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Muslim? Why not a Christian?

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Started: 9/16/2014 Category: Religion
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I'm an endearer of God, our creator, God of Abraham, and of Muhammad.
But I am also a Christian. As a Christian I don't understand why anyone can be anything different. I have spoken to many people, but now, I have the opportunity to speak to a faithful youth.

Islam or Christianity.
Which is correct in itself, and which is flawed in it's practice.



well, growing up as a Muslim I have learned a lot about Islam, but only to a level of what a 14 year old could understand. a year later I started looking more deeply into things I didn't understand. I searched up many things and compared them to other religions. During Christmas I watched the whole Bible series that was on the history channel and I found some things that were similar but barely. the more I looked the more I was fascinated by Islam and not because I was a Muslim by birth but because I became a Muslim by choice. To what I have heard and read women have been given a lower status than men in Christian societies. (I apologize if my biblical history is not 100%) of what I have read there was another Mary that was with Jesus and some say that her role was put down because the men and priests later did not want women to think they had a higher status. another thing that I find un reliable is that the bible is of different accounts from different people. I also don't understand how Jesus could be the son of Mary. isn't god capable of miracles? what about Adam and eve? the whole trinity is quite patriarchal. I think that in order to know what a true religion is you should know what a true god is. a god is a creator, and as they say worship the creator and not the creation. god does not have parents or kids. if we are gods creation how do we know what god looks like. the concept that Jesus as the lamb and that he died because of the sins committed by humans, it just doesn't make sense because many people sin to this day. what about them? in Islam every body will by punished according to their own sins. even the people that claim to kill others in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion where your connection is straight to god, you don't need a third person. like this thing I saw online, our connection with Allah is one that is never busy, always answered and never hung up on. in Islam race means nothing. every Muslim is a brother and sister to one another. women are given many rights in Islam, the right to property, herself, education and much more. if there is something you had in mind about Islam compared to Christianity, I would like to hear it.
Debate Round No. 1


this is fantastic Enlightener,
you mention the one thing I wished to address above all others, and you said it how I wanted to hear it.

"I also don't understand how Jesus could be the son of Mary."
" isn't god capable of miracles? "

God the All-mighty, is unperceivable in his greatness, he is fathomably infinite and exists unchanging outside of Time. For such a being to become acknowledgeable, he would be required to take the overbearing amount of her person, and summarize himself in a Form which we can determine THIS is indeed our God. This Image of his perfection, in which he chose for us was the Father's first act of long ago, the Wisdom of God, the Light of the word, his first born son, our Christ and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is in fact God himself, but characterized as only being the identity of God which we can acknowledge. As God is close to us and seeks to be our friend, Jesus does not ask that you worship him, but instead worship his true form which is awe inspiring and uncomprehendable, because we know through this perfect image, that this god is indeed perfect for choosing Jesus to be his Son, Our Lord who was the one who created us.
Now, because God IS capable of miracles, God can do anything, and Jesus, who is the Lord God and manifestation of Allah's chosen form, can be a jealous God, and choose for himself a fleshly vessel to inhabit earth in the form of a man, as our equal so that he may too worship Allah through his Lord God Jesus Christ, who is no les in heaven even when on earth.

This is not confusing or difficult or blasphemy.

Jesus was the first act of the Father, and it was Jesus who does all things the father desires to accomplish, as He is God.

As the Father said, "let there be Light." it was too his son he said this, and Jesus manifested the universe.
"Let the waters be divided." and it was Jesus who put the energy into the water and molcularized what matter had accumulated as the less dense matter about he surface of the planet (the gaseous elements).

It was Jesus, who went into Eqypt when the Israelites were liberated.

For instance. I am me. but when you look at me, you do not know me, you do not see MEE, you only know that I am. So there is Me, and there is the me that you see, and now I can play video games, and when you meet me, you Say it is me. And it is, but it is also not.

And so, Christianity is fully functional as a rational religion, with which we have faith because as Jesus told us, listen to your prophets. So we know, God's first act of long ago was Wisdom itself, who is our Lord God, but not God All-mighty, but is our savior Jesus his son.

Muslims do not say, I do not believe this, but instead I do not understand this. And that is the difference between Christianity and Islam I most desire to share with the world.
Granted, there are those who call themselves Christian, and who want to be, and who strive to be, but if they do not actually understand the religion are they not blind? Does an unfaithful man represent a congregation? Let no actions of a religion detour you from understanding the roots of faith. A man who does not see, is not here to guide you, do not let be intimidated by the ongoing history of the actions of heretics within the church.


Well I would love to ask you, why not islam? For a just a minute forget about evrything you might have heard in the news or social media. Just by taking islam for what it is and the general message, why not islam? If there is something you find wrong with it, what is it?
Debate Round No. 2


Why not islam.
Because I actually consider myself to be a Islamic,
Christian by Faith, Islamic by Religion, Hindu as the result, and Mythological in philosophy,
the question is not, Why I am Islamic, but is instead by I proclaim the other religions as being equally if not more prominent.

Because I know Jesus is the son of God, I do not say that I am a Muslim.
The Quran says, God has not begotten for himself a son, but he is in himself his own son.
The Quran says, "and yet they say, the all-mighty, all-merciful has taken for himself a son."
but they do not say afterwards, this is not the truth.

I do not say I am a Muslim, because to associate myself with the congregation is an insult to my faith that Jesus is the very face of Allah, his heart, his hands, his feet, but not his Blood and Eyes. For this reason, I cannot say I am Muslim, when I can say I am a Christian.

But preferably, I do not say I am of Islam because I would rather say, I am in the presence of God,
even if I specifically believe the Quran was written by angels who sought to please God in their own way, by creating a law for man they saw as being befitting of God: That God did not send or write the Quran, but it was angels, who could not or would not lie. as that is how it is narrated.
and that is blasphemy to a muslim,
but because it is not blasphemy in Islam
That is why I do not choose Islam although I am a member of the faith.


But then you are getting the whole concept of islam wrong. There was once a prophet who insisted that Allah swt show him self on earth. Allah swt told him that the earth was nearly his creation and that it could not hold his almightyness. Yet the prophet insisted when Allah swt agreed to show a slight glimpse there was a blinding light and then the mountains split. This is to show that Allah swt was much greater than what any May believe. For example say that you bold a sand castle or a house made of blocks, if you try to go on or in it the castle or house would break. It wouldn't be able to support your weight in Allahs case his almightyness/power/glory. I don't think Allah needs to manifest himself to get a point across. Why go through the pain. Allah punishes who he wills. Jesus was just a prophet and nothing more. Adam did not have parents at all.
Why would god only come to one place I the flesh at only one time?

Note: I only refer to Allah swt as he/his for writing and addressing purposes. Allah swt is neither a male or female.
Debate Round No. 3


Gods truest gift to humanity is that we can see that he exalts himself.
we as his friends and servants and family delight in Gods love of himself.
When God rejoices as the mortal flesh, only this way can we see that God exults himself. for in no other way can we se him.
there is truly no greater joy than to rejoice in God, not even for God. - And God's first act was to illustrate an image for himself so that the angels and jin and creatures of creation could acknowledge him and understand him. This image was the divine creators chosen Vessel of Understanding. This understanding of God is the Lord God Jesus, the entity of his wisdom. And Jesus is capable of being presented tot he world in a truly mortal flesh of free will. ~ even if his will is to always be pleasing to God, which is most pleasing for oneself.

Jesus, in Heaven is regarded as Wisdom. And this entity is of more femine attributes then male. But the Father who gave Jesus his name is of more masculine attributes, and Jesus who is simply his vessel, who was a sacrament for humanity was merely given a male form out of the wisdom of the creator. So God is not, Is, and is both male and female.
Perhaps God was upset so many women had been sacrificed prior and sent a son to pay homage to humanity, instead of a daughter who would prophecy in great tribunal that the world need only Worship God to be truly appeased and glad.

This prophet however, insisted Allah swt had shown himself but briefly, and the mountain cracked. yet this prophet? what became of him? is this not in itself a statement in support of Jesus's miraculous form being the most splendid proof of God's Glory. Uncontainable by life or death, and yet yielding power for only a righteous purpose.

Thank you for this opportunity to present Christianity before the Islamic congregation.
Assuredly, I hold faith in the Quran, and in the goodness of people,
and with great regards, I pray that I have not committed a blasphemy here.



There is no point or use of that. Would you be jealous of your own creation, no. Instead you would be proud and such feelings are for humans. By giving your god such emotions you are making him seem weak. How could you rely on somebody that is weak, on somebody that could not save himself when he was being crucified. Many people sin each in their own way. We will all be judged according to our own sins.

The difference between Muslims and Christians is their ultimate goal. The earth is attest for us in which we feel trapped. We have to prove ourself and try to go to heaven. There is an amzing discription of heaven in the quran. For others the world is their paradise. They wish for everything in the world not caring for the consequences. Islam is a peaceful way of leaving. Just stick to your god and not care for anything else. Relationships are very important and given much value.

I hope I haven't ofended you in any way. It was a great experience debating with you :)
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
I explained Christianity. Jesus Christ is the Light that came before the book.
Posted by republicofdhar 3 years ago
What on earth is happening in this debate...
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
you obviously neglect to understand an unfaithful man does not represent the religion. The concept of Blasphemers, and heretics. And the fact that Christianity is NOt at all the focus of blame when regarding any sin. They are not Christians if they are sinners.
"Christianity is to accept the message of God."
Posted by YamaVonKarma 3 years ago
Christianity has lead to far more deaths than Islam... at least recorded.
The Americas and European union are comprised of Christian Nations. The total amount of blood they've all accumulated far outweighs the blood currently being spilled by Muslims. This is all coming from a proud Yamist.
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
I do not appreciate such comments @Shadow-Dragon.
they are not ignorant they are arrogant.
I am Muslim, and what you breath is a lie.

Do you care to argue this?
I just won the debate Islam is not a violent religion.
So smarten the F*** up.
Posted by Shadow-Dragon 3 years ago
The religion I was insulting was Islam. Sick and violent religion. False prophet, evil people, modern day violence shows it all.
Posted by Shadow-Dragon 3 years ago
So ironic seeing a muslim say that Christian societies view women as below men.

This is coming from a believer in the #1 religion of violence, against mankind and against women.
Posted by Omar_Sadek 3 years ago
you do have a point I will have to recheck this part.
Posted by GoOrDin 3 years ago
yet a nonbeliever includes those who believe they believe but don't. Pagan muslims, "christians" and jews. Those discussed in this chapter.
Posted by Omar_Sadek 3 years ago
I am sure this verse is referring to the non believers , because the next few verses talk about the hypocrites. verse 2:7
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