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Most likely, Noah's Ark never happened.

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Started: 3/30/2015 Category: Religion
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Message me to accept.

Hello, I'm Gabe1e here with another religion based debate. This topic will be on Noah's Ark.


Noah: the patriarch who built a ship (Noah's Ark) in which he, his family, and animals of every species survived the Flood. Gen. 5–9.

Full story of Noah's Ark, if you don't know, is here:

Now, we don't know for SURE that it was real or not. We weren't there. However, evidence of today and common sense tell us that most likely, it was a myth.

Since we do not know for sure, the resolution is: "Most likely, Noah's Ark never happened."

However, if I took "most likely" out, I would be saying that we do know for sure, but we do not. In fact, Christians and other creationists probably don't know for sure if it even happened.


Round 1:


Round 2:

Pro's argument/Con's rebuttal and opening argument

Round 3:

Pro's rebuttal and new arguments/Con's rebuttal and new arguments

Round 4:

Pro's rebuttal and new arguments/Con's rebuttal and new arguments

Round 5:

Pro's rebuttal, arguments, and conclusion/Con's rebuttal and conclusion


1. I have challenged LaughItUpLydia to this debate.

2. No hate speech is allowed, such as swear words or mockery.

3. Use as much grammar as possible.

4. No debating in the comments, if it happens you will forfeit automatically, same with me. If you are the audience, you may debate. But Pro/Con cannot debate in the comments.

5. The Bible can be used as a source, but just a warning, it is not very reliable.

Good luck!


I accept. Thank you for the instigation!

Pro's "warning" that the Bible is not very reliable will not be put into force as a rule, although that's what Pro put it as in R1. Instead, we will be debating whether or not the Bible is reliable, and more specifically if the book of Genesis is most likely true or not.
I will be arguing based off of physical evidence/proof found all around the world and, as Pro mentioned, with 'common sense.'
Good luck to Pro! I look forward to the second round.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting, LaughItUpLydia!


Noah's Ark. A ship that is longer and bigger than the Wyoming, which is also a wooden made boat. A boat that is described in the Bible, being made by peasants and farmers. Not possible. The Wyoming was made by professionals, and still wasn't anywhere compared to Noah's Ark. Not to mention they had to put over a hundred animals on a cheaply made structure by peasants and farmers. How could they make it? The ship would sink. (Comparison:

In the Noah's Ark story, God decided to send a worldwide flood. This would drown men, women, children, babies and infants, as well as eliminate all of the land animals and birds. All of the birds, animals, lands, and obviously people, are still here... how is this possible? [1]

Also in the Bible, it states that a great rain covered all of the land in water. There is absolutely NO evidence that this could have happened, considering that all the land would be gone and eroded for a very long time. Things like the Himalayan Mountains are not eroded for some reason, I guess?

There's another problem. The Wyoming twisted and turned in the heavy seas, making it sink with all 13 crewman dying along with the boat. [2] These were the seas of today. If this Noah's Ark went through this "great flood" it would most likely sink or have the same problems that were probably even worse in the great flood time.

Let’s now turn to the ark and its odds for survival throughout the violent time. Even before the first raindrop descends from the clouds or rises from beneath the surface, Noah would have had no way to prevent the wood from rotting in the hot desert sun. Even so, this factor is probably the least of Noah’s wood-related problems because he would need to select a grain and species strong enough to prevent separation between the ark’s joints during its hazardous journey. For reasons that should be painfully obvious by now, I doubt this mysterious “gopher wood” was selected using advanced thinking...

It also does not make any sense that "God", apparently the protector of people, would kill all these innocent people, animals, and not to mention the plants and environment that would take years to grow back, maybe even decades. It makes no sense, he just senselessly murdered all of these civilians. Isn't he supposed to be the protector of people? The holy one, that everyone believes and worships to? Why would he do this?

Why would God do this? Why would you want anything to do with such a muderous, horrific being? What can we say about people who would want to believe in such a being? Why would any normal, intelligent, ethical human being "worship" such a heinous, demented and despicable "God" as this? It makes no sense, as I stated before.

Over to you, Con.

Sorry for the short argument, I'm busy at the moment.






Thank you for your beginning arguments, Gabe. I will begin with arguments as you have requested.

1. Evidence suggests that Noah's Ark could have been made over the slow and large amount of time (about 75 years) which the Bible says it took Noah and his followers to build. There are multiple theories, but the ones that prove the best evidence are these:
A.) A rising Mediterranean Sea pushed a channel through what is now the Bosphorus, submerging the original shoreline of the Black Sea in a deluge flowing at about 200 times the volume of Niagara Falls and extending out for 100,000 square miles. [1]
B.) We read in Genesis 7 and 8 that "the fountains of the great deep" were broken up and poured out water from inside the earth for 150 days (5 months). Plus it rained torrentially and globally for 40 days and nights (the floodgates, or windows of heaven, were opened). No wonder the evidence suggests that all the high hills and the mountains were covered, meaning the earth was covered by a global ocean (the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished, 2 Peter 3:6). All air-breathing life on the land was swept away and perished. [4]

2. There are fossils of sea animals in rock coverings high above sea level. We find marine fossils in most of the rock layers in Grand Canyon. This includes the topmost layer in the sequence, the Kaibab Limestone exposed at the rim of the canyon, which today is approximately 7,000"8,000 feet (2,130"2,440 m) above sea level. Marine fossils are also found high in the Himalayas, the world"s tallest mountain range, reaching up to 29,029 feet (8,848 m) above sea level.3 For example, fossil ammonites (coiled marine cephalopods) are found in limestone beds in the Himalayas of Nepal. All geologists agree that ocean waters must have buried these marine fossils in these limestone beds. The Flood happened before mountain ranges such as the Himalayas were formed, but many of these mountain ranges were pushed up by earth movements to their present high elevations at the end of the Flood. [This is recorded in Psalm 104:8, where the Flood waters are described as eroding and retreating down valleys as the mountains rose at the end of the Flood.]

3. The one thing we have in common with the evolutionary idea here is that the present uncovers secrets of the past, there is obvious facts that pertain the what happened even before that time of the facts discovered. The Chinese language proves this synthetically. The Chinese recorded the past and they now have symbols that tell stories representing the Genesis account. In fact, this is true with nearly all people-group's history record. [5], [6]
A.) The symbol for 'large ship' in Chinese is '8 person boat' which directly corresponds with what the Bible says happened.
B.) The symbol for 'Noah' is 'promised approved' and 'second' put together. As we look at the etymology of Noah's name, we find that he is the SECOND APPROVED. There are only two men of whom it is had been said in Scripture, he "walked with God." The first to receive such approval from the Lord was Noah's great-grandfather Enoch (Genesis 5:24)
C.) The etymology reveals WORDS spoken about a MAN through whom the WEEDS curse would be removed, and LIFE would be restored to the EARTH. Notice, that is the very thing Lamech said in Genesis 5:28-29 when he named Noah. This promise would be fulfilled in Noah, for after the flood, when he and his family had exited the ark. [5]

I will now attempt some rebuttals! I may end up referring to the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate.

Pro states "A ship that is longer and bigger than the Wyoming, which is also a wooden made boat. A boat that is described in the Bible, being made by peasants and farmers. Not possible." First, off Noah's Ark was presumably at least 450 feet long (137.16 meters), 75 feet wide (22.86 meters) and 45 feet high (13.716000000000001 meters) according to Genesis. [7] Secondly, why should we assume that Noah and the other 7 people weren't skilled in carpenter and ship-building work? Thirdly, the purpose of the Ark was to preserve life by remaining afloat, while the Wyoming and other ships like it were built to transfer cargo, such as coal, from one place to another, and this changes the supposed "similarities" between the two ships.

"All of the birds, animals, lands, and obviously people, are still here... how is this possible?" Some animals became extinct because of the Flood [8], but because God took two of each KIND--take note that it wasn't every specie--on the Ark, many survived when the water dried up.

God is not evil because of the Flood. People were evil, so there was a Flood, and the people had plenty of warning that it was going to occur, too.

My sources explain decently why it is very possible (most likely) that Genesis' account of the Flood and Noah's Ark really did happen, and there is a plethora of evidence to support it.

Debate Round No. 2


I have to forfeit this round. My grandmother is dying from cancer and I am depressed a bit. I really don't feel like debating at the moment, I hope Con understands.


Deepest sympathies for Gabe. I fully understand why you are unable to find motivation for debating this topic amidst emotional upheaval and chaos of common life. :_( Hang in there!

I extend all arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


Gabe1e forfeited this round.


Arguments extended. But I would like to add a few points:

1. If you read the amazing articles in my sources previously that explained how every religion's historical documents, whether Christian or not, has some sort of explanation of the Flood. Because of this, a world wide flood has more than enough evidence to believe it was possible.

2. This debate, if it had worked, concerns the assertion that God is real or not. At the beginning Pro was assuming that God is not real, because he argued against the Book that explains God's existence. I am obviously debating on the side of and defending the Bible because I believe in it and that God exists. So, this debate's resolutions would've been wishy-washy; we'd end up arguing semantics and the existence of God. Also, it was a confusing debate title because of the 'most likely.'

3. This website explains the gist of 'probability' and more proof for the Genesis story really occurring.

Thank you, vote Con. Again, great sympathies towards my opponent.
Debate Round No. 4


I concede. I am very sorry, but I have not be online as much and cannot post an argument.


Again, I am sorry for you.

...the end...
Debate Round No. 5
41 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Fan7651230 2 years ago
When you said Wyoming I thought you meant the actual state of Wyoming, I'm an idiot lol. Also, my condolences with your grandmother, may she rest in peace.
Posted by LaughItUpLydia 2 years ago
TMD, if you read my arguments and click on my sources your inquiries would be answered. Also, wood or food would not shortage out as explained in rounds, and you have no evidence to back up your claims.
Posted by TheMajesticDudette 2 years ago
I agree with Gabe.

If a handful or so of every animal on earth as well as Noah's family could survive on an illogically and outrageously large boat, then that would defy science. There would be sickness and a huge wood and supplies shortage all around!

Honestly, why would "God" do that to his people, if he really existed? Something doesn't add up here.
Posted by LaughItUpLydia 2 years ago
It's all good. I'm sorry too
Posted by Gabe1e 2 years ago
I am so sorry, LaughItUpLydia. I will not forfeit, I lost track of time with my grandma and stuff. Sorry.
Posted by Gabe1e 2 years ago
Thanks guys, they say she's going to die on Wednesday the latest. I'm in the hospital with my laptop. Thanks for the support.
Posted by LaughItUpLydia 2 years ago
I, too lost my grandmother no more than 2 years ago. I'm very sorry for what's happening in your life currently and what you have to go through, Gabe! It's very unfortunate about the debate, too, but I completely understand.
Posted by Finalfan 2 years ago
Sorry to hear about your grandma Gabe! I lost my Grandma less than a year ago. It sucks. Hang in there Bro!
Posted by Finalfan 2 years ago
Respect to Con. This is not an easy subject to argue but you are putting in some effort and thats all anyone can ask of you!
Posted by tejretics 2 years ago
Great debate.
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