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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is for little girls

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Started: 11/11/2011 Category: Entertainment
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I have watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for awhile now and I have noticed it doesn't seem like a normal girl show. It does show caring and friendship but it does have very good comical elements and a good story. It may seem like a girly show just because of the name but it truly isn't.

Now I have been ridiculed for it. I have showed my friends the show and they would just laugh at me but I never cared. Even in my art class where I avidly draw them. I have tried to show them how non-girly the show is, such as the Discord episodes but they just don't seem to notice the difference.

The overall starter of the show, Lauren Frost, has been in other good projects such as Foster's Home for Imaginary friends and (don't know if I am helping for hurting myself with his one) Powerpuff Girls (which I also watch). She is a very good artist and story line creator. She quite the show after the first season but still helps with story lines and artistry.

Now here is my definition of "girly". A poor excuse for guys not to like something. We don't hate on girls who like football or even play football, we may even like them more for it. We would call girls like this "tomboys". But now for being a "girly show" as it has been called it seems only fair to point out some of these "girly factors".

Guys would more be into the anime seen(which I am), and girls into a cartoon way with an equal ground into live shows such as NCIS or I Survived(just two examples). Cartoons have gone astray from "normal ones" like Dexter's Laboratory turning them into Regular Show or Adventure Time which use some choice language but time to get back on subject. The color and mood of MLP FiM is very bright and vibrant at most times which seems to repel male audiences since I would say a typical male would like dark with some light and at lease a moderate amount of action spread throughout the show, which MLP FiM has(such as the first episode of the show).
Continuing to show some "girly aspects" would be there names. Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbowdash; not typical names guys would come up with but they are very unique and are true to the characters "jobs" and color schemes.
Furthermore it seems that some episodes, like the recent Sisterhood Social, seems to be girl related but I enjoyed the episode very much.

Now onto some parts of the show, as a guy, that I liked. There are the "fight scenes" that happen such as the main six against a Chimera, that turned into it only have a thorn in its paw but there was some "fighting". There truly aren't many manly features about this show but for an odd reason lots of males and not just adults, teenagers such as myself watch it with great vigor. I would watch this show everyday if I could but I just don't the time.Now some people may argue, well they guys only watch it because they are babysitting their little sisters(trust me I have had this excuse). That isn't the case.

Now to have any chance in a second round(if there will be one) I shall not say everything in the first round. If anyone excepts this(which I hope someone will) I will gladly thank them for helping me get this out fully. My school has no debate club and this is a good place for me to let out my anger and passions.


Ill give it a shot :)

My little pony: friendship is magic, was designed for girls and it has many many many girly parts to it, look at the names of the characters in it

1) Twilight sparkle (girly)
2) Applejack (ok that one could go both ways)
3) Rarity (thats a name?)
4) Fluttershy (sounds girly to me)
5) Rainbow Dash (sounds like a mario kart race track name but could still be very girly for the name of a pony)
6) Pinkie Pie (supremely girly)
7) Princess Celestia (you get the point right?)

What do the ponies do in the tv show?
"Twilight Sparkle is tasked by her mentor Princess Celestia to learn about friendship in the town of Ponyville." - directly from Wikipedia.

The very plot and point of the TV show is girly on 3 levels now,
1) She has to learn about friendship (can be girly since this is done through magical talking cartoon ponies)
2) Princess Celestia (which I have already stated is a rather girly name)
3) The town name is actually called Ponyville (Arguable the girly-est part of this whole show)

But here is my main argument, just because a show is designed in a girly fashion and targets a girly audience, does that not mean others could find the show somewhat interesting?

There are some elements of this very girly show that teenage men can find appealing.
1) there are some (very very very few but still some) fight scenes which guys can always appreciate
2) the show is designed similar to what can be created on adobe flash computer programs (something that can appeal to nerds like me who use the program to make short animations)
3) it contains old themes that an older audience can notice and appreciate more than the younger girls watching the show.
Most Importantly 4) The episode plots are something guys could relate to

I looked into some of the episodes and found that some of them have plots that guys can easily relate to
1) episode 4 - one pony stubbornly refuses help for an injury they got, something almost all guys have done
2) episode 5 - some ponies play pranks on others and it gets out of hand, almost any guy has gone through that
3) episode 11 - the ponies go through spring cleaning, something that all guys are forced to do by our parents
4) episode 13 - two ponies see which one is more athletic, all guys do that at some point with siblings and/or friends
5) episode 25 - all the ponies make excuses for not going to something they dont want to go to, guys are known to do that
6) episode 29 - one of the ponies rushes to finish a hw assignment, guys do that almost every DAY
7) episode 31 - two sister ponies disown each other, guys try to disown their own siblings all the time

My point is, the show is designed for little girls, it just happens to have some aspects that some guys may find appealing to them. Does that mean it is NOT for little girls? no, it just means that even though it is designed primarily for one audience (little girls) it just so happens to attract a few people from an opposite audience (teenage guys)....
Debate Round No. 1


This is the final round so I will have to do my best to defend this show.

You brought their names into this. I can see why, they aren't very normal, but then again they do match how they act and their colors.
1) Twilight Sparkle: She has dark colors with some lighter colors to offset the darker ones. It is like the Moon blocking the Sun. It is dark light the twilight with the sparkle of the sun shining at certain points.

2)Applejack: Well this one is easy. She sells apples and lives on an apple orchard. She has an apple cutie mark so that would also help with the name.

3)Rarity: Ah, the one an only Rarity. She is the lover of gems and dress making. The name suits her perfectly with her obsession of rare gems and the ability of making dresses that no one has ever seen.

4)Fluttershy: Well anyone who has seen this show would know why she has than name. Her wings flutter like a delicate butterfly and is very shy. Well except on the occasional explosion of rage like at the Grand Galloping Gala.

5)Rainbowdash: That does sound like a Mario Kart track now that you mention it but she is the fastest Pegasus alive with a rainbow mane and tail.

6)Pinkie Pie: The party pony. Well the first part of the name defines her color but pie, well she can always bring a pie to the party!

7)Princess Celestia: Now Celestia sounds more like a place than a name but it still does represent what she does. She controls the rising of the sun, a celestial body.

Now it is true that Twilight is trying to find out what friendship is but if she wasn't what would the show be called? That would very interesting to argue about right there! We've already talked about Celestia so onto Ponyville. It is another example like the show. If they weren't ponies maybe it would be called something else, or maybe instead of ville could they use burg, Ponyburg? They could use city, Ponycity? I think Ponyville really just stands out to any other.
I agree with your final part to a 99.9 percent so I won't really disagree with that part.

Now you covered what I was going to include in this second part with your final points so there goes about a paragraph or two. I will just have to say thank you for taking this debate and may the best speaker win.


Con didnt really offer a counter argument and this is the final round so.....

Vote Pro?
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by SquadSix 6 years ago
I am sorry to disappoint. I have said I will reopen this in the future, probably more rounds so I can talk about the plot and whatnot. It was my first debate and I am happy I lost(i mean come on it is a given), it helps me learn and become better so I can please every viewer. If I could vote I would vote for Imabench. I need to get better to be with the better debaters.
Posted by TwilightSparkle 6 years ago
Umm...I signed up to comment on this. Not very good at all.
1) The show IS made for little girls. You cannot deny this. It just is well made enough to appeal to adults as well. This isn't debatable.
2) What are you going on about in the second round? That's somewhat understandable, however, as with this resolution you didn't have anything to debate about...
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
It was your first debate, live and learn is the way of the website :)
Posted by SquadSix 6 years ago
yeah, i am sorry for the short debate, maybe later I will redo this one especially since one vote seemed disappointed! I will need to improve to satisfy all of the people even on this topic. Maybe in a week or two I will reopen this one. Sorry to Imabench for not giving another argument, hopefully I will give better ones in the future.
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
Lol at Buckethead's comment on his vote
Posted by BlackVoid 6 years ago
"Not gonna lie, I watched it once and was weirded out about how much I enjoyed it"

Why did you have to say this? Now I have to go watch the first episode...
Posted by thett3 6 years ago
Not gonna lie, I watched it once and was weirded out about how much I enjoyed it
Posted by Kinesis 6 years ago
The phases of bronyhood according to urban dictionary:

Phase 1) Are you joking? How can adult males watch a show for girls?
Phase 2) Pfft. I'll see what all the fuss is about, maybe make fun of the show.
Phase 3) Meh. It was okay. It wasn't that bad, I'll give it that.
Phase 4) It's actually kind of funny and entertaining.
Phase 5) I take back everything bad I've said! This is AWESOME! ...but I'd be ruined if anyone found out...
Phase 6) Friendship is Magic! Screw it! I'm a brony!
Phase 7) I'm dead serious, you should watch My Little Pony, too.
Hater) You guys are all gay freaks... I'll never watch that. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to jerk off while lifting weights and playing video games all day to pretend to be a man.
Posted by Yorble 6 years ago
I wholeheartedly agree. Carry on, fellow Brony!
Posted by Mr.Infidel 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I swear, some of the debates one will find on this website...
Vote Placed by OldIronGuts 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: I have to say that i am very disappointed in this debate, there was no talk of any plot devices, character arcs or how well written the show is. Instead the only thing talked about the physical appearance of the show, and how girly the name of the characters are. Nobody really made a convincing argument within the short two rounds that were allowed, thus i give no points to either side.