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My Poetry v.s Your Poetry: Contest 2.0

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Started: 1/15/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In this contest, we'll both post our OWN poetry and see which one wins. Good luck! By the way, I'm a- okay with cat poems. c:
Also- I am pro.


Since you did not right a poem in round 1 I will not either.
Debate Round No. 1


Poem #1 by Pro

I walk dark streets and roads,
All I see are peoples' bones.
Every friend is just a lie, the voices are only in my mind.
The roads are getting darker ahead.
Just a few more years now- we'll all be dead.
The world won't last for eternity,
So, I should beat my insecurity.
Soon, it'll be to late- society will unlock our obscurity.
Find the key to this hidden lock,
Time is accelerating, tick tick goes the clock.


Poem 1 con

Why be so dull,
why look at the clock,
when the only thing it tells us is "tick, tick, tock"?
Time is a dictator,
enslaving us all,
Entrapping our lives into life's busy throng.
But when you're feeling down,
just break through your cell,
break through the roof,
and jump to the clouds.
Why be a slave
when Heaven awaits?
Why, why, why you ask,
I dont know
so dont come to me,
'Cause I wont be the prison guard,
I wont be a slave
I wont be the tractor
bulldozing your thoughts.
I'll be in the poppy field
resting with my dog,
free from the worries
of of everything and all

Debate Round No. 2


Poem #2 by Pro

There is no heaven for me,
Just darkness like everlasting sleep.
You're not my judge,
Nor my friend,
I completely understand.
Time isn't a trap,
It just slows everything down.
I think about regrets and soon in time,
I'll drown.
I've prayed to that guy in the sky
Just too many times.
So, thanks for saying the truth- I appreciate your honestly,
And not your lies.


Poem 2 Con

Run free.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
But youll only find it if you jump out of your kennel.
Every winter will be pushed out by flowers
and washed anew by the rain,
then Sunshine and rainbows will greet in the glories of spring.
But if it knaws at your soul and you cant thaw out
You'll be withered away by the tides of life,
never again to be seen.
There will be days where you pout, days when you mourn, and tons of days in between.
But ride on like a warrior ready for battle.
Your sword will defend you,
your hope will preserve you,
your courage will keep you safe.
All you have to lose is conformity.
So run free,
live free,
dare to seek happieness,
and BE FREE.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by futurepresident7 2 years ago
Great poems, good job!:)
Posted by Bgirlctforlife 2 years ago
Nice debate. This was fun. c:
Posted by futurepresident7 2 years ago
It is ok, I had like 10 grammar mistakes
Posted by Bgirlctforlife 2 years ago
Too* for my poem. I had one grammar error.
Posted by Bgirlctforlife 2 years ago
Do you mind if I post something religious? I know I'm atheist, but I know a lot of information and the demon and angels scenario thing interests me.
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