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Mountain Lion is Better that Windows 8

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Started: 1/31/2013 Category: Technology
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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People say that Windows 8 is the best operating system out for today's computing needs. the people who say this would be wrong in so many ways.

1) Mountain Lion is user friendly and stylish.
Windows 8 is slow and a repeat of vista.

2) Mountain Lion is able to sync with all other apple devices.
Windows 8 is the tablet software on a laptop and desktop and is unless without a touch screen.

3) Mountain Lion is only 20$ for all Computers under your apple ID.
Window's 8 is 30$ and up depending on if you have windows 7 already.


Pro is making the claim that Mount Lion is better than Windows 8. For Con to win this debate, Con only has to show that, at the least, Windows 8 is as good (or better) than Mountain Lion. First, I will address the points made by Pro:
  1. Mountain Lion is user friendly and stylish.
    • So is Windows 8. This is subjective and cannot be proved. Windows users would argue that Mountain Lion is difficult to use, wile Mac users would argue that Windows is difficult to use.
  2. Windows 8 is slow and a repeat of Vista.
    • The Windows OS is a state-of-the-art operating system. While the OS no doubt has an effect on performance, the actual hardware has much more of an effect. Mac Users are very limited to the hardware available. There are only 5 base models to choose from (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro). Upgrading a Mac is notoriously difficult. On the other hand there are virtually limitless configurations available for a Windows machine. The only constraint on how fast and powerful a Windows machine can be is the amount of money you are willing to spend. For the price of a Mac, one can custom build a PC that is much more powerful.
    • Being a repeat of Vista does not make Windows 8 better or worse than Mountain Lion, this argument is irrelevant.
  3. Mount Lion is able to sync with all other apple devices.
    • So are Windows machines since iTunes is available for Windows 8.
  4. Windows 8 is the tablet software on a laptop and desktop and is [useless] without a touch screen.
    • While without a touch screen, you may not be able to fully experience Windows 8, it is possible to use without one. I believe you can use a Windows 7 like theme. This is also irrelevant unless Pro can show that Windows 8 is difficult to use without a touchscreen.
    • Mountain Lion does not offer a touch screen interface therefore, in this regard, Windows 8 clearly has more features.
  5. Mountain Lion is only 20$ for all Computers under your apple ID. Window's 8 is 30$ and up depending on if you have windows 7 already.
    • Pro concedes that the prices are nearly the same, so this is not a distinguishing factor between Windows 8 and Mountain Lion.
    • The price has no bearing on whether or not Windows 8 is better than Mountain Lion. No doubt a Corvette is better than a Camaro, yet the Corvette is considerably more expensive.

I feel I have refuted all of Pro's claims. I will now make the claim that Windows 8 is actually better than Mountain Lion since it offers users more flexibility. I have already touched on some of these, but I will state them again:
  1. Windows 8 offers the user more hardware options. This means Windows 8 can, potentially, run on a much more powerful machine than what Mountain Lion could run on.
  2. Windows 8 offers a touch screen interface, if the user has the hardware, whereas Mountain Lion offers no such UI.
  3. Windows 8 is backwards compatible with previous versions of Windows [1]
  4. Because it's backwards compatible, this means users have a much larger base of applications to choose from.
    • "There's no shortage of decent programs available for OS X, but there are thousands more on Windows 7. That's to be expected, as the install-base for PCs is way higher."[2]
  5. Mountain Lion is not ideal for gamers as there is a very narrow selection of AAA games available for Mountain Lion compared to Windows 8.
    • "If you're serious about using your computer to play games, there's just no contest: Windows wins, as it pretty much always has.

      Sure, Mountain Lion has a few AAA titles in its repertoire (thanks largely to Valve and Blizzard) but it's missing out on so many more. Same deal with low-budget indie games: a smattering find their way to Macs every year, but most stay rooted to Windows."[2]

In conclusion, Pro has failed to make the case that Mountain Lion is better than Windows 8. Many of the claims Pro initially made were either irrelevant, subjective, or failed to distinguish Mountain Lion from Windows 8. Furthermore, I have presented a case which shows that, in fact, Windows 8 is better than Mountain Lion.

Debate Round No. 1


Con has made his statements and attempted to counter my argument. The way that he has stated his argument sounds like he has never even used windows 8 or mountain lion.

1) con has stated that Mountain lion has only has a limited number of hardware it can run on.
In fact this is true Mountain lion can only run on a select number of hardware (MacBook pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro) but this hardware is custom built to have mountain lion run on it. While windows 8 may have a wider range of platforms (computers it can run on). But windows will plays be running on 3rd party hardware (dell, HP, gateway, Lenovo, ect). Because mountain lion is hardware is custom made by apple all the drivers are the same so you can switch any apple hard drive and boot it up and it will work without having to go and find drivers.

2) con has stated that because windows 8 has iTunes that it syncs with all apple devices. This is true but on very small level. When mountain lion has the sync option built right in to the OS. For example if someone enters a new contact on one of there iOS devices it will update the contact book of all other apple devices or computers under your apple ID.

3) con has stated that gaming on mountain lion is very limited. When all that is needed to run all games on mountain lion is one simple software install.

4) con's claim that "Windows 8 is backwards compatible with previous versions of Windows
Because it's backwards compatible, this means users have a much larger base of applications to choose from." Is saying that if you have an application that is running on a previous version of windows that it will run on windows 8 while this is tru you can do the same on mountain lion. Mountain lion is a "backwards compatible" system. Unfortunately for windows users you need about 10 updates as soon as any software is installed. With mountain lion software install is simple because all installs go thought the install utility.

I believe that I have covered all of con arguments.


In conclusion, I believe Pro has failed to demonstrate that Mountain Lion is better than Windows 8. Pro's main arguments seem to be centered around an Apple-centric view of computing devices. If Windows 8 is capable of supporting Apple devices (such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) then this argument is greatly weakened and, ultimately only serves to show that Mountain Lion is very restrictive in the devices is can easily handle (i.e.. you must have Apple devices). With the rise of Android OS and a large market of smart phones, this becomes increasingly less of an advantage.

The fact of whether or not Con has ever used Windows 8 or Mountain Lion is irrelevant to the topic. This neither supports nor refutes Pro's view that Mount Lion is better than Windows and is, instead, a direct attack against Con--not the topic at hand.

I will now go through Pro's rebuttal statements:
  1. Available Hardware - ultimately, Pro concedes that Windows 8 is more flexible than Mountain Lion.
    1. Pro also raises the point that the hardware Mountain Lion runs on is specifically tailored to the Mountain Lion OS. While Con agrees that this is a reasonable proposition, Pro has failed to actually demonstrate (with sources) whether or not Mountain Lion OS actually does outperform a Windows Machine. Furthermore, while it is possible that Mountain Lion might outperform Windows 8 on comparable machines (again, Pro has failed to show this), the fact of the matter is that Windows 8 can run on much more powerful machines than Mountain Lion can and if we found benchmarks comparing, for instance a Mac Pro against a suped up gaming machine running Windows 8, Con finds it very difficult to believe that the Mac Pro would outperform Windows 8. Furthermore, if we compare comparably priced machines, users can generally custom build machines that are much more powerful than what Apple can provide for the same money.
    2. Con does not see how 3rd party hardware is a negative against Windows 8. Con insists rather, that this is a negative against Mountain Lion OS. As an example, I seriously doubt anyone wants factory (1st party) speakers in their car--they would much rather be able to put in custom, 3rd party speakers. By allowing 3rd party hardware, the user is free to choose anywhere from bottom of the barrel, cheap hardware to state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, expensive hardware. This option is not available for Mountain Lion users.
  2. Apple Devices - Pro concedes that Windows 8 is compatible with many Apple devices.
    1. Pro raises one usability feature that supposedly is easier to use with Mountain Lion. In fact, using iCloud, one can automatically update all contacts even using Windows 8. This feature fails to distinguish Mountain Lion from Windows 8.
  3. Games - Pro makes a very strong claim but offers no information that Con can use to reasonably concede or refute. In lieu of a source, Con can only make educated guesses as to what software Pro is referencing.
    1. Boot Camp - Boot Camp allows for running Windows on a Mac. First, if you want to run Windows, why not get a Windows machine? The fact that Mac is capable of running Windows has nothing to do with the Mountain Lion OS.
    2. VM - VM (Virtual Machine) is 3rd party software that creates a Windows virtual machine on top of the Mountain Lion OS. VMs are not ideal for gaming since they require a lot of transcoding and thus any gain that Mountain Lion might offer in terms of having custom hardware goes right out the window and, in fact, will perform much worse than a comparable machine would running Windows.
    3. WINE - Wine is very similar to a VM, but instead is a Windows Emulator. First WINE is not part of Mountain Lion, rather is 3rd party software that is available on many platforms (i.e. Linux flavors). Second, emulators are even slower than VMs. So a serious gamer would never choose WINE as an option to play games that require intense hardware support.
  4. Backwards Compatibility - If Mountain Lion and Windows 8 are both backwards compatible, then this does not distinguish the two operating systems. Furthermore, Pro concedes that Windows has a much larger base of applications to choose from. Finally, Pro makes the claim that installing software is harder on Windows 8 than on Mountain Lion. I have not found this to be true at all and, in my opinion is subjective depending on the user. Again, someone used to installing software on Windows would probably find it difficult to install software on Mountain Lion and, likewise, someone used to using Mountain Lion might find it difficult to install software on Windows. In terms of Licence Agreements, they are the same. In terms of clicking through, they are the same. Con sees no distinguishing characteristics between installing software on Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8.

In the first round Pro presented some instances attempting to show Mountain Lion's superiority. These included usability, which was unsubstantiated and subjective, ability to sync with Apple devices, which Pro conceded Windows 8 can also do thus failing to distinguish the two operating systems, and price which Pro has essentially dropped since it was not addressed in Round 2. I was able to show in round 1 that these claims were either subjective or that they did not distinguish Windows 8 from Mountain Lion. Furthermore, I presented a case showing that Windows 8 has quite a few advantages over Mountain Lion.

In Round 2, Pro's arguments became quite a bit weaker. Instead of attempting to prove that Mountain Lion was superior, they were forced into arguing that Mountain Lion is at least as good as Windows 8. The only claims leftover after Round 2 that support the idea that Mountain Lion is better is that Mountain Lion has custom made hardware and thus performs better--this was unsubstantiated. The only other argument that attempted to show Mountain Lion's superiority was that Mountain Lion has a better sync feature than Windows 8. I was able to show that Windows 8 has the same capability and thus this does not distinguish the two operating systems.

In conclusion, at best Pro has demonstrated that Mountain Lion is capable of doing everything Windows 8 can. This does not support the claim that Mountain Lion is better than Windows 8, rather that they are equivalent. Furthermore, I believe I have made a very strong case for the opposite, which is that Windows 8 is, in fact, better than Mountain Lion. Pro concedes that Windows 8 offers more hardware options and more applications. Pro did not present evidence to suggest Mountain Lion running on a stock machine could perform better than Windows 8 running on a customized machine. Pro's argument about gaming on Mountain Lion fails to show Mountain Lion is better than Windows 8 and, again at best, only shows that it's as good. In fact, I showed that Mountain Lion is worse for gaming, even if the user is able to install software that allows them to play games. Since I believe Con has won on all arguments, the only logical vote is for Con.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Deadlykris 5 years ago
Looks like this isn't an issue that draws crowds here in the way religion and politics debates do. But we nerds know that it's important nonetheless.
Posted by Deadlykris 5 years ago
It's not possible to vote on your own debate.
Posted by KroneckerDelta 5 years ago
So I'm assuming it's in bad taste to vote on your own debate, right (well unless you vote for the other person)? Not that it matters, I don't think I'm allowed to vote yet.
Posted by KroneckerDelta 5 years ago
For some reason there is an extra space at the end of the ign link, If you delete it in your browser, you should go to the ign review:
Posted by KroneckerDelta 5 years ago
FYI, both Mac and Windows suck. Linux is a far better OS on nearly all accounts with two major exceptions: 1) games, and 2) hardware compatibility (mainly printers). In both of those cases Windows is better than both Linux and Mac. However, Linux beats them both on all other accounts: 1) Linux is more stable (hell even OSX is unix based: it's a ripoff of FreeBSD), 2) Linux is easier to program in, 3) Linux is 100% free and can run on any PC (although it's difficult to install on a Mac--and generally not a good idea), 4) You can find software to accomplish almost anything you want for free with Linux, and I'm sure if I stayed here long enough, I could come up with a dozen more reasons.
Posted by TheElderScroll 5 years ago
The biggest hurdle that Mountain Lion has to overcome is that it can only run on Mac. If you are unfamiliar with computer programs, you would have no way to enjoy the Mountain Lion on PC. Besides, by taking the purchase price of computers into the considerations, Mountain Lion is so much more expensive than windows 8.

If you believe the cheaper, the better. Then Linux system would be the best system in the world given the fact that it is free of charge. It is also stylish and user friendly, for daily task at least.
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