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Most women deserve to be raped

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Started: 7/11/2015 Category: Health
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I have no sympathy for women who are raped because I believe they deserve to be. I will be arguing that most women deserve to be raped, while my opponent will challenge my view

R1: Acceptance only
R2: Arguments
R3: Arguments
R4: Conclusion

Good luck Con


Hello Pro

I thank you for this debate and wish you luck.
This is a topic I am unfamiliar with, I do believe that it could be a very interesting debate.

To start, I would like to propose some definitions for the topic so that this debate does not turn out to be one debating technicalities.

Rape: To be forced to have sexual intercourse against one's will.
Most Women: More than roughly 50-60%.
Deserve: For this topic, I would define deserve as what makes the rape just and fair.

Thanks, I hope this becomes a great debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for providing definitions, and I am happy with them though we might disagree with the last one "deserve" so I will try to clarify my view on this ;-)

A person can be worthy of a reward, or may deserve a punishment depending on how responsible they are. Effort and responsibility are often rewarded, whereas selfishness and irresponsiblity are usually punishable.

If someone climbs a rock face or walks a tight rope across two buildings without any safety equipment, and they happen to fall, I think they deserve the consequences, be it death or injury, due to failing to take responsibility.

If someone doesn't follow the highway code and leaves their valuables on display inside their car, leaves the key in the ignition and doesn't bother to lock any doors; they deserve to have their car stolen (experience it missing), especially if they don't change their habbit. Obviously it isn't right to steal and thieves should be punished by law, and the car should be returned to it's rightful owner. Thieves start by stealing things which they know they can get away with, and progress to stealing bigger items and may break into property despite you taking responsibility. People who take responsibility shouldn't suffer, and that's why I believe someone who doesn't bother taking responsbility for theirself or care about how their actions may affect other people deserve to be punished. To put it simply if I don't feel sorry for them they deserve to experience whatever they were asking for.

I will be talking about rape soon don't worry. Most women seem to believe they don't need to take any responsibility. Look at the below picture. These type of pictures have gone viral, a woman posts a naked picture of herself holding paper which says 'I don't deserve to be raped' infront of her breasts (this example is in brazilian). I'm not sure how this campaign can stop rapists exactly, if anything it would increase rapists. How can men respect a sexobject? Their thoughts don't mean anything when they have no clothes on. It's totally irresponsible, they are just telling rapists that women don't have a high goal or one which they can respect, strengthening their reasons for raping women.

I will now show a poster which an anti-rape group funnily praised. The below poster shows women don't need to care about minimizing the risk of getting raped by taking simple measures like dressing appropiately, not drinking too much, or kissing strangers.

This poster below actually gives sensible advice to women, and does aim to reduce rape. Yet women have expressed their fury after seeing this because apparently it blames the victim rather than the rapist. I think they just want to blame the rapist, and express how much they hate men.

Here's proof they do want to blame the rapist and not their self in any way. Why should I read these instructions? I'm not a rapist. Lowering men's value is more of a priority to women than stopping rape. There are plenty of men who feel ashamed to be a man after reading things like this. Do women care?

A lot of women are also turning to anti-rape devices, however most women don't think these should be illegal. It's ridiculous how irresponsible women are, these devices can cause innocent men to suffer, and they don't care as long as someone suffers. These devices can only make things worse, they could even ruin their childrens lives but they don't give a single thought about that, instead they just want a reason to hate men like all feminists do.

Rape is extremely easy to eradicate, it only remains because women don't take responsibility i.e. strive to be happy. They can plan their evenings, choose their friends and boyfriends etc. Someone who doesn't take responsibility deserves the consequences.

Why should I feel sympathy for any woman who is raped? In my view they deserve to be.



Thanks Pro, its been great to get your points on this idea.

Now Pro"s argument is that women deserve to be raped as they don"t take responsibility. In general terms that can be applied and sometimes is. Someone deserves a punishment because they don"t take responsibility for something. In general terms, that argument seems plausible, moral even. Yet when one applies the context to it, it is proven to be completely ridiculous.

Does someone deserve to be raped for simply wearing something that may or may not plant ideas in someone's head and having to much to drink? It is like sentencing someone to the death penalty for leaving out a ladder which then caused someone to have a fall. You are giving the person a punishment to harsh to fit the crime, while that person has indirectly caused the crime.

Does some deserve something so terrible as rape for simply making the mistake of not taking responsibility? Rape destroys people and ruins their life, many victims of sexual assault take their own lives. Do they really deserve this for a mistake that harms no other people?

My opponents argument and stance is proven to be one without the knowledge of the horror that is rape. It is very likely that my opponent has never been raped from the lack of sympathy shown, so without this knowledge, how can he deign to fit this punishment to such and insignificant crime?

Just a few more things:

Pro stated that "people deserve to get what they are asking for" though this cannot be true in the case of rape because as we both clearly agreed, rape is defined to be "Sexual intercourse against ones will", thus no one can ask to be raped.

Pro also stated that "Women just want to express their hatred of men". Please, that"s sexist and generalising, keep it out, it"s blatantly wrong.

No one deserves something as common as rape.

(More arguments coming in the next round)
Debate Round No. 2


You are very welcome. Sorry I forgot to give the references for the images for the last round, so here they are:

image 1 =
image 2 =
image 3 =
image 4 =

My opponent asks "Does someone deserve to be raped for simply wearing something that may or may not plant ideas in someone's head and having to much to drink?". My answer to that is no. Nobody deserves to be raped due to their personality, age, gender, handwriting, wearing a skirt etc. It isn't right for a person to punish another person, and this is why rape is illegal. Wether someone deserves something or not depends on if they took responsibility.

E.g. if a stranger wants to have a fight with you and you don't back away from it and end up having a fight then you deserve any injuries that result from it.

And if a man wants to have sex with someone he doesn't love, and a woman puts herself in a vulnerable situation with him (including inside her own home) then I'd say they both deserve the punishment (regret, pain etc) that results.

Nature can be cruel, someone can fall off a tight rope without safety while crossing two buildings and become parylised from the neck down for the rest of their life yet they still deserve this despite how they feel. Human nature can be cruel too which is why people should take responsibility. I am unsure why you say "I am giving someone a punishment to harsh to fit the crime" because if someone has acted irresponsibly and feel they deserve it then that is what they deserve. I do not think women who are raped should be punished by law because less women would report it, the only punishment they deserve is what happens to them but "only if" they are irresponsible i.e. are not careful. Though rape can happen to anybody even to those who are sensible, I believe most women do not take responsibility and thus deserve to be raped.

Women who take no responsibility for their actions and who are consequently raped do harm other people, they increase the likihood of women who don't deserve to be raped being raped, and it can degrade men.

My opinion is not without knowledge of what rape is like. Men can experience the same thing without being raped when a woman causes them to shutdown. I believe rape forces a woman to realise that the goal she was striving to achieve is also wrong, and this is equally traumatic if not worse for men because there aren't any women who care how men feel. Men have to feel they deserve those feelings, and just take responsibility. However, women choose not to.

It is possible to ask for things without asking e.g. you can ask for a fight without speaking. Men can't just say what they want like 'can I kiss you?' or 'would you like sex?' because it would ruin the mood. Men have to read women's feelings, but when theirs and a woman's judgement is impaired by alcohol anything can happen. Women should be aware of this, afterall alcohol is suposedly the most common date-rape drug.

Researchers agree that the most common form of drug facilitated sexual assualt is alcohol-related with the victim in most cases consuming the alcohol voluntarily [1]

I look forward to your arguments, thanks





Very Interesting, I thank Pro for a reasonable argument.

My opponent has stated that "Nobody deserves to be raped due to their personality, age, gender, handwriting, wearing a skirt etc." and then states that they only deserve it if they don"t take responsibility. However, in the last round, my opponent has stated that women can be not taking responsibility by wearing clothes that plant ideas in mens heads. That is a blatant contradiction!

Now, Pro states that those who do not take responsibility deserve the punishment. What Pro is failing to consider is that the punishment must fit the crime. I do not mean, as Pro has tried to frame me to state, that the punishment must be in any way related to the law, just that too harsh a punishment means that the woman not taking the responsibility does not DESERVE the crime.

Do women that drink to much deserve the punishment of having them along with their own family executed. No! Of course not! It is frankly ridiculous. The is similar to my oppositions notion that women who don"t take responsibility DESERVE something as HEINIOUS and rape. With such a terrible punishment no one can DESERVE it for such a light crime.

Pro states that rape is wrong. Pro states that violence is wrong. I along with the majority of people agree with that. So, I pose a question, how can something that is considered wrong be used as a justified punishment? It can"t!

"Men can experience the same thing without being raped" No one can contemplate just how terrible rape is without experiencing it. The degrading feelings, the worthlessness, the self hate. The suicide rate among victims of rape (13%), shows just how terrible it is.

15% of rape victims are under the age of 12, 44% are under 18. Do these poor defenceless victims deserve to be raped? No! No one deserves to be raped! Rape is such a terrible thing, there is no crime that can come close to comparing with it. Thus it is impossible to truly deserve to be raped.

Pro, throughout his arguments, has tried to suggest that women are the cause of rape. This is rubbish! Rapist will rape whoever they want! They are uncontrollable and will rape a woman whether she is or isn"t responsible. Most victims are not the cause of rape, RAPISTS ARE!

I thank you, Pro, for your arguments and hope to see your conclusion.

I leave you with this. No rapists, no rape. No women, still rape(Though much reduced as that taste is rarer). So who do you think is to blame?


(Thanks for the assistance hldemi)
Debate Round No. 3


I would like to thank my opponent and Hldemi for his many comments which have also helped me to raise some points I don't think I would have done otherwise. In the interest of fairness I believe this round should be used to conclude points raised in the previous rounds. I will not make any new arguments except to answer any questions remaining from the previous round, and I give my opponent an opportunity to make new arguments with or without using sources to respond to these so we each have an equal chance to defend arguments made. Since the purpose of this round is usually to reach a final opinion through reasoning from points which should have been made, I will only try to make my points clearer and may do this by stating anything I think is obvious which my opponent is likely to agree with. It should be noted that saying the obvious to clear explanations may affect how voters decide to vote on how convincing the arguments are.

Someone who leaves their valuables on display in their car every day might say ‘I don’t deserve to have my car broken into for such a small thing’ and think there are professional car thieves who don’t care whether I take responsibility, and who will get round security systems, so what can I do? Most women have a similar attitude towards rape; they just blame the person who commits the crime so they can continue being irresponsible even though their lack of responsibility creates this problem.

If you cause something then you deserve what you have caused. Everyone has a responsibility; no-one is invulnerable.
I have shown that most women are irresponsible or selfish, e.g. they do not care whether innocent people suffer the same thing they say they oppose. Anti-rape groups have a huge influence on men and women; their priority is not to stop rape but is “something else” which probably cause rapes to increase.

People can suffer far worse things than being raped and deserve it e.g. if they fall off a tight rope without safety and become paralysed from the neck down. The level of pain and suffering however does not decide whether someone deserves something, responsibility does.

It is possible to do just about anything responsibly, thus nobody deserves to suffer for doing something unless they behave irresponsibly. Most women do not deserve pity; they deserve what happens to them.

My opponent says “No rapists, no rape” and asks “who is to blame?” He basically uses the equation no rapists = no rape, making it sound like common sense, but here is another equation to think about it: rapists minus reason for raping = no rape

He does ask an excellent question “how can something that is considered wrong be used as a justified punishment?” I believe he says this because in order for someone to deserve something done to them there must be a genuine reason for them doing this. The population size of insane people is obviously small, and the numbers of insane people who are rapists are even smaller, and too small to explain the frequent cases of rapes. Most rapists are herefore sane. However there is no good reason to rape someone, which is why I believe that rape is mainly caused by judgement being impaired via alcohol and arousal. This would explain why those messages which say “men just need to control them self” haven’t done anything to reduce rape.

Thanks for reading



Ladies and Gentlemen, Rape is one of the worst things know to man. The horror of it, the sheer unethically means that is something no one should face.

I agree with my opponents first statement and shall not raise any new points.

My opponent believes that those that do not take responsibility deserve punishment. What he seems to not understand is that the punishment must fit the crime. Who deserves to have their entire family slaughtered, for not taking responsibility and going shopping? It is ridiculous. No Crime is terrible enough that the criminal deserves to be raped.

Secondly, as both Pro and I agree that rape is wrong and violence is wrong, how can something considered wrong be used as a justified punishment. It can"t be. If it is not justified, no one can deserve it.

Pro says that to my previous statement, I was trying to say that "because in order for someone to deserve something done to them there must be a genuine reason for them doing this". No. No I didn"t. My previous statement clearly means that a wrong thing can"t be used as a punishment. What Pro meant and later went on to say is that that meant that most rapists are insane, Pro then disagreed with that. He believes most rapists are sane and that there must thus be a reason for the rape.

Rapists are INSANE. Insanity is by definition a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction. Is rape normal? No! Thus rapists are insane.

This leads, to them not fitting the nice picture Pro has painted of them. They do not have uniform standards of choosing victims. Rapists will rape whoever they want! There is no way to take responsibility to avoid rape. If one rapist likes girls acting provocatively, the girl could "Take responsibility" and not act provocatively. Consequently, she would be raped by the next rapist who likes girls acting unprovocatively. There is NO WAY to take responsibility.

What Pro believes is that there is a way to "Take responsibility" to avoid rape. Let my use an analogy. A man walking in the Middle East had a little American flag on his collar. He was then picked up by Jihadists and tortured and killed. He meant no offence with his flag, the Jihadists took offence. Did he deserve it? NO! If there is no way to "Take responsibility", if a women "Means no offence" and the offence is TAKEN, she cannot deserve to be raped.

Pro has stated "most women are irresponsible or selfish". This is again, incredibly sexist. It"s blatantly wrong and Pro has nothing to back it up.

I would like to thank Pro for debating with me and wish him well for the future. Thank you too, to hldemi for an invaluable contribution.

To finish, Pro believes that women are the cause of rape. I beg to differ. No rapists, no rape. No women, still rape(Though much reduced as that taste is rarer). So who do you think is to blame? How can anybody deserve to be raped?
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by mostlogical 2 years ago
you completely misunderstand because you haven't read my debates, rape is wrong, this is why I am totally against women and children being raped. I've never said that "women aren't people when they have no clothes on", but it is hard to respect someone who has no respect for their self. Women are objectified by what they wear and what they don't wear so they should consider what messages their clothes send. Men judge women on appearance as men have to approach women, as women don't approach men. And no I've not raped anyone nor do I plan to.

The women who are raped are irresponsible, they accept drinks from strangers, think wearing anti-rape condoms is responsible, think they should be able to walk home alone at night without bumping into drunks or rapists. There are laws in place already which protect women e.g. it's illegal to kidnap, assault, blackmail etc. All women need to do is be an adult and take responsibility. They don't do that because of rape law. They want to be raped to inflict pain on men. You only have to look at anti-rape groups to know this, they don't want to follow sensible advice.

You may have heard of the Welsh footballer Ched Evans who maintained his absolute innocence, despite this he has had a hard time. A woman agreed to go to a hotel with him, they probably asked for a double bed. She says she drank two glasses of wine, four double vodkas with lemonade, and a shot of sambuca, then because she was surprised when she woke up on her bed naked, she thought he deserves to be on the sex register, and given a 5 year prison sentence, simply because she couldn't remember having sex (and cocaine and cannabis). Her drinks weren't spiked.

Unfortunately this kind of story is common, and men can't always prove their innocence. People shouldn't have to, people should be innocent until proven guilty. However feminists think men are all guilty, and think men should prove their innocence which clearly is not right.
Posted by YaHey 2 years ago
Women aren't people when they don't have clothing on? How many people have you raped, mostlogical? It is at least two.
Posted by YaHey 2 years ago
Just so we are perfectly clear here,
I am not allowed to say f*ck, sh*t, or any other expletive
but this sh*tty f*ck can say women deserve rape.
Posted by jprice19 3 years ago
Thanks a lot Death23 for your RFD. I think mostlogical did well to argue a point that goes against our ingrained values.
Posted by mostlogical 3 years ago
#Death23 - I can't challenge your view. I think you have identified the weakness of my argument very well and I'd like to thank you for the detail given in your RFD
Posted by Death23 3 years ago

Has an addendum at the top. I'll request someone with high ELO to vote on my behalf.
Posted by Death23 3 years ago

That is what I wrote. I may go back and modify it.
Posted by hldemi 3 years ago
Both of you could have done better job but I think that your side mostlogical has much harder task. You need 3 times as better arguments then Con to make someone be on your side since it is so counter intuitive . Everyone sympathize with rape victims. If you put this as a poll in civilized countries (just the title) i think that maybe 5% of people would vote yes to that resolution. Its very hard to argue. Very controversial and counter intuitive.
Posted by mostlogical 3 years ago
# Death23 - Thank you for taking the time to write up a Reason For Decision, and I am sorry to hear you were unable to cast a vote. I believe I set the ELO restriction to 3500 which at the time I thought was reasonable due to starting at 2000 but after seeing my own I see it is actually quite high. If you do find a way to post your vote e.g. by getting someone of higher rank to post it on your behalf then I am totally okay with that, I also don't mind if you post your RFD any time on the comment section for everyone to see if my opponent is okay with that. It would be nice to know your thoughts. When I get more time to debate this again I'm sure your points will be helpful, as I feel like I could have done a better job.
Posted by Death23 3 years ago
If they don't want my vote I'll post the written RFD after the debate is closed. Obviously, releasing it now would cause one of the debaters to be disinclined to allow it to count.
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Reasons for voting decision: I am voting on behalf of Death23, who does not meet the Elo restriction but has written up an RFD. The Vote Moderator has allowed this. The RFD is given here: . The short RFD: Pro hardly provides much evidence to meet their claim. Con's rebuttal is convincing. Pro has nothing to back up his claim. The only evidence proffered by Pro are examples of anti-rape media which hardly relevant. This is not the type of evidence which would support the premise. The type of evidence that would be relevant and potentially convincing would be along the lines of behavioral studies of women. Pro's argument is one of generalizations and bare assertions. As such, Death23's vote goes to Con.