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My Ten commandments are better then the Bible's Ten Commandments

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Started: 7/24/2013 Category: Religion
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Here's how it works.... First round is acceptance only, I'll present my ten commandments in round 2 along with the Bible's ten commandments and then explain why mine are better, then we debate it out.

Screw it, open to whoever wants it


Alright, present your ten commandments and let's see how it goes. I shall be taking the Con side, supporting the already established commandments. Let it also be known that although ten is the usual number used when referring to Christian (I am Catholic) commandments, in truth there are over 600+ commandments, so these ten are by no means exhaustive. Let's begin. What are your ten?
Debate Round No. 1


BEHOLD, MY TEN COMMANDMENTS (In order of increasing importance):

10) Thou shalt not say yolo, swag, yoloswag, or anything else that beith retarded.
9) Thou shalt not act like thou kid isnt crying on an airplane when he/she is
8) Thou shalt not take up two parking spaces with thou car when thou can easily fit into one
7) Thou shalt not writith laws pertaining to body parts you dont have
6) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors Wi-Fi
5) Thou shalt know what thy want before thou reacheth the front of the line
4) Thou shalt always give thy sexual partner at least one orgasm
3) Thou shalt not rape
2) Thou shalt not kill

And the holiest commandment of them all!........

1) Thou shalt not beith a douchebag


The main ten commandments from the Bible are

1) I am the lord thy god, thou shalt have no other gods before me
2) Thou shalt not worship idols or worship other gods
3) Thou shalt not take the lords name in vain
4) Keep the Sabbath day holy
5) Honour they mother and father
6) Thou shalt not kill
7) Thou shalt not commit adultery
8) Thou shalt not steal
9) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
10) Thou shalt not covet they neighbors goods


Now mine are better because:

1) My first commandment covers many of the old commandments such as coveting stuff your neighbor has, lying, stealing, committing adultery, etc.


3) My top four commandments arent centered around myself Unlike the other ten commandments, God thinks so highly of himself he must think hes all powerful and all knowing or something

4) my commandments actually addresses important issues that God didnt take care of with his, such as crying babies on planes and people who take way too f*cking long to order something while the rest of us wait

5) Mine are funnier


Well, I do admit that you'd win on thee basis of humour, but I have a job to do, and thus I shall go ever the Decalogue (St. Augustine's wording for the commandments, and the basis upon which modern Catholic theology. I cannot speak for any interpretation given by Protestants or Orthodox Christians, on the Roman Catholic view.

I. The First Commandment
What is implied in the affirmation of God: "I am The Lord your God?"
When we say 'God' we confess a constant, unchangeable being, always the same, faithful and just, without any evil. It follows that we must necessarily accept his words and have complete faith in him and acknowledge his authority. This means that the faithful must guard and activate the three theological virtues (Faith, Charity, and Hope) and must avoid sins which are opposed to them. Faith beleives in God and jejects everything that is opposed to it, such as, deliberate doubt, unbelief, heresy, apostasy, and schism. Hope trustingly awaits the blessed vision of God and his help, while avoidng despair and presumption. Charity loves God above all things and therefore repudiates indifference, ingratitude, lukewarmness, sloth or siritual indolence, and that hatred of God which is born of pride.
By this commandment, God prohibits Polytheism and idolatry, which divinizes creatures, power, money, or demons. Superstition which is a departure from the worship due to the true God and which also expresses itself in various forms of divination, magic, sorcery and spiritism. Irrelgion which is evidenced: in tempting God by word or deed; in sacrilege, which profanes sacred persons or sacred things, above all the Eucharist; and in simony, which involves buying or selling spiritual things. Atheism, which rejects the existence of God, foudnded often n a false conception of human autonomy. Agnosticism which affirms that nothing can be known about God, and invlves indifferentism and practical atheism.
Debate Round No. 2


"Atheism, which rejects the existence of God, foundded often n a false conception of human autonomy."

Whoa there, its very possible that Atheism is in fact correct and that a sh*t ton of people are in for a big disappointment when they die..... We dont know which religion, if any, is the correct one. All we can do is place our bets and wait it out.

Until then though, the 10 commandments are meant to guide people to be good people in life, which is what mine does but God's doesnt do as well. You can more then be a great person and not be a christian, or even religious for that matter.... Believe me, I've met Christians who Ive wanted to run over with a truck while Jews and Atheists I know are some of the nicest people you could ever meet!

Apart from everything my 10 commandments do that God's doesnt, mine also dont put archaic rules on which religion you have to follow in order to lead a good life and be a good person, whereas the other ones do. If you want to believe in a floating spaghetti monster or be a Scientologist, then I advise you to seek professional help but that is still ok as long as you dont rape anyone, kill anyone, AND ARENT A MASSIVE DOUCHEBAG. Religious affiliation doesnt madate who is or isnt a terrible person, which is what the ten commandments are supposed to address.

I extend all my other arguments and rest my case


Since the parametres of your argument are unclear, let me establish some of my own. The Ten Commandments only mean anything if the idea of god is a reality. Should god exist, these commandments (There a theologically rich explanations for each of them, that cover more social offenses than your "exhaustive" list, and I have only provided one because the amount of characters I am alotted only permited me to write in detail about only one of the commandments.
So, to make thte argument for the existence of god is really what this comes down to, for if a force of absolute good does exist, to not partake in it would surely be to do evil, would it not? This is what I will propose for the "existence" of god.
Too often in the secular as well as evangelical culture the idea of god as being a "highest being" is what is usually refuted by the atheists. Of course, this is natural, for what we know of the world certainly doesn't allow for a "being" to be the progenesis of existence. However, that is not what serious christians (which I daresay includes Catholics) mean by god. God is not a being, but rather how St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) defines god, as "IPSUM SUMMUM", or "being itself." God is the sheer act of existence. This is what was always meant by the use of the term god as well. The writings of both St. Aquinas in the 13th century as well as of St. Augustine in the 4th century account for this understanding of the judaeo-christian god.

A philosophical proof extended by Aquinas follows thusly: To explain this, suppose there exists a causal chain of infinite contingent beings. If one asks the question, "Why are there any contingent beings at all?", it won"t help to be told that "There are contingent beings because other contingent beings caused them." An adequate explanation of why some contingent beings exist would invoke a different sort of being, a necessary being that is not contingent. That non-contigent explanation is being itself, God.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ChrisF 4 years ago
Those are some good rules...
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
We're all going to hell.
Posted by imabench 4 years ago
I just might go to hell for this XD
Posted by imabench 4 years ago
Ok, Gordon has been eliminated from the list of people who may accept this debate
Posted by gordonjames 4 years ago
I would also like a definition of better.
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
@aider: We don't find out until round2. That's pretty normal for troll debates.
Posted by calculatedr1sk 4 years ago
I'm almost 100% sure imabench will have better commandments than the Bible's, even if this were to be taken as a serious debate.
Posted by aider 4 years ago
I believe that gordonjames is right. what are your commandments?
Posted by johnlubba 4 years ago
Grammar Nazi....

There Their they're.
Posted by imabench 4 years ago
I do what I want
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's were good for a laugh... Con missed the key factor of insulting pro's commandments, and analyzing how short of a time-span they could last for. Granted I was moved by his arguments, but without sources they end up being appeals to authority (a fallacy); when they at least should have been appeals to tradition (also a fallacy).