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Monster Legends is superior to Dragon City

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Started: 1/15/2016 Category: Games
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I refer to these games as the ones made by the company Socialpoint. First round acceptance. Third round rebuttals.


I accept.

Put forth your contention.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Easier resources

While both give you a steady supply of both Gold and Food( both are needed to advance your monsters/dragons, gems are a whole 'nother ballpark. Gems allow you to buy certain monsters/dragons, speed up construction, and buy you extra food/gold. In Monster legends, it is surprisingly easy to get gems, allowing you to gain them during events, buy them, watch videos to gain them, and let's you perform different tasks to get them. Plus, sometimes, they bump up the number of gems you can get from videos/tasks to 2x or 4x the usual amount! Dragon city lacks all of the easy ones,, only allowing you to gain gems by either buying them with real money, or by doing certain tasks.

2. Better PVP system

While both have a standard PVP system, Monster Legends takes it up a lot. You can fight other people normally, compete in events, and join a clan to fight other clans, KoK style. Dragon City has the bare minimum, only having a PVP system limited to only a couple people at a time.

3. Wider variety

While in Dragon City, you can only get dragons(obviously), in Monster City, you can get almost anything imaginable, from boxes of chocolate(Chocolove), to fire trolls(firesque)!

4. Better teacher
Pandalf, the one that teaches you in Monster Legends, is better at teaching you the ways of the game than the teacher in Dragon City, Deus. Plus, later in the game, you can get Pandalf as a character!

5. Easier way to get legendaries
In Monster Legends, you can get insane discounts on legendaries, allowing you to buy them much cheaper than usual. You can also get them in events, and breed them pretty early on. In Dragon City, you can breed legends, but only when your very far into the game. Also, there are legendaries in events in Dragon City, but they are only in the very end of surprisingly difficult events, where you usually have to buy your way through it using real money.

And these are just a few of the reasons why Monster Legends is superior to Dragon City


Thank you Pro for this argument.

As I can clearly see that my knowledge of both of these games is limited, I'm not going to attempt to argue this on a gameplay mechanic.

As I will continue to state in my rebuttals, Pro has failed to do two things.
-Pro has failed to define superior.
I will now define 'superior' as containing more dragons.

As you can see, a quick Google search turned up this.

Monster Legends contains fewer dragons than Dragon City - Dragon City contains 276 dragons.[1]
Meanwhile, according to the page of Monster Legends, it only contains 'over 100 monsters'. This means that it cannot have more dragons.
Therefore, Dragon City is superior to Monster Legends.

But let's assume that superior did not mean more dragons.

It is impossible, by the nature of superiority, to prove that any game is objectively superior to another.

I can say that Ocarina of Time is worse than Big Rigs- and to me, Big Rigs is superior. Therefore, this debate is an autowin for Con on both counts.

Thank you, and please vote Con.

Debate Round No. 2



To be fair, Con has a valid point on this, however, it is not the correct definition of superior.

Superior: 1. higher in station, rank, degree, importance, etc.

Obviously, this is not the correct way to put it. However, the other definition for it is better.

2. Above the average in excellence, merit, intelligence, etc. ( both from

Based on this definition, it is safe to assume that Con's thesis is not correct. Having more of something does not make it "superior" to another. Since this is the only argument Con made, his standing is very brittle, as I have disproved his only argument, so he has basically no arguments. I strongly advise you to vote Pro.


Thank you Pro.

Rebuttal only as agreed upon.

There are two major flaws in Pro's argument. Firstly, Pro has provided no sources for his arguments. This means that such assertions as'In Monster Legends you can get insane discounts on legendaries' are not demonstrably true. The only way to prove such an assertion would be to a) provide us with a screenshot with proof of these 'insane' discounts, or to link us to a legitimate source (not the wiki, as you could have just edited it to prove your point).This means that all of Pro's arguments can be disregarded.

Secondly, Pro makes another assertion which his entire rebuttal is based upon.
'it is not the correct definition'
Who says this is not the correct definition? I provided you with a definition, with a source. You failed to define the motion, and so I did so. You cannot now say
'Oops, I forgot. Let me retroactively define the motion over your definition.'
According to the Cambridge Union Society. the closing government cannot change the definition [1]. This is exactly what you have, however, done, and so I would encourage readers (and voters) to disregard this attempted redefinition.Then, of course, this disproves Pro's rebuttal, and my argument still stands. As BoP is on Pro as the instigator (and he did not specify that BoP was on me) Con wins in this debate.

tl;dr? Pro's arguments are sourceless and Pro has failed to tell us why exactly this makes Monster Legends 'superior' to Dragon City. BoP rests upon Pro, and as such the motion is denied.]]

Vote Con.

Debate Round No. 3
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Smash bros rap battle?
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Smash bros?
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sounds good. If you want, we could do another debate on something.
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Oh, sorry. Please do make sure to define carefully in future though... :)
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I meant for this to be a fun debate you know...
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In the name of science, I downloaded both. Hold my debating hat, I'm going in.
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