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Mr. Fantastic would beat Jake the Dog in a fight

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Started: 6/18/2013 Category: Entertainment
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This is my 1st debate here on DDO so sorry if I mess up in some way.
Basically, I am arguing that Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) would beat Jake the Dog from Adventure Time in a fight.
Each person has a week to prepare for this fight and they will fight on an open field. There are no things such as rocks and other things on that terrain that could possibly help them. The only things that can help them are the objects they bring to the fight, it's one on one so they can't receive assistance from living things/other people such as Finn or the rest of the Fantastic 4.
It is considered beat when one of them can no longer fight back.
1st round is acceptance
2nd round is opening/arguments
3rd round is rebuttals
4th round is rebuttals again/closing.
No new information can be said in the 4th round.


I accept. Advance towards me, bretheren.
Debate Round No. 1


1st, I would like to thank Kumquatodor for accepting this debate and I wish him good luck :).
Now, let's get this show on the road.
Mr. Fantastic & Jake the Dog are very similar characters because of 1 thing: their ability to stretch their body to ridiculous lengths. Mr. Fantastic has 1 great stretching advantage over Jake though and that is that Mr. Fantastic is very much like rubber while Jake is not. You may be thinking, what does this have to do with anything? Well let me tell you.
Because Mr. F is very much like rubber, he has a near immunity to most physical assaults by blunt force, piercing/stabbing, cutting/slashing, and electricity.
Jake, on the other hand, can't seem to handle physical pain that well as seen in this video:

Also since Jake doesn't really have any powers besides stretching, he has to rely on physical combat. Most of the time, he will just kick & punch as shown in the video above and since Mr. F is almost immune to physical attacks, it will be hard for Jake to do any damage on Mr. F.

Mr. Fantastic has another great advantage over Jake and that is, intellect.
BusinessWeek listed Mr. Fantastic as one of the top ten most intelligent fictional characters in Comics.
Under his guidance, the Fantastic 4 went on to become Earth's most celebrated band of heroes. Together, they would save the world countless times. Ever driven by his quest for knowledge, Reed is believed by most to be the Earth's foremost intelligence.
Since they have a week to prepare, Mr. Fantastic has a clear advantage over Jake with his super intellect and all. He will be able to create technology and other things to stop Jake. He might even be able to create the poison,Me-mow created, that Jake was very vulnerable to, as showed when Jake seemed to grow very weary and weak every second.
Now.. Jake was able to get out of this situation by growing 50 times his size. Mr. F, though, can stop him from growing that big by expanding too and holding him down. Me-mow just wasn't able to stop Jake from growing because he's too small, but Mr. F can compete with Jake's expansion.

Since Mr. F's limit of stretching before it starts to hurt is 3 miles and Jake's exact stretch limit is unknown. We'll just have to say Jake can stretch longer than Mr. F. If this were to be the case then Mr. F wouldn't be able to hold down Jake the whole time because eventually Mr. F will be in pain and he would have to stop. The Solution to this is still the poison except instead of the poison being able to kill a dog 50 times Jake's size, it's going to have to kill a dog the same size as Jake's limit. We don't know Jake's exact limit but he does have a limit as seen in the episode: The Limit (What a title!)

Mr. F has a 2nd advantage with the whole one week to plan thing and that is Jake's laziness/not so intelligent factor. While Mr. F is preparing for this battle, Jake will most likely be procrastinating and doing nothing.
Jake has hired at least 2 groups of workers to do all his duty since he's too lazy to do it himself: The Applepie Workers & The Business Men. Jake also seems to care more about games than actual fighting as seen in the episode: Who Would Win. Jake was supposed to train with Finn so they can beat the Farm but instead of taking the training seriously, he decides to play Kompy's Kastle (a video game). With that being said, Jake would most likely do the same thing for this situation and barely train.

Now about.. Jake's intellect/common sense. Jake seems to lack common sense and a bit of intellect.
In the episode: Finn the Human & Jake the Dog, he is given 1 wish. He can wish for anything, but he chooses to wish for a sandwich, as seen in this video:
Prismo (the purple guy) doesn't grant the wish though and decides to help choose a better wish, even though Prismo gives Jake so many hints on what he should wish for, Jake still doesn't get the obvious and finally understands it when Prismo just totally gives the answer away. While Jake's decisions are wishing for a sandwich instead of doing the obvious/morally right which is helping his best friend, Mr. F's decisions are guiding the team,making them world famous, and saving the world countless times like I said before.
Also Jake is presumed to be dyslexic & have ADD. This is really bad for Jake, especially when he's fighting against possibly the smartest human in the world for comics.

Lastly, in the episode: The Limit, Jake states that he will do anything for anyone if he or she says his name 3 times.
Mr. F being the genius he is can simply say his name 3 times and tell him whatever he has to, to ensure his victory.
That is all.



Thank you.

Jake's Stretching vs Mr. Fantastic's Stretching

Jake seems to be able to stretch farther, and seems to be stronger.

Richards is like a rubber-band. Jake's actual muscle mass can grow, so he is able to lift more. He often grows to carry Finn on his back.

Prep Time

Richards has been shown to be amazing with prep, but Jake has an advantage: Magic.

Finn had inherited a sword made of "Demon's Blood". Jake could steal this, and it is likely that the two have Magic swords somewhere. It is likely that this could cut Reed.

Also, throughout the various dungeons he could conquer in the week, he could earn several things that could hurt Reed. These type things seem plentiful in Ooo, and Jake would have little trouble getting them.

For example, in the Real You, Finn acquired the Glasses of Nerdicon by wiggling his pinky and singing a jingle. Those glasses increased Finn's IQ exponentially. Finn then decided to create a Fourth Dimensional Bubble-Blower out of things he had laying around. This rivals or even surpasses anything Reed has done.

Reed's Prep
Reed would not try very hard to defeat Jake. As there is time to prep, Reed would know a bit about Jake. He would believe Jake to be lazy, or otherwise unintelligent, just as you assumed. He would likely prep the bare-minimum. He may also come into the battle with emotional uncertainty. He is shown to sometimes overlook family and friends during his work, and this might affect his performance.

Jake's Agility
In Mystery Train, Jake performs skateboard tricks on a moving train that Tony Hawk would have trouble with.

In the clip that you showed, Jake fell several stories head first, possibly reaching terminal velocity. Next, 130 pound (approximately) Finn fell onto Jake (perhaps also at terminal velocity). Then, a tree or two fell on him, weighing several tons (possibly at terminal velocity). Jake gets up, and continues fighting. Keep in mind that Jake is clearly holding back.

Reed would have had to stretch to endure this. Jake took it without stretching.

Pain Resistance
In Burning Low, Flame princess falls into the Earth's crust, according to Peebles, at extreme heat. It is stated that she would fall at 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether or not she reached 3000 degrees, she started to fall through the crust. Jake covered the hole to deprive FP of oxygen. It is clear she was very hot. Jake, though in pain, endured it to stop the Earth's Gravity from destabilizing.

Though variable, Jake has been shown to be proactive saving people, attempting to rescue Finn, etc.

I will start rebutting next round.
Debate Round No. 2


Aravengeance forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfieted. I hope my opponent is okay.
Debate Round No. 3


Sorry I've just been really busy lately and I just haven't been able to think straight for the past few days. Vote Con.


I hope my opponent is okay. I urge my voters to keep this debate a tie.

I don't want my opponent to lose his first debate for reasons he could not control.

Keep this a tie.

Also, if my opponent ever wants to do this again, challenge me.
Debate Round No. 4
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