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Most study-abroad programs should be renamed "party abroad": they are a waste of time and money

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Started: 10/22/2012 Category: Education
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I agree with the statement. Because it is obvious that abroad students do not really care about studying and only thing they do is party. they know that there is no parents whos gonna scold them so they start feeling the freedom which students might didnt have in their home town. Youth party, go out, hang out with friends and forget about the college. After they fail their exams.And the program they took just flews away with money and time they spent on it. For example, at my university i met a lot of students that were studying abroad but they all came back because of failing their courses. Not bacause it was difficult, but because they didnt realize the importance of classes and were partying. Teachers dont care if you are studying or not. Their job is to teach. And student decide whether he wants to have good grades or party ecause there wont be any other chance to live without parents and be free from them.


Thank you for coming to tonight's debate. I hope to regale you with arguments and counter-arguments so that you will find this debate interesting and participate in the voting process.

I don't care whether study abroad programs are called "study abroad" or "party abroad." What I'm going to argue is that regardless of what they are called, they are not a waste of time and money.

First I will present my own case; then I will respond to my opponent's case.

In the Nicomachean Ethics, Book 1, Aristotle argued that the ultimate end in everything we do is happiness. We do not pursue happiness for some other end; rather happiness is an end in itself. It is the ultimate goal of life. Everything else we do is a means to that end.[1] Whether, then, anything is worth spending time or money on depends on whether or not it promotes happiness. An activity is only a waste of time or money if it does not promote happiness. As long as it does promote happiness, it is not a waste of time or money.

With that in mind, there are three reasons I think studying abroad is not a waste of time and money.

1) People who go abroad to study end up partying. Anybody who has partied knows that it is a supremely enjoyable thing to do which produces happiness, not only for the moment, but also for the rest of one's life as one reflects on the memory of how much fun they had and tell stories about it. Partying is a very effective means to happiness.

2) People who go abroad to study end up feeling quite a bit of freedom since they don't have to worry about being scolded by their parents because of their pursuit of happiness. Freedom is such an effective means of producing happiness that people have risked their lives for it. They have fought for it, created nations around it, and formed governments to protect it. Freedom is a very effective means to happiness.

3) People who go abroad to study end up making new friends and spending a lot of time with them. As many sociological and psychological researchers have found, friendship is vital for happiness and well-being.[2] Friendship greatly enhance's a person's emotional well-being, which can even be more important than IQ for promoting a successful life.[3] Friendship enriches life, gives it flavor, and makes it worth living. People who enjoy close friendship have better physical health and live longer. Friendship enhances our happiness more than anything else in life.

My opponent, interestingly enough, thinks partying, freedom, and friendship are what make studying abroad a waste of time and money. His argument fails for the simple reason that he hasn't told us why partying, freedom, and friendship are a waste of time and money. He simply asserts it. To make his argument go through, he needs to do one of two things: either (1) show that partying, freedom, and friendship do not enhance happiness, or (2) show that the pursuit of happiness is not the ultimate goal in life or a goal that is worth persuing. He also needs to respond to my arguments since I have argued that partying, freedom, and friendship are not a waste of time and money.

My oppoent also thinks studying abroad is a waste of time and money because people who study abroad don't make good grades. But making good grades is not the point of studying abroad. Indeed, the vast majority of people who study abroad do so only for one year, and their grades are not transferrable. My sister went to Belgium as an exchange student for one year after graduating from high school in America. While she was in Belgium, she attended high school there. But since she had already graduated high school, and since nothing she did in Belgium was transferable to college in the US, it didn't matter whether she made good grades or bad grades. So if it happens to be true that people who study abroad make bad grades, that does not make studying abroad a waste of time and money. Or, if it does, it would be just as much a waste of time and money if they went abroad and made good grades. Neither matters because the goal of studying abroad is to broaden your horizons, give you new experiences, etc. These things enrich your life and promote your happiness, so studying abroad is certainly not a waste of time and money.

[1] Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics,

[2] Jane Collingwood, "The Importance of Friendship,"

[3] Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence,

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your arguments.

First of all, as they are students they probably do not earn their own money for studying abroad. It is definitely students parents paying all fees. And, of course, they send their child to study and they believe that he/she will justify that amount of money they pay for his studying and leaving abroad. If student goes to another country to study and fail exams then parents won't send him again because they will think that child won't be able to study there and that it will again be waste of money and child time.

Second, student should have the responsibility for what he is doing and how he is doing. In order to show and prove that parents can rely on him. There is no point of going to study abroad if student going to party all the time. Because with the same results he could stay home and party there without wasting time and money.

My respond.
I'm not against of having friends and freedom. If you want to party and get to know some new people you can go for holiday anywhere you want to. But it doesn't make ant sense if you go there to study and instead of studying you go party. Especially if you are doing, for example, degree (which is not only 1 year!). Then, personal feelings and having an education is two different topics.


My opponent has brought up some new arguments for why studying abroad is a waste of money, so let me answer them.

1.) Students don't pay their own way when they study abroad; their parents pay. Since their parents pay for the purpose of their child's education, it is a waste of their money if the child parties, etc., instead of getting an education.

This argument is flawed for a couple of reasons. First, because it's not true that parents always pay their child's way. My sister worked her arse off for three years during high school to save enough money to go to Belgium. My dad didn't contribute one dime. He actually tried to discourage her from going. My sister borrowed a little money from our older brother, but she paid him back eventually.

Second, it is not true that parents of exchange students pay to send their child abroad strictly for their education. In fact, that is usually the least of their reasons. After all, in cases like my sisters, she had ALREADY finished high school before going abroad to take the 12th grade all over again in Belgium. Also, a person could get a better education in their own country since they know the language better, and it would be cheaper. So the purpose of sending kids abroad for a year is not for their education. It is for the experience. If all they did was concentrate on school, that would actually defeat the purpose of sending them over there. Interacting with the people, partying, making friends, enjoying the culture, learning the language, etc., is the primary purpose for sending kids abroad for a year.

2.) If you party instead of study, you're wasting time and money.

Here, my opponent is just asserting his point of view. He's not really offering an argument. I already responded to this point in my first statement.

3) Some people study abroad, not for a year, but for a full degree.

Here, my opponent is right. Although the majority of people who study abroad do so for only one year or one semester, many actually do so to peruse a degree. But the problem with arguing from these exceptions is that he's got to make the case that people who go abroad for degrees instead of one year or one semester exchanges do just as much partying and friend-making and neglect their studies just as much as 1 year exchange students. But that is not the case, at least in my experience. I've met many people who went abroad for degrees, and they all took their studies far more seriously than people who went abroad for 1 year exchanges. In fact, people who go abroad for degrees typically take their educations more seriously than people who remain at home and go to local colleges and universities. So in the case of people who go abroad to pursue degrees, they do not typically waste time and money.

Debate Round No. 2


marzhana forfeited this round.


It looks like my opponent has forfeited the debate, which means I don't have anything else to add. Thank you for coming. Please vote if you're reading this. It won't take but a minute, and nobody wants to tie just because nobody voted.
Debate Round No. 3
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