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Mortal Kombat is better than Street Fighter

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Started: 12/1/2014 Category: Games
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I wanted to go ahead and try this myself. I saw another debate about this and I wanted to debate this topic. Hence this!

I will be arguing for Street Fighter.
My opponent will be arguing for Mortal Kombat.

No trolling and be polite.

First round acceptance only.

Good luck to my opponent!


Challenge accepted. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting.

1. Skill
Players who play Street Fighter usually have high amounts of skill. In order to get good at Street Fighter you need to spend hours upon hours before you even have a chance to play online. This does not make the game frustrating though. The game encourages you to practice, the game gives you people who are 10 times better than you. This makes the player eager to get to higher level of play, and every win feels earned.

2. Tactical Gameplay
Once you stop mashing buttons (which you're going to have to eventually) and start learning combos and counters the next step is to know when to use them. This is why I like Street Fighter. Now, instead of trying to see who can do the most damage, the battle is seeing who can outsmart their opponent. In order to win, in order to use those combos you practiced for hours, you need to lure your opponent into the right spot. Maybe fooling your opponent into throwing a projectile, so you can use your jump-in combo. Or maybe getting them to DP (Dragon Punch, or Uppercut) so you can punish him with one of your grounded combos. As you can see, Street Fighter makes you think and outsmart your opponent. The gameplay gets much more in-depth and it becomes really fun.

3. Kid Friendly Atmosphere
Mortal Kombat's sole attraction is it's blood and gore. Street Fighter has a kids friendly atmosphere. The fan base is larger since parents is ok with their kids buying Street Fighter. You can meet more diversity online. It also helps the gameplay out. Since Street Fighter doesn't focus on any aesthetic the main attraction is the fast paced, tactical gameplay. Which would make a better and more interesting game. Plus, have you seen the ultra combos in Street a Fighter 4? Unlike Mortal Kombat's slow-motion, one-two combo x-Ray moves, Street Fighters ultra combos have the fighter totally owning and brutally attacking the opponent, and some of the are pretty out of this world. But it's still kid friendly, and these moves can be used in combos. Adding satisfaction for you and lots of damage for your opponent.


Now for the retort:
It takes just as much skill to play the Mortal Kombat servers. Because Mortal Kombat has a more mature audience, the opponents online are bound to be more serious about training, which makes for opponents that are harder to beat.
The combos may be hard to perform (sometimes they may even be down-right rage inducing), but that just makes it feel so much better when you've got it down to the T. That goes for the trademark "fatalities" as well! In street fighter (or at least, on the 3ds version), all you have to do is press a button to unleash a powerful finishing blow, but with Mortal Kombat it takes a series of button presses and joystick rotations in order to utterly obliterate you're opponent. (Let's face it, if you've been fighting a troll for the entirety of the match, there's nothing more satisfying than tearing their spine out and beating them with it!) In a way, Mortal Kombat brings out the very essence of fighting games: senseless violence and devastating victories!
To add a few new elements to this debate, I'd like to bring up the topic of in-game soundtrack and other media. While the Street Fighter soundtrack is pretty darn good, I just get more pumped up and ready to fight when I hear the cry of "MORTAL KOMBAAAAT!" followed by the fast paced action music accompanied by it. And then there's the movies..... yeah, I think we can agree Mortal Kombat has a better track record when it comes to the silver screen.

That's all I need for round 2!
Debate Round No. 2


I'm going to rebut my opponents arguments

My opponent states that mortal Kombat's gameplay is better because the combos are better and more satisfactory. But tell me, how do you have fun with these combos if you can only execute it rarely. In Street Fighter, the combos are challenging, but you can execute them under pressure. Imagine how fun it would be if you of an amazing combo, and then successfully pull if a medium shoryuken, focus cancel, straight into a ultra combo. It is so satisfactory! Instead of little combos with high damaging attacks. Or big, epic combos with low damage attacks, but you hit them more! Plus, ultra combos and super combos quite a bit of practice to use, you just don't use one button. It's a series of button presses and joystick movement. What makes it harder is that they are easily blocked and avoided. You need to fit it into a COMBO, which is already hard. Unlike mortal Kombat's easy to land x-Ray moves and fatalities. It's so much more rewarding to land an ultra combo. Plus, those fatalities are totally unnecessary and takes the focus away from gameplay.

Street Fighter music is awesome. Capcom did a great job with the music, it has high paced, fight music on every stage, and the music matches the stage well. But one of my favorite music are the character themes. Each character in Street Fighter have their own theme, and the theme fits. Find some YouTube videos of them, the themes are awesome and fit the character really well. From Ryu's fast paced fight music, to Vega's Spanish dance music.

As for movies, yeah. I don't think the movies are relevant. We are debating about the video games, right?


(I'm surprised you never mentioned Guile's theme in the music segment of your rebuttal. After all, it goes with everything!)

When you ask "Is Mortal Kombat better than Street Fighter", I'm analyzing the franchise as a whole, though the games are definitely the biggest part of the franchises and have the highest priority in this argument.
I'd like to point out that the combos that are so difficult to execute in Mortal Kombat are not only personally more pleasing when pulled off, but scientifically proven to be more pleasing (albeit indirectly proven). In our brains, there's something called "the Dopamine Pathway". Dopamine are tiny molecules that cause excitement when something good happens. I'm not gonna get into the nitty gritty of brain biology, the gist of it is that dopamine can turn themselves off over time in a procedure called "desensitization". Basically it makes that happy feeling of landing a nice ultra combo grow older every time you use it. Stopping this takes a nice amount of regulation, and what better way to regulate the player's dopamine intake than to make a task brutally difficult to perform, and if you're the strategic type like me, chances are you won't try to land a combo unless you see a perfect moment in which to do so. Hence, this is why Mortal Kombat combos are more pleasing to yourself and more devastating to the opponent.
Also, in regard to that part about "performing under pressure", pressure can only be exerted if the opponent is kicking your butt at the game, and that could only mean that the opponent has trained really hard (or you are very bad at the game. It all depends on who you are as a player and how the opponent is as a player).
To add, characters come in a wide variety in both franchises. I commend Street Fighter for bringing a national aspect into their franchise, but I commend Mortal Kombat even more on the continuously finding more creative ways to dispatch a foe. From Scorpion's signature "Skull Fire" fatality move to Sub-Zero's "Spine-Ripper", there's an endless amount of ways to beat an opponent and rub it in their faces.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)
Debate Round No. 3


(How did I forget Guile?)

Ok, guess we are bringing neuroscience into this? The dopamine pathway regulates your "happy feeling" and they stop giving you a happy feeling after doing it over and over again. This is what we call the "happiness equilibrium", this is when your brain gets used to the level of happiness and therefore turns off the happy feeling when reaching that level. Remember, Street Fighter combos are also hard to pull off. The easy combos (ex: Ryu's Medium kick, Hadoken) are usually used very frequently and just to poke the opponent or chip of their health. The hard combos that deal massive damage are incredibly difficult to pull off, even with practice. Plus, it's very hard to hit the opponent with it. You have to put your opponent into a specific situation, and then execute it. Hard, right? So when you do it you feel great because you can't do it very often.

I think Street Fighter has more variety than Mortal Kombat. First, every installment in the series added something new.

Street Fighter 1: Started the series, introduced Ryu, Ken, Sagat, and Gen
Street Fighter 2: Established the fundamentals of Street Fighter and the original characters
Street Fighter Alpha: Established the story and lots of new characters
Street Fighter 3: Added Super combos, parrying/air blocking/tech blocking, air juggling and added some new characters
Street Fighter 4: Added Ultra Combos, Focus Attacks, Focus Cancels. Some new characters

Unlike Mortal Kombat, which every installment is basically the same except different fatalities and some new characters. Plus, most Street Fighter character plays differently. Fatalities, again, are just unnecessary.


Okay, I concede that both games are equally matched when compared in terms of combo complexity.

To gather some stats, Mortal Kombat has included a total of 68 different characters in all of their games, while Street Fighter has around 98 different characters included in all installments. The original Street fighter was released 1987, while the original Mortal Kombat was released 1992. There's obviously a bit of a gap in the similarities in the numbers, there being a 5 year gap between the first installments and a 30 character gap. I, for one, argue that the smaller amount of characters help narrow down your opponent's strategy. With a wider variety of characters, comes the possibility of unpredictability. If there is a lesser amount of characters, there's an easier way to memorize combos and ways to deflect them.

When it comes to originality in moves, I really have to give it to Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter is very "real-world" integrated, which is pretty cool, but Mortal Kombat is set in a supernatural setting, leaving more possibilities for interesting moves. Any old fighter can throw punches and kicks, but a Mortal Kombat fighter can throw a kunai and chain out of their arm, or attack using their razor sharp hat, to name a very select few. Sure there are supernatural fighters in Street Fighter, with Ryu's hadokens and Rose the psychic, but the variety just isn't as wide in that respect.

That's all. I'll admit, I'm running out of ammo here.
Debate Round No. 4


Pro argues that Mortal Kombat is better that Street Fighter when it comes to characters because there is less. He states that it's better because it's easy to predict your opponent since there are less characters to memorize. My question is, why is it better? If anything, it makes the game less enjoyable. The game becomes just memorizing the combos and knowing how to counter. Sure, it's an important aspect for any fighting game, but it's just missing something. That unpredictability actually makes the game better. Where in real fighting are you going to know and predict every move your opponent makes? Having that unpredictability in game makes the game exciting. You don't know what your opponent does next, so it keeps you on your toes, and then when you successfully counter it, you feel great! That feeling would be lost if you knew what your opponent is doing. Yay, you countered a move you saw from a mile away, congrats. It doesn't feel as rewarding and makes the gameplay lackluster. Having more characters adds to the level of excitement Street Fighter already has.

When it comes to originality, sure, Mortal Kombat may seem like it's more original, until you look deeper. Most (If not all) characters in Street Fighter have very unique moves (even the "clones" have their own style). Not just visually but mechanically as well. A lot of the moves look different then others, and work differently. Look at the difference between Ryu's Hadoken and Guile's Sonic Boom. They just look like re-skins of the same move, but they aren't. Ryu's Hadoken can be executed really fast, while Guile's Sonic Boom takes a while. The nature of their execution already makes them different. The Hadoken can be easily performed while in a combo, while the Sonic Boom works better as a poke or a counter (since the execution involves holding the stick backwards for a while, which is the way to block in Street Fighter). This makes them vastly different. Even the moves that have the same execution, take a look at Ryu's Shoryuken and Gouken's Senkugoshoha. Both moves are executed with the same execution, known as the Shoryuken motion in Street Fighter (it involves making a z motion with the stick) The Shoryuken is a rising uppercut that basically has no horizontal motion. While the Senkugoshoha is an all horizontal move that really has no anti air ability. The Shoryuken is best used as a combo finisher (due to it's high damaging, rising uppercut nature) and the Senkugoshoha is best used as a poke, punish, or if you are good enough, a combo starter. As you can see, the 2 moves are vastly different, despite having the same execution.

Pro also says that the Mortal Kombat fighters have more originality when it comes to supernatural attacks. I'm going to list off some Street Fighter supernatural attacks:
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Sonic Boom
Flash Kick
Zangief's Piledriver
Change of Direction
Double Lariat
Machine gun hook
Heavens Spike
Spiral Arrow
Raging Demon
Criminal Upper
Every Super combo
Every Ultra Combo

As you can see, Street Fighter has a wide selection of supernatural moves. Plus, I haven't even scratched the surface. Heck, we could say pretty much every special move is supernatural (try to find one that isn't supernatural in some way). Street fighter has more unique moves than Mortal Kombat can even dream of. The mechanics of the moves make them unique, the name makes them unique, the visuals make them unique, and the supernatural nature make them unique.

It all comes down to this...


There is but one point I'd like to argue in that rebuttal: Con argues that unpredictability is best when it comes to playing fighter games like street fighter or mortal kombat. I don't know about most of the players out there, but I for one like to be able to read my opponent and decide my next move all within that 3 second gap. I can only do that if I know who I'm facing and what I can use to counter every move they have. This is only possible if you can easily memorize every move that the opponent has up their sleeve. For technical players, I'd say Mortal Kombat is the optimal choice, for the "button mashers", well, let's just say I have yet to beat my little sister in Street Fighter II all because of her random-button-mashing strategy.

For my last bit of text I'm using, I'd like to look a the big picture for a sec, instead of nit-picking at the smaller aspects. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter: two iconic fighting franchises that have been fighting since the early nineties for public supremacy. They both really are the same in many aspects, (techniques, layout, etc.) and have equally divided fan bases that are extremely dedicated. Among all the spammers and button mashers, there are a select few that play these games for extreme competition, and I believe that's what is setting this debate in motion. We've been talking non-stop about "technical" aspects like originality and how easy it is to pull off a combo, but I don't believe we've covered how FUN each game is. Part of the fun tone of fighting games is multi-player. I'd personally prefer playing with friends rather than by myself when it comes to fighting games, and an underlying tone of friendship when it comes to friendly competition is beating them as hard as you possibly can and then rubbing it in their faces. Now I'm gonna quote Mr. Con here, "Fatalities are, again, just unnecessary." Yes, they ARE unnecessary. But why then do the programmers implement such "unnecessary" things? Well, why did Halo players start the tradition of "tea-bagging"? Why do fighting games like Super Smash Bros have a "taunt" option? In the end, Mortal Kombat's programmers did something no fighting game has been able to replicate since: a taunt performed simultaneously with your final attack! It may be a small detail, but I guarantee that your friends will literally sit there in utter-blood-spattered awe as you do something that shows just how victorious you are. That's the charm and controversy that Mortal Kombat will be immortal for.

The Pro-secution rests.
It's up to the voters now.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Hylian_3000 2 years ago
Same here. Nice to know that you thought out your arguments and didn't forfeit! Great debate!
Posted by alphafailed 2 years ago
Thanks to Hylian_3000 for the awesome debate! Hope I can find more debaters out there with that much thought put into their arguments!
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