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Mowing the lawn and weed wacking the places that can't be mowed are different chores.

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Started: 8/5/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Voting Period
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I believe Jim is right.

Here is the scenario:

Bob's job is to mow the lawn with a riding lawn mower.
Jim's job is to weedwack the grass on the lawn that Bob can't get to. Jim also has to put away the clean dishes.

Jim claims that Bob should have to weedwack as well as mow the lawn because that's part of his chore: cutting the grass on the lawn.

Bob claims that mowing the lawn and weedwacking are different. Bob also claims that him having to mow the lawn and weedwack is the same as Jim having to wash, Rinse, Dry, And put away the dishes where Jim was only putting the clean dishes away.

Jim says that Bob's job is to cut the grass, No matter what method is used (which would include using both a riding lawn mower and a weedwacker). Jim's job is to only put the dishes away, No matter what method is used.

Who's claim is right?

Pro: Bob's claim is right (Bob only has to mow the lawn with a riding lawn mower and Jim has to weedwack the grass that Bob can't get to with the riding lawn mower and put away the clean dishes)

Con: Jim's claim is right (Bob has to mow the lawn with a riding lawn mower and use the weedwacker to cut the grass he can't get to with the riding lawn mower and Jim has to put away the clean dishes)


Mowing the Lawn and weed wacking, While in the same category of greenery trimming if you will, Are different and require different levels of skill. Think of it as writing. Just about everyone can write a page or two about a certain topic, A short story or skit, Pretty much whatever they dream of. But not many people could actually take credit on writing a 1000 page book with multiple volumes to go with it. Even though a job is something that is guaranteed to be performed by someone more skilled, It's not their profession and just a waste of time for them. Why not let someone else who is lesser skilled and focuses on that lesser skilled profession do it? The lesser skilled person would definitely not be able to do the higher skilled tasks with perfection, And while the high skilled person would be able to do the job without trouble, They are just wasting their time.

This situation is very applicable to the greenery situation. Sure, You may be able to operate a lawn mower, But having a weed wacker is different, Requiring precision to prevent unintended damage to property and requires more responsibility and safety to use properly. Sure, Running into rocks is much more concerning if you are on a lawn mower, But the vast majority of people aren't stupid enough to forget to clear out rocks to prevent them from literally being as lethal as a bullet (Check out the Mythbusters Episode on that). But weed whacking has more broad concerns that are far more applicable to daily life. You have to watch out for others, You have to make sure that you don't accidentally wack off a sapling or young bush, You have to make sure that you don't point it around at others or being it too close to yourself to where it can actually hurt them. A lawn mower, Sure you have to be careful, But unless your depth of perception is off or the handling is just god awful, You shouldn't have any extreme issues moving around. You just have to turn at the right places, Warn people that probably are just 4 feet away, And that's it. Sure, Jim may have the skills for the job, But it"s really just a waste of time for him. He should be focused on his higher skill task that Bob isn"t able to do.

Bob"s argument about Jim also needing to do the dishes is correct, Although the roles of skill are reversed. Bob may not know how to wash and dry dishes, But there is still someone else who fills that role that would be directly affected by this argument and would have say, Most likely siding with Bob based on Jim"s argument of focusing on an entire field of chores rather than a piece of a field of chores. Jim is arguing that Bob"s experience in the greenery trimming field is enough to do both the mowing and whacking but for him to say that he should only do a certain part of the dishes is hypocritical to his own argument, Effectively making it void since he is arguing that Bob should take care of all about greenery trimming while Jim is stating that he shouldn"t have to take care of dish cleaning and maintenance. Jim may be as of now responsible for making the dishes dry but remember, There is a third party that needs to be considered here, And based on Jim"s argument on Bob, Would most likely pass down their job to Jim. So not only is Jim, Wrong, He also argues against himself as well. Jim has the experience of drying dishes, Which may not be as difficult as washing them (But let"s be honest here, Few people find a struggle against washing dishes based on the challenge rather than the amount of time consumed), But based on his greenery trimming argument, He should also have to take care of washing the dishes no matter what his experience is, Otherwise he will have to retract his hypocritical stance on who does what.

In conclusion, Jim"s argument about how he only has to dry and store dishes and Bob has to take care of everything in the greenery field is invalid because of the different requirements of skill and knowledge for operating a whacker and a mower and because of his own hypocrisy on how be believes Bob should be taking care of all the greenery but he only has to take care of the dishes, Even though his own beliefs state that he (Jim) would be required to do the dishes as well. Had he stated that he had to take care of the entire operation of cleaning, Drying, And storing dishes it would be hard to argue against his point since he is arguing that Bob and Jim should stick to their own field of chores rather than do one chore of 2 different fields, Or one chore of one field of chores for Bob"s case, And his glaring hypocrisy that arguably would cost him the argument would never be an issue to tackle with.
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Posted by MagicAintReal 1 month ago
Interesting debate.
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