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Music Battle: 50's and 60's Rock N' Roll

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Started: 3/16/2016 Category: Music
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Since my opponent Brian and I are both big fans of old rock n' roll music, I thought I'd challenge him to this music battle. It should be fun! All songs must be from no later than 1969 (ok, I'll make an exception, no later than 1970!). There will be 5 rounds, so there is lots of music to be shared. I can't wait to see what songs he chooses!

My first song choice is "Nadine" by Chuck Berry- 1964


Thank you for making this debate Stiletto. I can assure you I'll give you a run for your money;-) I just want to start by saying that the oldies music (50's 60's) were the best era of music so far. This was a time of happiness and great times. The world war had ended, the economy was getting back on it's feet and everyone for the most part was living life as it's meant to be. Listening to great music, sipping a soda, and going places in the sweet automobiles like the 34' wagon in this next song. Sure sexism was a major thing in the day so don't feel off about the two girls for every boy as every boy wishes to see more girls then guys. (In those days at least) Just let the awesome harmony and cool groove blow you away as you hear the next song, by "Jan & Dean", Surf city.
Debate Round No. 1


The 50s and 60s are absolutely my favorite era for music as well! All I play on xm in the car! :) Excellent song choice, by the way! Ok, for this round I will be posting three songs- These are three of my favorite 1950s Rockabilly hits, enjoy! Eddie Cochran- Somethin' Else Johnny Burnette- Train Kept A Rollin' Dale Hawkins- Susie Q


Thanks Stiletto for that wonderful selection of songs! We've proven that "rock and roll is here to stay, it will never die." So now we're posting three sings and I'm going to lost a wide selection.

The first involves a toast to a fool that went and told his girlfriend bye bye. Kind of a depressing rock song but with great lyrics and a great voice the song is art in motion.

The second song is more of an upbeat describing a girl that although she's pretty she's not the kind of girl you want to be in a relationship with. She's poison ivy, and you can look but you better not touch.

Third song describing a man that cannot even sleep just thinking of his girl. Tossing and turning all night, this guys waking up at all times of the night but he can't get her off his mind.

Now I cannot figure out how to get the link from YouTube from my phone. So here's what's going to happen. I will post the name's and artists for now and post the links in the next round when I have access to a computer.

First song: The Fool by Sanford Clark
Second song: Poison Ivy by The Coasters
Third song: Tossin and Turnin by Bobby Lewis
Debate Round No. 2


Love your song choices! I haven't heard The Fool in YEARS! I am a big fan of both Bobby Lewis and The Coasters (I've seen the Coasters live a few times, not the original line up but still GREAT). This next round I think I'm going to showcase some of the great Girl Groups of the Rock N' Roll era.

I'll give brief explanations of what the lyrics are about since that's what you've been doing, and it's a good idea.

The Ronettes- (The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up The title of the song says it all, (well, almost all) how "the best part of breaking up is when you're making up." I love Ronnie Spector's powerful vocals backed by that amazing "Wall of Sound" sound!

The Shirelles- Baby It's You This song is about a woman who wants so badly to be with this man, despite whatever she hears people saying about him (that he's a cheater, he's never been true, etc) and all the lonely nights she's cried over him. It's on the slower side and has got a beautifully haunting sound to it! "Baby It's You" has been covered by many artists, most notably The Beatles and Smith.

And of course, I have to include a song by The Supremes- You Can't Hurry Love She is so anxious to find a love to ease her mind, but she remembers Mama said "You can't hurry love, no, you just have to wait!" She said "love don't come easy- it's a game of give and take."


Alrighty great song choices! Here are the links to my last three songs.

Now onto the next three songs.

The first song is really asking a question that is strange, why do fools fall in love? The answer they get is unknown, the same reason as why rain falls from up above or why birds sing so gay (Happy) they just do. Now the first song.

Why do Fools Fall in Love by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

The second song is probably one more unknown as the artist mainly does country ballads and country songs but basically this guy is so sad that his baby left him in the dirt that she's got him singing the blues. Here you have it.

Singing the Blues by Marty Robbins

Third song, this guy has quite the woman across town that is really good to him. SOunds like quite a girl and I am quite jealous, she gives him money, saves her loving and...well why don't you have a listen.

I got a Woman by Ray Charles
Debate Round No. 3


Once again, I love your song choices! :) there's so much amazing music from this era, we could have an endless number of rounds! For this next round I'd like to showcase some music from the British Invasion. Unfortunately I'm in a hurry right now, but it's the only time I'm gonna be able to get on here before my deadline is up. So I'm just gonna post the songs, no lyric descriptions (I think they speak for themselves anyway!) Herman's Hermits- I'm Henry VIII I Am Dave Clark 5- Any Way You Want It The Hollies- Stop Stop Stop And as a bonus, a song from a very important lady from the British Invasion, Dusty Springfield- The Look of Love Enjoy!!


Ooooh this round gets a bonus song eh? Splendid song choices as always. My next songs....

Number one guy is in quite a predicament, one most guys wish to be in and rings true for many of us. Jes surrounded by pretty girls and so here you have it...
Pretty Girls Everywhere by Eugene Church

The next song is kind of the opposite and for reasons unknown is the place I find myself in, only the lonely know the way I feel and me and Roy sing this song over and over while I drive. So here you go.
Only the lonely by Roy Orbison

Alright this next song is walking on the border of your year limit. A 1970 Rock song and you can tell from this song how rock started evolving into the modern day music. I can't tell you what this song but I beleive it's about a dance called the rock and roll hoockie koo and ironically the name is...
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo by Johnny Winter

And the bonus song and I was waiting for you to choose it but you didn't is one of my favourite rock and roll songs.

Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry
Debate Round No. 4


More excellent song choices! It's so cool to get to hear the original version of Pretty Girls Everywhere, I never heard it! I always thought the Arthur Alexander version was the original so I learned something new! Johnny B. Goode, such a classic! It was actually going to be my round 1 song, but then I decided to switch it to Nadine. So for my last round, I'd thought I'd cover a little Motown, Stax, and just one of my favorite bands ever! For my Motown choice (so much to choose from) I'm going to pick the Four Tops- Standing in the Shadows of Love they are one of my favorite Motown artists/groups (along with The Temps, Marvin, and the mighty Miracles!) For my Stax choice I'm going to have to pick the Late, Great Mr. Otis Redding's Can't Turn You Loose the energy and star quality that man had was unbelievable... Truly a legend and gone way way too soon... My last song is from one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE bands!! (Ok, I know I have a lot of favorites, but these guys are way way up there on my absolute all-time favorite list!!) They are The Rascals (also known as The Young Rascals). They have put out so many timeless hits that you still hear everywhere (i.e. Good Lovin' and It's a Beautiful Morning). This particular song of their's (written by group members Eddie Brigati and Felix Cavaliere) became an extremely successful cover hit for Pat Benatar 14 years later in 1980, and her music video for the song became the 2nd video ever to be broadcast on Mtv!! As much as I love her version, for me the original is the greatest! So here they are- The Rascals, with You Better Run


Well sadly this is the last round:-( This was a great idea and I thank you for suggesting that we do this. I had fun!

I beleive that no classic rock battle should exclude this singer. This person is talking about a train that took his girl away and won't bring her back. A very specific 16 coaches long here's...
Elvis Presley singing Mystery Train

The next song describing a girl who can't help but love the singer. You are asked to kindly be aware that they both can't help it.
Little Richard singing The Girl Can't Help it

The last song is most fitting since we are proving it true. We don't care what people say because rock and roll is here to stay. The last song is here. Cheers.
Danny and the Juniors singing Rock and Roll is Here to Stay
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Ha that is funny. But for the record Marty Robbins sings it better than both. Lol
Posted by StilettoStomper 2 years ago
I noticed it didn't work haha. Always liked that song, I only learned of the Marty Robbins version recently though when i heard it on 50s on 5 xm haha. Before that I only knew Guy Mitchell's version, but looking it up, apparently the Marty Robbins version was recorded first (and I actually think I prefer his too). Doesn't this song remind you of it?? Haha it came out a year later!
Posted by Briannj17 2 years ago
Round 3 Marty Robbins, "singing the Blues"
(Just realized the link doesn't work anymore.)
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