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My fish are better than yours

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Started: 9/12/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I reckon my fish are both more active and healthier than yours. they would absolutely annihilate your screen. But this is just my opinion. I am looking forward to your reply.. and destroying it.
Kind regards


Mate my fishes are dominant. I've got a good number of big boy sharks which could bit your fish up. To quote Bryony Spensley: "Fin, why are there so many more fish on yours than Danny's?". This point (well made by Bryony) really sums up my argument, and shows that my fish DOMINATE your fish, who are shockingly bad at looking cool, or indeed doing anything. I saw a fish with a buggered fin on yours a minute ago, what's up with that? My fish are all about the gains, which is what having fish is all about.

Peace and love,

Debate Round No. 1


do your fishes even lift? i will leave you with that question, because to me personally this does not seem the case. My fish are personally trained by me and i have a team of the best nutritionists at my side. With this combination no fish tank desktop can possibly top my own. Plus mine is mac air.. what more do you need then that, fish that are so light i think they would float in air. To conclude my point, heavily backed up by ibrahim is that your fish my have some looks, but they do not poses both the spirit and physical strength needed by desktop fish to survive.

More peace and Love. D


My fish lift bare. I've got them lifting sea anomones left and right, mofo. I'm pretty sure that if we had a roman-style battle between our fish armies, mine would be like Sparta, and yours would be like some crazy wimps. There's only so much help a nutritionist can help your fish when they're up against mine. By the time my fish are done with yours, they will look like this:

Battered with tartar sauce, fool
Debate Round No. 2

Pro I not only found a couple of these bad boys looking dench at the back chillin but also spotted some Dragonfish... these are not only rated one of the most violent, aggressive fish in the world but they are also the most diabolical and will rip your fish up... My fish speak for themselves..Even further i ve got some defences featuring the fire sea urchin... it will even spit in your eye, yes it will go that far....Physeter macrocephalus, sperm wale to be more general.. i have one of these, its even got the word sperm in it... the coice is up to you my friend. BACK out!
Muchos love


Dear Sir,

I believe that this nasty looking specimen is no match for my Great White Sharks, as they are rated the most sick freaks in the animal kingdom. This very photo was taken from above my tank, in fact.

I believe that your fish are measly, flea bitten, and probably smell bad. My fish are peng, get all the gash, and don't care what people think, which is what it's all about with fish. If my top fish and your top fish had an arm wrestle, it would end up like this for your fish.

Your fish are, to the best of my knowledge, pathetic little vermin with no gonads, as they were removed by my fish in the last epic battle of 1985 (May the fallen rest in peace). As shown in the Great Fishy Fish War of 1885 to 1906 (the longest Fishy war in European history), my fish are dominant on the battle field, and have been since the mid-eighteen hundreds. The problem with your fish is that they lack the will to lift. They don't squat, they don't curl, they don't work chest; the most I've ever seen one of your fish doing was cross training and even then he was useless.

Please allow me to show you a clip of the last time one of your fish tried to flex.

With my best fishes,

Fin (like on a fish)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by finkettlewell 3 years ago
It's all fine, Jess is in Saturday night. Don't worry guys.
Posted by Dannyboom 4 years ago
Posted by finkettlewell 4 years ago
Grow a pube.
Posted by midgemodge123 4 years ago
yor girlfriend fishy fanny aint better though is it
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