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Most intimidating player in the NFL, current

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Started: 12/2/2011 Category: Sports
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When I first saw this topic, my mind went to defensive players. I won't name names for my opponent to use, but there are many to choose from. But then like peeling an onion, I started digging deeper and came up with my choice.

He isn't intimidating to look at. He's in good shape, but he's like most good athletes, in good shape but not a physical specimen.

He doesn't talk a lot of crap to intimidate you. He brings his lunch pail to practice and to the game and plays. He walks the walk and lets that speak for him.

He's been embroiled in controversy and kept his head high and his mouth shut. He took the high road when he could have torched his antagonist. Even well after the fact, he has kept his focus on his job, his team and his integrity.

Last year, his team was depleted by injuries and he kept putting his team on his back, winning games and lead by example.

He is the one player in the NFL I'm most afraid of Dallas facing. Every week, I wait for him to implode. Blow a game, get busted at a topless bar, shoot himself or just generally embarrass himself, his team or the NFL.

And it never happens.

Who is this intimidating player? Aaron Rodgers


You should have stuck with defensive players. An intimidator should meet the following:

First, he must be physically imposing. The NFL is a sport for huge men asserting dominance: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Second, he must play at an elite level. A recent Defensive Player of the Year award would be sufficient evidence.

Third, he must force teams to game plan specifically against him.

Fourth, the player must make big plays that stand out, even among the best of his peers.

And fifth, he has to have an element of crazy to get inside the heads of his opponents.

In 2010, James Harrison was slapped with four fines for illegal hits totalling $125,000.

* $5,000 - A hit on Titans' quarterback Vince Young.

* $75,000 - A brutal helmet-to-helmet hit of Browns' wideout Mohamed Massaquoi.

* $20,000 - for a hit on Saints' quarterback Drew Brees

* $25,000 - a hit on Bills' quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick

James Harrison continued taking shots, verbally and physically in 2011. He damaged his eye and sat out four weeks from a helmet to helmet hit. This man defies NFL rules, punishments, and the vulnerability of his own body.

Off-season back surgery slowed him earlier in the year so the stats aren't amazing this season.

However, right now, he's fresh, healthy, and was devastatingly effective against the Steelers' rival, the Ravens. Upon his return, he terrorized Baltimore with 3 sacks, a forced fumble, and five tackles.

James Harrison, like the Terminator, came back.
Debate Round No. 1


You mention that you need to be playing at an elite level to be considered intimidating.

No one, and I repeat no one, is playing better football in the NFL than Aaron Rodgers. He's demolishing teams ruthlessly and it almost doesn't seem fair.

You have tight coverage? I'll throw back shoulder.
Give em a cushion? Comeback route
You blitz? He'll find the hot read

You make any type of mistake, and Aaron Rodgers is going to make you pay.

But what makes him most intimidating is the fact that he isn't making mistakes. He's completing 71.8% of his passes, which is mind boggling. That puts him on pace to break the all-time record. But not only that, in 6 of the 11 games, Rodgers has completed 73% of his passes or more, including two games of 80% completion.

Then you have the fact that he's thrown 4 interceptions. Yes, 4. If you add the last 7 games of last year to this season (18 total games), Rodgers has thrown 5386 yards for 49 touchdowns to 5 interceptions. That's an average of 300 yards a game and over 2 touchdowns.

As a defense, how do you stop that? You can't. No matter what you do, you can't stop him. If you make any kind of mistake, he's capitalizing. You leave the smallest of windows and he'll squeeze a pass in there. If you blitz, he knows where to go with the ball to make you pay. You drop back in coverage and he'll dink and donk passes all the way down the field.

To me, that's far more intimidating than a brute of a player. While Harrison is physically intimidating, you CAN get away from him. Defense can't run scared away from Aaron Rodgers. No matter what you do, he'll win.


I mentioned FIVE criteria, not one or two. Aaron Rodgers meets three of these criteria. However, criteria 1 and 5 are key to intimidation.

Intimidate: to make timid or fearful. Frighten. To compel or deter by or as if by threats.

Synonyms. Cow. Bulldoze. Bully. Browbeat. Intimidate implies inducing fear or a sense of inferiority into another.

Yet you say Aaron Rodgers does NONE of these things.

"He isn't intimidating to look at."
"He doesn't talk a lot of crap to intimidate you."
"(He) kept his head high and his mouth shut."
"He has kept his focus on his job, his team and his integrity."
"Every week, I wait for him to impode... and it never happens."

Aaron Rodgers is the model spokesman for the NFL. He appears in commercials. Your alleged "Most Intimidating" player says the following:

AR (whining): You guys are doing my move.
Girl: The Discount Double Check move?
AR: That's my touchdown dance.
Girl: So you're a dancer?
AR: NO! I'm a quarterback.
Guy: Oh! A quarterback. And I'm a robot!

Teams respect Aaron Rodger's skills. He's incredible. But no one is intimidated by or afraid of the man. In fact every game plan against him tries to go AT Aaron Rodgers and knock him down.

Every game plan runs AWAY from James Harrison. He's crazy, reckless, and mean.

"Roger Goodell, who's a crook and a puppet, said I was the dirtiest player in the league. If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn't do it ... I hate him and will never respect him." - James Harrison on Commissioner Roger Goodell.

"My rep is James Harrison, mean son of a bitch who loves hitting the hell out of people."

Rodgers is well respected. James Harrison intimidates in every sense of the word.
Debate Round No. 2


Cassiroy forfeited this round.


You opened by proposing that Aaron Rodgers is the most intimidating player in the NFL. You're only criteria to define intimidation was exceptional performance.

In my first argument, I contradicted that criteria with five elements of intimidation in the NFL. In my second argument, I provided an unbiased definition of intimidation that aligned closely with my criteria.

By your own admission, Aaron Rodgers does not meet the emotional dimension of intimidation. He does not cow, bulldoze, bully, browbeat, or induce fear.

To disprove your argument, I named a player, James Harrison, that does exhibit all five intimidation criteria.

Harrison is more physically intimidating. Harrison ignores rules and fines to inflict damage. He says intimidating and defiant quotes to the media. He ignores direction and penalties from the NFL commissioner.

James Harrison also performs at exceptional levels on the football field. Just this weekend, he sacked Bengals QB Andy Dalton three times to lead the Steelers to a 35-7 victory.

James Harrison is more intimidating than Aaron Rodgers. Therefore your assertion, that Rodgers is the most intimidating player in the NFL, is clearly false.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
Patrick Willis.
Posted by bcresmer 6 years ago
I try my best, but u keep beating me n.n
Posted by Grue 6 years ago
Thanks for the debate, Cassiroy.
Posted by Booska 6 years ago
You're such a dooshbag bcresmer

Look at you.

Do you have to work at being such a doosh, or does it just come naturally?
Posted by bcresmer 6 years ago
@DJroxalot: That made me crack up lol
Posted by DJroxalot 6 years ago
<quote>Posted by Cassiroy 1 hour ago
So is this placed filled with incompetent morons?</quote>

You're here. Know what I mean?
Posted by Booska 6 years ago
Left is a garden hose.
Posted by Grue 6 years ago
Looking for a jury of peers?
Posted by Cassiroy 6 years ago
So is this placed filled with incompetent morons?
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