posted by Maikuru 7 years ago
That first link for Luffy was one of the longest and most detailed wiki pages I've ever seen (perhaps second to Darth Vader's).
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