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My 4-Man Halo squad could defeat any 4 Man squad from Mass Effect 1,2, and/or 3

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Started: 5/18/2013 Category: Entertainment
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I'd like to start by saying this is in a neutral battleground, this is not taking place in either universe, there are no MAC cannons and there are no Starships, only what the teams themselves have, including biotics and armors.

The group of Spartans John, Frederic, Kelly and Linda (Members of Blue Team) are far more capable of winning battles far superior to those of Spectre Shepard and His/Her squad.

The spartans are trained from the age of children, and only hand selected if they are physically and mentally superior. They are trained in not only hand to hand combat, they are also trained in eve kind of armed combat known to the human race so they can utilize weaponry of any species or type.

The team specifically has the highest tactical master of the time, John-117, his strategies are what win the wars. John has an immense mental capacity and ability to take in and play out a scenario to make the perfect strategy.

Kelly is the team's rabbit, she's the fastest human to ever live, and that's when she's in her regular armor, Mark IV suit( not MJOLNIR), she can move quickly enough to b unseen if she wishes between nooks and crannies, and can be the bait for traps and ambushes laid by other spartans, her reflexes are by far more superior to any spartan and in the case human or otherwise. Kelly has to slow herself by almost half of her peed just to spar with other spartans. She can sustain massive injury and recover fully or continue to fight due to her unreal pain tolerance (IE (The Fall of Reach) she had a fever and low blood pressure due to moderate bleeding in her liver, and one of her lungs had completely collapsed)Despite these injuries she continued to fight).

Next is Linda, Linda is the Sniper of the team, She is so accurate and quick that she requires no spotter and has taken out a pair of covenant, (As John says) Without allowing him to see which she targeted first. On another occasion, she was able to take out several Covenant Banshees in mid-flight by firing between the gaps between the upper and lower sections. Linda is the strongest emotionally of any spartan The team has ever seen.

Finally is Frederic, Frederic Is the current Blue team leader (Formerly of Red Team) Fred has displayed many similarities, both physical and mental, with John-117, with whom he often worked very closely. He is an exceptional leader and a quick thinker. John says however that Fred sometimes takes the responsibility of his command too seriously, empathizing too deeply with any wounded member of his team. He is the Spartans' second-best sniper and their best spotter, just below Linda-058's skills.

John-117 allows for tactical and strategic superiority, Linda allows for ong range (Up to 3 Miles away) Takedowns of enemies with massive precision, 99% Chance to hit. Kelly allows for traps to be set and lead the enemy right into, or into to the sights of the sniper. Fred allows for superior leader tactics and knowledge of the battlefield with his superior strength and also immense accuracy.


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