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Moral Education of the child: Whose responsibility? - School(+for) or Parents (-against)

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Started: 10/24/2013 Category: Education
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Moral responsibility codex had always been a current days" issue throughout evolving generations of primes aptly calling themselves as "humans". After 10,000 years of rational existence we still strove to find the root of any moral educational aspect lay within the family. But seriously, isn"t it self-explanatory?
It starts from the foundation of the subconscious and ends with a deep need to correspond the social expectations. Those of you who were born in the family, despite the personal will, inherits the mother language, accent, music of speech, which later form our behavioral paradigms of life.
There was quite a numerous number of trials in our history to deprive the family of a child to form a new superior cell of society that would maintain its order across the whole world, but as Statistics show, even such a seemingly successful combination of the genius and the beauty achieves nothing if an infant lacks basic (LCA) love, care and attention on its elementary level.
Later on, of course, the family borders extend to school and business circles, but it"s still a number two in the list after parents. Thus, it"s entirely parents" obligatory commandment to ensure a child along with basic survival skills has got what"s called an unquestionable ethics.
Let"s start at least from ourselves, and if we do, it won"t be a surprise our children are capable of bearing responsibilities the way we did it.


Hi The_Lizard_Man,

Hope you are doing well today.

I largely have to agree with what you have to say and would admit myself that it "should" be the parents responsibility to instill moral values into their children. However, we do not live in a perfect world and I will here provide some statistics that illustrate my point.

1. Many children in America (confining the argument to America for simplicity) do not have two parents.

- Sixty-four percent of children ages 0"17 lived with two married parents in 2012, down from 77 percent in 1980.
- In 2012, 24 percent of children lived with only their mothers, 4 percent lived with only their fathers, and 4 percent lived with neither of their parents.

2. Most families have both parents working and thus children spend more time with people other then themselves.

- In 2011, 49 percent of children ages 0"4 with employed mothers were primarily cared for by a relative"their father, grandparent, sibling, other relative, or mother" while she worked. This is not statistically different from the percentages in 2010 and 2005. Twenty-four percent spent the most amount of time in a center-based arrangement (day care, nursery school, preschool, or Head Start). Thirteen percent were primarily cared for by a nonrelative in a home-based environment, such as care from a family day care provider, nanny, babysitter, or au pair.

Statistics provided by :

3, The simple fact that not all parents are created equal.

I point to these facts to demonstrate that if we are to hold parents morally obligatory to morally educate our children, we should notice that 1) some children don't have children or spend very little time with their children due to work, 2) any two people can have children and without being moral people, is it right to entrust solely these irresponsible parents with the moral education with their children?

I am personally of the opinion that the issue is more complicated than it being the school's or parent's responsibility. Rather, I think it should be a bit of both. The parents are the one's most interested in their child's development (hopefully) and thus of course should raise children with some the particular morals, such as if they want to be religious or non-religious and the principles that come with that. However, within the schooling systems there should be a measure of moral education as this is the place where children spend most of their time and are more likely to make immoral decisions, such as bullying.

It would not be proper for a school to recognize socially unacceptable behavior in the children and then do nothing and say it's the parent's responsibility. Children do not exist in a vacuum and well take part in society, therefore it should be some measure of the societies responsibility to morally educate children who will one day grow up to be a part of it. And please note I am not talking about teaching children whether or not homosexuality is wrong or right, these ethical questions are and should be dependent on the family raising the child. However, basic and universal moral values such as kindness, tolerance, integrity, etc. are as fundamental to a child's success in society as learning how to read and write.

Therefore, it should be the joint responsibility of the family and the broader society via the schools to morally educate children.

Kind Regards,
Debate Round No. 1


I salute thee, the noble successor of the Scotch, may your luck be similar to Irish. I"m doing well, thank you. Hope you"ll find a worthy adversary in me. Since everything in this world was done for a sake curiosity, allow me, like in the old good times continue treading that fine line.
The threatening language of statistics indeed reveals the sharp edges of social imperfections. What"s more, it inevitably shifts the critical attention from a single family, as a unit, ranking it to be a global State top priority issue nowadays.
1.No offence, but humans except for some rare specimens tend to stereotyping everything they encountered with. By introducing a family pattern policy similar to Indian through the mass media (confining the argument to China, or Japan even for more simplicity), the level of split marriages would bound to decline in the upcoming decade"s time.
The moral conduct and its consequences on a bigger scale are the aftermath of a misleading advertising propaganda introduced by the state governments worldwide. It is also a vivid reason to have both parents working for 24/7 and children left undone, except for themselves.
2.I hope you wouldn"t deny if you were a parent, you would rather spend more time within your family, than working yourself out for the pity money, but that"s what the system wants us to do providing minimal guarantees, unlike the way it was done in the Soviet Union. Otherworldly, more social aids and stricter laws would ensure stability of institutional marriage.

3. I concur to the simplicity of being equal actually. Isn"t it what we all are fighting for in the democratic world? Again and again I"m confronting the conditions that against our will are turning us into the blunt followers of alienated moral that distorts the vision of the weak-minded.
It"s more complicated than we thought. However, due to a number of the abovementioned reasons the schools have got even the bigger influence in maintaining the rules of decency.
Sencerely yours,
Master of Lizards


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TrueScotsman 3 years ago
Sorry, was too busy to respond to your remarks this weekend. I apologize that I did not give you the debate you were probably looking for. Have a good week though!
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