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Motor Cycles Should Not Be So Loud

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Started: 3/22/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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I live down town. Every summer these guys with the Harley Davidson's come rolling through and gearing down or revving up. These bikes are way louder than any car. They should be restricted to lower volume levels. Noise pollution is real. Might feel good to blast down the highway but do I need to hear it - at 2 am?


It is too often that you hear of a motorcycle accident on the highway or busy road outside a city. And why, you might ask, would motorcycles be so prone to accidents? This because they are so small. The cars around them are much larger and more protected. If motorcycles were quiet, they would not be noticed by the abundant text-and-drive population and will be hit. If producers wanted the motorcycles to be quieter, then they could easily do that. It is a question of safety, not comfort.
Debate Round No. 1


Most people have their radio blasting while driving or have the news on and can't hear motor cyclists. Modern cars are also so well insulated for engine and road noise that they block out motorcycle's engine sounds unless the motor cyclists is right beside the car and by then there is a visual.

The issue is one of noise pollution. Bikes are loud because they sell better being so. The bike entire industry is largely based on hyper macho nonsense that the rest of the community has to deal with. It isn't fair for a minority to impact on the quality of life of all others because of mere posturing. The bikes would perform pretty well the same with better mufflers. The cyclists are giving up very little by adhering to better noise standards.



First of all, if you want to live in an apartment in a big city, the nit is your choice to hear motorcycles all night. And if you can hear motorcycles, then you can hear cars too. People have a right to get where they need to go. You know, you may not think about it over all of your complaints, but that may be all they can afford to get them somewhere on time. For all you know, they are on their way to the hospital. And if you really wanted to block out the sound, get a sound proof window. They sell them at most hardware stores. Just think about THAT next time you get oh so bothered by a fellow American citizen on a motorcycle.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Nayrb 4 years ago
Noise pollution is a concern for many people.
Posted by ASR 4 years ago
it's impossible, because not many people are interested in this
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Reasons for voting decision: Great debate! I would have given it to con but his biggest arguement came in the last round, which is unfair to pro.