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Most people would benefit from avoiding pornography

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Started: 7/28/2013 Category: Society
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I just yesterday presented an opinion and found quick and complete opposition to my view. I would like to invite this person to a formal debate on this, username: toxicmaniac
I hope they will accept

Please read the language carefully

Debate is over the statement:

Most people would benefit from avoiding pornography

I use the word "most" and not "all" people
"pornography" could be defined differently by different people. We will need to establish what we both accept as meaning "pornography" prior to opening arguments or we risk wasting a round comparing apples to oranges
Here is how wikipedia defines pornography:
"Pornography (often abbreviated as "porn" or "porno" in informal usage) (Greek: `0;_9;`1;_7;^9;^3;^5;, porneia, fornication) is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual gratification. Pornography may use a variety of media, including books, magazines, postcards, photos, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, film, video, and video games."

I feel it is a reasonably good definition. There is always gray areas where some people will consider something pornographic and others will consider it artistic or acedemic/educational. Also, some people get aroused sexually by things that are not *explicitly* sexual.

I'm not interested in debating whether particular things qualify as pornography or not, but on the effects on *viewers/consumers* of those that would be overwhelmingly considered pornography. Notice I say viewers. [Nothing about those who produce/distribute pornography is of concern to me or this debate. Mostly because money spent by consumers on pornography could be spent on other things and that money would still be flowing into the economy and thus the overall economy and those individualts involved specifically in the production/distribution of pornography still have the opportunity to earn that money, albeit probably indirectly (that is a basic economic argument that could be debated separately)]

I take the Pro stance.

Debate will consist of 4 rounds::

Opening round is just to accept
round 2 opening argument and introduction
round 3 rebuttals to opening arguments
round 4 second rebuttals and closing statement



I will accept your challenge and i will debate based on the definition you have posted.

To make things clear i will be arguing that pornography has created benefits and opportunities for individual people and argue against the argument that people will benefit from avoiding pornography.

As for your claim that money could be spend elsewhere is irrelevant, the title is very specific in that it states most people would benefit from avoiding pornography which INCLUDES the benefit of the pornography industry and the economists who would suffer from a sudden industrial inconsistency in stocks. So that i will argue aswell.

Since i am very busy i may not be able to finish the debate but i will try my best.
Debate Round No. 1


As with anything, stating an absolute is never 100% true. So I said "most" and not Everyone. I am not anti-sex, not anti-masturbation. Pornography should not be banned. I am a firm advocate of the 1st Amendment. Few things should be outright banned and people should be allowed to make their own choices with their time and their money. I simply think that viewing porn is a waste of time and/or money (well, time = money) Don't get me wrong, naked women and sex are as appealing to me as any mid 20s testosterone driven male and I'm not a religious person. After ~ 10 years of easy access to porn in its many forms I've just come to decide that it creates no actual benefit in my life and in many ways was subtracting from my life and my character. I could tell that it influenced my opinion of women, sex, and myself all in negative ways. I viewed women much more as objects, as if it were their duty to please men sexually and be submissive and treat sex as if it means nothing. It wasted much more time than I'd even realize.

Porn serves as an escape for many, filling a void, an instant high of sexual excitement releasing chemicals in the pleasure centers of our brains that become an addiction of varying degrees, for some to the point of pathology.

For women in relationships and marriages with men who view porn it can be very detrimental or at least annoying, http://www.Antipornmen.Org....

For young people it can be especially damaging as their curiosity and lack of maturity might lead them to think having sex is just what everyone is doing, what they should be doing and the more casual the better. Monkeys see monkeys do. That's not to say the young people aren't going to experiment with sex, some moving very quickly around the basepath. The accessibility and ubiquity of porn since the proliferation of the internet and the smarting of phones accelerates the learning curve and shortens the window that parents and other educators have to help adolescents understand how much more complex sex is beyond just the physical act. Http://www.Guardian.Co.Uk...

Some will argue that porn is beneficial in some ways. For instance, they might argue it helps spice up some people's sex lives. Perhaps for some. Others, myself included, might say that they learned new techniques or moves. That might enhance a sexual relationship, Sure. Others might claim, it helps get them aroused when they otherwise couldn't. Well that's just a sad sittuation, a pitiable one in fact. YET, I feel like these pseudobenefits could be achieved without having to view porn. Some will say its free, so what's the harm. Few are immune to its psychological effects whether paying to view or not. Thus, porn serves no real purpose.

It should be avoided as I believe it provides nothing but negative impacts on our lives and society.


toxicmaniac forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


PiningForASilverLining forfeited this round.


toxicmaniac forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


toxicmaniac forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by PiningForASilverLining 5 years ago
i figured you might just be too busy watching porn, lol
Posted by PiningForASilverLining 5 years ago
that is disappointing
Posted by toxicmaniac 5 years ago
I am sorry but i will have to FF this debate. I have family matters which takes up too much time. So let's call it a draw.
Posted by PiningForASilverLining 5 years ago
okay, so my opponent really really wants to also include the economic aspects of this issue as well. Since I imagine porn, while being a multibillion dollar industry, to have negligible effects on the economy at large and also is an industry that is not the bedrock (see the pun there?) of communities such as things like the fishing industry to parts of Maine and Massachusetts and coal mining to West Virginia, I will indulge them in this aspect of things as well.
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