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Most Things Are Preferable to a Sharp Stick in the Eye

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Started: 4/16/2013 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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"Most Things Are Preferable to a Sharp Stick in the Eye"

The debate will be done in rhyming poetry format, and judged based on arguments and the structuring of those arguments. Both substance and style should be considered when voting.

First round is acceptance.

I'd like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.

Good luck.
Debate Round No. 1


Most Things Are Preferable To A Sharp Stick In The Eye, Opening Round
A Poem by AirMax1227


Resolved: Most things are preferable,
To a sharp stick to the eye,
By the end of the debate you'll know it's true,
And you will also know why.

I'd like to thank my opponent,
For participating in this very important debate,
One likely filled with violent allusions,
Like blunt head injuries or being flattened by freight.

My opponent will contend,
That my resolution on this matter is not true,
But she will soon be defeated,
So when voting, you'll know what to do. (But provide a good RFD please)


Let us now start with argument one,
This contention emphasizes importance of vision,
One should not potentially lose it,
With an eye to sharp stick collision.

Some may think it's fun,
Dodging sharp sticks may actually be great,
But not nearly at the risk,
Of not being able to aim when you urinate.

It's also important to note,
That it's effect may not only be urinary precision,
You may also drop a pair of scissors, a knife, or a fork,
Possibly leading to an extreme circumcision.

While this may seem unlikely,
It is a risk one shouldn't take,
Almost everything is preferable to this,
So avoid it for goodness sake.


Contention two is a very fine contention,
Filled with merriment, dancing, and fun,
A sharp stick to the eye aint cool brah,
So just don't do it son.

So many things are better than this,
Like drugs of so many different varieties,
Ethnic cleansing, random acts of violence,
And the exploitation of 3rd world societies.

There are some things you may consider worse,
Some things you may even have tried,
Babies in wood chippers, nuking the dolphins,
Perhaps, even the occasional genocide.

So why waste your time on a stick to the eye,
When you could instead be getting bricked to the face,
It's at least slightly better also,
To have a skull caved with a mace. (Well, maybe not)


Now for my final contention of this round,
I will point to things better to happen instead,
Everything and anything is preferable yo,
Well then, I win this round, time for me to go to bed.


Perhaps in some extreme comparisons,
It is something one actually might prefer,
But when the debate concludes and all arguments have been made,
I am confident that with regards to the resolution, most will concur.

I'll leave it there for now,
And allow the next round to be posted while I wait,
I'd like to thank anyone reading this,
And also thank my opponent for the debate.


Many thanks to my opponent
for instigating this debate.
I intend to be a proponent
of the sharp-stick-in-the-eye fate.

The world holds infinite possibilities.
Data: the good, the bad, the ugly.
Pro, in his senility,
made a slanted view so smugly.

From the data I have shown you,
it's easy for you to recognize
that the least close-minded view
downplays the threat of sticks to eyes.

What my opponent doesn't realize,
yes, what my opponent fails to see,
is that he already doesn't need his eyes,
or he would see his fallacy.

Eyesight's not so important
as a lack of genocide
nor is a stick to eyes more sordid
than a gouging out of eyes.

If we measured all the kindness
and the evil on this orb
we would indeed find blindness
is the least of the horror.

Blind people can be happier than
folks in vegetative states.
They can live fuller lives and
they can still masturbate.

The blind can get ahead.
They can have jobs and fun.
The same cannot be said
of the many starving children.

I hope I've put it in perspective
that blindness is not the worst thing-
no matter if it comes from sticks
eye-ward bound and swiftly flying.

From my data you can see,
the world is 2/3 atrocity.
It is more bad and more ugly
than any of us need it to be.

There is war and there is torture.
There is hunger and there is strife.
There are more horrors in the world for
causing pain than sticks to eyes.

Like sex slavery, baby bombing,
blood baths, rape, and gangs,
cannibalism, live embalming
of the not quite fully hanged.

My opponent, with blind optimism,
fails to see the ugly truth
of this terrible, violent world we live in.
Most of it is quite uncouth.

It's better to have a sharp stick in the eye
than most things which could occur,
for the world is a horrible place of lies,
deceit, exploitation, and murder.

No extreme examples are obligatory
to show the natural inclination
for eye-loving projectiles oh so pointy.
It's common sense in application.

If a scale were to be made,
of all the things in existence
a sharp stick pointed at your face
becomes the path of least resistance.

(Final words)

Now I have made my case,
and you can see that Pro's mistaken,
because there are so few fates,
not most, preferable to eye impalement.
Debate Round No. 2


A Stick To The Eye
Round 2


Again I'd like to thank my opponent,
For having this important debate with me,
We'll explore this important issue,
Until the truth, she will see.

My opponent opens rather strangely,
Even accuses me of being senile,
Well sit down and listen,
And I'll try to teach you for a little while. (But in a way that's less rude sounding) :)

I have reviewed all your words,
Read every point you did state,
If you plan on making an argument against the resolution,
It appears you are forcing us to wait.


Let us focus on the resolution,
"Most things" are "preferable",
Yes, there are things that are worse,
But a punctured eye is not curable.

My opponent downplays the ability to see,
Even saying evil is caused by sight,
Yes, everything can be "bad",
But it is not quite so black and white.

The blind can certainly be happy,
But most would still prefer to have vision,
If anyone had to choose one or the other,
It would be an obvious and easy decision.

So let's move passed this,
And segue into a new line of thinking,
Because most are grateful to be able to see,
And have the ability to keep on blinking.

Sure there are worse things,
But most things are preferable to being blind,
So don't poke a sharp stick in my eye,
If you would happen to be so kind.


Your data is lacking focus,
While you point to the world's brutality,
Why add a sharp stick in the eye,
On top of what you say is already reality?

You can point to anything you like,
The world's problems, suffering and strife,
Your case is then that "everything",
Is preferable to the realities of life?

Yes these things are terrible,
But we can all list as many good things instead,
Sunshine and rainbows, good health and wonder,
The feeling of waking rested in a comfy warm bed.

Flowers and forests,
And the thousands of other typically used things people say,
Are all preferable to this subject,
Every single time and every single day.

Yeah, there are the extremely bad things,
But I'd like to think they wont happen to most,
So here's to not getting a sharp stick in the eye,
Let's all make a toast.


Without extreme examples,
Your case lacks anything preferable,
I'll concede to some, but there are more that are better,
Than a stick in a place, that isn't so durable.

And if you continue to argue,
These are realities, impossible to miss,
Then it's a constant state of being, while living,
Not worth adding eye gouging, to what is just this.

So everything is preferable,
Because you say life just is so,
Adding a sharp stick to the eye,
Will only make such "realities" grow.


I have reasserted my arguments,
Making the case in favor of the debate's resolution,
I have rebutted my opponent's arguments,
That are implying only preference for global execution.

I'd like to thank my opponent,
For her excellent previous round,
And I look forward to her next ones,
Before I am inevitably crowned. (Just kidding) :)


You can lead a horse to water,
but you cannot make him drink.
I've given airmax all the factors
of this debate- and quite succinct.

I don't think eyesight itself's a detriment
but the world's goodness is still a rarity.
For example, in pro's second argument,
he ignores the principle of charity.

A punctured eye is truly amendable
with an eyetooth and some scientists,
or surgeries- technologies lendable
to the powerful and the wealthiest.

This is another evil, dear readers.
The world is full of unjust, indifferent places.
It's apathetic to justice achievers,
laughing "who cares?" in their faces.

The world's honestly more ungodly than,
all the Christians would have us believe.
It's more wicked and more tawdry than,
"Girls! Girls! Girls!" on Christmas eve.

The world is so blatantly and so utterly
of disgustingly poor quality.
I'd sooner poke my physiognomy
with a sharp stick than keep dawdling,
through this world of meddling,
conspiring, firing, and belittling,
dying... It's tiring, unsettling-
all the horrors that I'm tallying.

Though eyesight remains not an evil in itself,
without it many evils would fade with no attention.
Eating disorders, racism, pedophilia, and t.v. as well,
are some evils which require our visual perception.

All of these things are pervasive and common.
The bad and the ugly aren't just acts of violence,
they're thriving in society and also the government.
Optometry keeps on with the Sight-Vice acquiescence.

A sharpened stick in the eye is preferable,
I'll say it once again,
to the things which make an immeasurable,
majority of existence.

I'd rather have the stick than the tendency
to beat and belittle our children,
than the propensity for dependency,
in our population on drug prescriptions,
than the health and mental obstacles,
which are detrimental to our contentment,
despite our access to the best possible,
scenario for self-fulfillment.

The laziness and the apathy,
the self-centeredness and the greed:
It's extensive and its legacy
is not worse than an eye bloodied.

But that is the world that we live in,
it is mostly worse than a hole in one's eye.
While a stick to the eye can be forgiven,
apologies for the worlds condition- denied.

To say that eye injuries
are worse than most things
is to insult the majority
of people, I think,
who work til they die,
in a life that's a lie.
It is bleak but it's true,
that when you cry,
"WHY 'I'?!" at the sky,
all you get is bird poop.
Where's that stick for my eye?
Debate Round No. 3


As my opponent requested, I shall not post further arguments in this round. I'd like to thank my opponent for an interesting debate, and thank anyone who read it.


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Also, asdlfjkhasldfkajhdsf.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Tree_of_Death 10 months ago
This debate is genius.
Posted by 2-D 4 years ago
Epic? Now that you mention it I'm not sure who will be willing to deny it.
Posted by IwinYoulose333 4 years ago
I am now forced to love this stupid debate do to its awesomesuace format.
Posted by StevenDixon 4 years ago
You had to show why "most things" are worse than a stick in the eye, the earth is such a ridiculously small amount of things compared to the vastness of the universe. The vast majority of the universe isn't habitable so most things are not preferable to a stick in the eye.
Posted by Oryus 4 years ago
*Of course* it took a dark turn. I had to show why most of the world is worse than a stick .... TO THE EYE!
Posted by airmax1227 4 years ago

haha I don't know... I just picked whatever... I figured philosophy was as good a choice as any.. Though in retrospect I suppose Misc would have been a better choice
Posted by bossyburrito 4 years ago
Why is this under "Philosophy"?
Posted by airmax1227 4 years ago

It's just a goofy debate... Oryus and I have debated non-serious topics twice before... there's really nothing deeper to it... although this one has taken a bit darker of a tone than I expected.
Posted by Smithereens 4 years ago
Is either worse? Personally I think this debate is a subliminal fight between the president and the soon-to-be contender.
Posted by Oryus 4 years ago
As in... two sticks in each eye or one stick for each eye respectively?
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Reasons for voting decision: Vote #3
Vote Placed by jdog2016 4 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
Agreed with after the debate:-Vote Checkmark-0 points
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Reasons for voting decision: I just really I mean really thought that cons last argument was good. It was so unique, and made no sense, therefore it confused the fvck out of pro.
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Reasons for voting decision: Both well made but i think pro did slightly better.