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Mother is better than father.

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Started: 10/19/2015 Category: People
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As we are growing up we are either a mommy's girl or boy or a daddy's boy or girl. But most if us was a mommy's child. This is normal with toddlers according to: they state; "Whatever smell, sound, movement is most familiar and predictable is what a baby will prefer,". When we are in the mothers womb we become close to our mothers and we bond with them even though we arent born yet


I see where you are coming from when you state that we are close to our mothers because we came from their womb. In a lot of ways this is true. Childern tend to go to their mother when hurt, sad, angery, or really for anything. It's built into us as humans. Now I dont agree that mothers are better then fathers and vice-versa. Farthers play a large role in childerns life same as a mother would. For sons they look up to their dad to see what they should become as a man, how to treat their wife, etc. etc. For a daughter they go to there dad for advice on guys, they look to them to see an examplie of what their future husband should be like, etc. etc. Of course this is diffent for all childern, but this is the most commen I see with the people around me. A father can be mean and hurtful, but so can a mother. In fact, because of the bond you have with your mother from birth, she is able to hurt you more.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent stated in the beginning of the argument it states that its true what i am saying which backs up of what I'm saying. The argument states that a father plays the same amount of roles in the child's life. But now here comes the clash of everything.
The argument states that Fathers teach their sons or daughters, how to be a man or how men think, respectively, yet what about the single mothers we have today? Single mothers have to teach their sons how to be a man and their daughters how to be wary of men and they have to work harder yet the special bond between mother and child helps a lot. And they succeed most of the time. Also my opponent has said that the fathers teach the sons how treat their wives yet whose the better teacher of art if not the art teacher? The same applies here.
Then mother can give better advice on guys too. This is because the mother will have more knowledge of why this and this happens. Then for my last refute, a mother is a role model so in a child who is attached to their mother, which has been proven more likely, the mother cant do "wrong".
As my point has been protected, I strongly yet respectfully encourage a vote for the pro side. Where would one be with out a mother figure?


My opponent has taken what I said out of context. I am not arguing that fathers are better, I am arguing that nether is better then the other. [1] If you look at the growth of stay-at-home dads in the last few years the number has jumped from 1.2 million in 2009 up to 1.45 million in 2014. There is also a link in the same article that shows how inaccurate the US census numbers are. [2] Not only are stay-at-home dads on the rise, but so are single dads. The number of single dads has gone up nine fold from 1960 to 2011.[3] Now my opponent has yet to prove any of his rebates so how does he know mothers can't do "wrong as he calls it? All you have to do is look up "mothers convicted of child abuse" and then you will get lists of mothers who have beaten, killed, or injured there children. The bond that a child can grow with there mom does not mean that they cannot harm their child.



Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has stated "I am not arguing that fathers are better, I am arguing that nether is better then the other." If he thinks this then why are we debating this? In the three rules of debate
1. There must be a judge who judges the con and pro.
2.; There must be a pro to argue for the resolution.
3. There must be a con who argues against the resolution.
I have looked at the websites and the first one about the stay at home dads. That doesn't say anything about the fathers succeeding the wive or mother but only that of the men who stay at home. And the article says that those numbers of stay at home dads are wrong in the census. And also unless my opponent can give me the pacific place where she found that single dads are a arise then I would like to ignore this for now. Then if she does then i would like to say that even if there are single dads in big numbers or small they will never be as close as they would with their mother.
Now my opponent didn't understand or i didn't explain it well that when I said when a child looks at there mother and they cant do "wrong" I meant it as in small children which is so. They look up at them as good role models. I would like to conclude by saying that mothers held a child in her womb for months and although she might not be the best person she is still a mother, or even if you have a mother figure. She took a child into her arms and there will always be a connection between them stronger than anyone else.
I respectfully ask for a vote for the pro side.


First off, I am a guy not a girl. It even says so on my profile.

My opponent has still failed to give more reason of why a mother better then a father. They are still holding to the reason of a mother giving birth as "better". I also have the link of why the census here " " Now about a mother doing wrong it doesn't matter the age. If the mother consistency hurts, neglects, etc. the child then from a young age that child won't have a bond. Just because a mother gives birth does not make her "better" in anyway. As I have stated before, because of the mother giving birth she is able to hurt the child worse then anyone else.
I am posting links now to stores of where children under ten are either killed by or testify against there mom to prove that the "bond" that happens can indeed be broken





After reading those do you that those children will ever have a bond with there mother? No, they wont. Forever in there mind will they remember being beaten and abused. Age does not matter in this case. Now there is no more evidence for me to prove of why a mother isn't "the best" because my point has been proved.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent wants more evidence as to why mothers are better than fathers. I shall list them,
1." The second biological factor that makes fathers less committed parents is their higher fitness ceiling (the best they can do re-productively). Fetuses gestate for nine months within the female body, and infants are, at least in the past, nursed by the mother for several years after birth, during which the mother is usually infertile (lactational amenorrhea)." as said in
2: The government itself sends the message that children need their fathers. But sometimes the absence is an improvement.
3: the mother does most of the care-taking around the house.
4. Mothers care for their children more than fathers. Although fathers may care a lot the mother will care a little.
5. says that 32% of fathers care for their children meaning the other percentage is that they are cared for their mother or some one else which shows a mother or guardian feature.
And so on...
My opponent has said "As I have stated before, because of the mother giving birth she is able to hurt the child worse then anyone else." this although may be true, there are some cases that have occurred that way, those are the cases in which those people should have never had children.
Now i shall defend my case, with the bond the mother and child, the child is more likely to listen and respect the mother than the father. This may sound bad but in some cases it might help. If your partner and you are having marriage problems and he is leaving the house for the night and you know that he might do something stupid and use the child against you then the child refuses to go, the father has no right to take the child. If he did that would be kidnapping.
so then i come to conclusion that mother is better than father and respectfully request the vote to the pro side of this debate.


I will start off by saying that most "evidence" is opinion based and the only link that actually works doesn't have anything on it, so I will just assume that it is unreliable. Now the only argument my opponent keeps using is the reason that mothers give birth makes them better. Just because of birth doesn't mean that the child will go to the mother only, and I've already proved this in my previous statements. With the evidence I have provided please vote CON.
Debate Round No. 4
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