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Multiculturalism is impossible because some cultures are better than others.

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Started: 8/2/2016 Category: Society
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This is not a debate about race or religion!
Believing one race is superior than another is racist.
Believing that a culture is superior than another is a valid argument, they can be measured using Human Development Index, access to education, access to health care, literacy rates, poverty rates and anything that shows that cultures overall positive impact of human existence.
Pro will make the case that all cultures are not equal, some are much better than others making mulitculuralism ineffective.
Con will make the case for what they feel is the opposite of that.
Culture=the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
Religion counts as an art, but do not argue that this religion is better than another, rather how that religion helped advance that culture.
Sorry that this intro is so long, I realized as I was typing how this could get out of hand very fast with Race, and Religion so I did my best to narrow it down a little bit.
If there are any questions you would like answered prior to the debate, please comment below I will do my best to answer any clarifications ASAP.
Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Opening arguments
Round 3: Rebuttals and further argument
Round 4: Closings
Thank you, and good luck!


Sounds good, as a heads up my con stance is that multiculturalism is feasible and that it is impossible to prove one culture is better than another, all factors considered.
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Posted by Whatsreallyright 2 years ago
Read the dictionary that IS what multiculturalism means
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