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Most rock is better than pop

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Started: 1/26/2015 Category: Music
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I love debating but never done online debates TIL now! So I might be a bit rubbish. ANYWAY. Rock is way better. Pop is basically all the same ha know relationships and sex. Whereas rock has a meaning. The lyrics aren't just about their main hoe or whatever. Rock is about life. Rock is real. Pop is just... No. This is just my opinion tho so.... But seriously sure screamo Rock ISNT as soft and cute but it tells the truth. Pop doesn't.


First off, I'll start by noting that as the contender Pro has the BoP in showing that rock music is better than pop music.

=My Argument=

Pro is arguing from an entirely personal perspective. The general fact is that it's a matter of personal taste. While some people may prefer rock to pop, others may prefer the latter. I'd note that in many circumstances [particularly with people that are very into music] both genres are considered appealing.

Rock can actually be heavily associated with pop, especially when songs that are categorized as rock make into the pop charts. At one point in musical history it was difficult to fully establish the difference between the two genres as number of artists and bands that played "rock", were also part of the pop music culture. The Beatles would be fine example of this.

Pro also asserts that pop is exclusively about "relationships and sex", which is largely incorrect. Pop music is arguably the most varied type of music out; with songs being about a whole host of different things. When Pro uses terms such as "main hoe", one wonders if they're actually mistaking R&B and rap for pop, which generally doesn't have those type of lyrics. Pro also claims that "rock is real", and pop "doesn't tell the truth". Obviously both genres are real as they technically both exist. Pop can also feature songs based on real things and "tell the truth" in its lyrics.

For something to be "the truth", the only requirement is that it be real. If a pop song is featuring lyrics that are covering a truism or something else that is based in reality, it therefore qualifies as "real".

Another observation here is that Pro appears to be only talking about "screamo rock", which is not the entire genre of rock itself and only covers one particular category. Pro has the impression that all pop is "soft and cute", which is again a fallacy. Because popular music is so diverse, it can have a number of different styles.

In addition, popular music continues to remain the "best selling" genre" worldwide. So in those terms Pros case is easily negated.


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Posted by yoshidino 3 years ago
Buen trabajo amiga! Way to defend my pop :) by the way, rap does not only speak about sex. The whole argument about pop and rock lyrics is pretty irrelevant because it all just depends on the artist. But I'm pretty sure that pop is scientifically better than rock! Lol!
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