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My political views are more logica and better than my opponent's.

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Started: 4/30/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am going to allow my opponent to choose which topics he would like to discuss.
My opponent must be American.
My opponent should look at my opinion list on my profile page before debating.
First round is just listing issues that you would like to discuss.


Global Warming Existence,
Racial Profiling,
Labor Unions.

We disagree on these issues and ought to discuss them.
Debate Round No. 1


Socialism-Socialism is bad. Socialism is taking away from the people who work hard, got an advanced education, and tried hard all of their life, and giving to the people who did none of this. Why punish those who work hard? Why reward laziness? Let the people reap what they sow.
Global Warming Existence-All evidence for of against global warming is biased. It is just one big scheme by the government to make people care for the enviroment and buy "green" light bulbs from China instead of those from Tennessee. The only global warming is the product of the Earth's environmental cycle. For example, the Earth got significantly warmer from the Paleolithic to Neolithic time periods, history teaches anyway. Whose to say it will not get warmer. Who is to say it does not get colder.
Racial Profiling-Have you ever been to a prison where I live. I have(on a tour). The majority of people were black. A cop should start with the black neighborhoods when looking for drug dealers or murders simply because of the higher probability of finding the person there. How about airport security. If a muslim person walks in, the TSA should check them out. Simply because the Muslims have a history of blowing up airplanes.
Labor Unions-My father works for one of these labor unions, the Teamsters. He complains constantly about how no one works. If a person is in a Union, the company cannot fire them for overall laziness or low work ethic. The person will file some sort of grievance. Furthermore, when the layoffs happen, the companies often go by seniority. The companies do not go by work ethic. Therefore, the people with the high work ethic get laid off, the lazy people keep their jobs, and the company can no longer turn a profit.
I find that we also seem to disagree on taxes(which I have basically given my reasoning in my argument against socialism) and government assistance(which I will also add to the debate)
Government assistance-This is like socialism. Raise taxes on the rich so that the government can give money to the poor. This encourages laziness on part of the rich and the poor. The rich will stop working and the poor will never start working. This is because it appears more profitable to be lazy. Furthermore, when the Gov't raises taxes for the purpose of welfare, businesses lose money that they could employ people with. Thus, unemployment increases, more welfare, higher taxes, more unemployment. A cycle that continually gets worse. Cut back on welfare, fix the trend. Encourage people to work, especially where the work is needed. For example, in south GA, there is a labor shortage on the farms. People are too lazy to get the job on the farm even though the farmer is willing to hire them. These people stay on welfare and the crops rot. Cut welfare and these people do not have a choice.
So far I have defended my views. My opponent shall now try and refute my opinions.


I t is not rewarding the lazy it is giving everyone an equal shot. If you think the 1/6 in this coutry who struggle with hunger are on a level playing field with the 5/6's that do not have such issues then you have another thing coming. It is a sad reflectionon our society that such a slim amount of the population posses so much wealth and many of them do little to benifiet socity and their children get to take everything for granted. Also it is absolutley sickening any man can sleep at night with billions of dollars in the bank while a majority of the world lives off a mere few dollars a day. It is defeat for society when we are divided by the have and the have nots and it is illogical to support this division.

Global Warming-
File:Global Temperature Anomaly 1880-2010 (Fig.A).gif

Not to disapoint you but almost every scientist in the field agrees there is global warming. I cannot see how it is logical to ignore a growing scientific and data consensus that there is indeed global warming.

Racial Profiling-
How did profiling Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harb go? That poor Suadi student got bounced on by many news networks but then it turned out it was two Russian brothers and Abdul had nothing to do with the plot. He was Arab, Muslim, and perhaps even a radical but he was not guilty. Now the poor kid will never live that down even thoughj he has done nothing wrong. Racial profiling does not work a good deal of he time and it is racist and frankly humiliating. It is illogical to support such a vile system.

Labor Unions-
Many industrial, textile and mining employees across the world today are explioted and taken advantage of by their employers. A labor union allows these impovershed individuals bargin to improve their standard of living and push forward out of poverty! It is illogical to be agianst labor unions for individuals rising out of poverty is a win for society as a greater chunk of the population can afford to educate their children who may then go onto to innovate and improve society as a whole.

Debate Round No. 2


Cowboy0108 forfeited this round.


Given my opponent missed a round I will pass so he may post his arguments promptly~~~
Debate Round No. 3


Socialism-It is a sad reflection on our society when the people who work hard to make their money lose it to the poor people. Socialism is about punishing the rich and rewarding the poor. In reality, the rich should be rewarded and the poor should be punished. It encourages the poor to get out of their slums and the rich to keep working hard and make their businesses bigger.
Global Warming-The link would not open for me. Global warming, as I have previously stated, is just the earth's cycle. Somehow the earth got warmer several thousand years ago, then the Earth got colder in the little ice age, now it may be getting warmer again.
Racial Profiling-Rahman wasn't arrested just because he was muslim, he also had burns that suggested that he was close to the bomb at the time of the explosion. Racism-The belief that one race is better than another. Therefore, it is not racist to believe that one ethnic group is more prone to crime. If I see an arab in an airport, I will be kinda scared and suspicious.
Labor Unions-A labor union makes running a business more expensive. Conditions may not be as good, but in America, there are other options. Labor unions inspire laziness and inefficiency. My dad is part of the teamsters and constantly complains about the other workers not working but the Union is not allowed to fire them.


Socialism- In what sort of world would you value sucess as one man having billions of dollars while millions go hungry. Sucess is not valued in the amount of money you can posess but the benifiet you give to society, aren't you a christian?
This is not punishment but rightegousness and letting all mankind live in the realm free of starvation.

Global Warming- Thank you for affirming global Warming I agree totally.

Racial Profiling- "If I see an arab in an airport, I will be kinda scared and suspicious." How is this anything more then textbook biggotry and xenophobia?

Labor Unions- "Conditions may not be as good, but in America, there are other options" Yes conditions will not be as good and what "other options" do you speak of?

Conclusion- Be the judge on whose vies are indeed more "logical and better", thank you. VOTE PRO.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by A.WitherspoonVI 4 years ago
happened when I faced you last, I will pass so it is even
Posted by Cowboy0108 4 years ago
Oops, sorry about that.
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Reasons for voting decision: While I agree with pro on 3 of the 4 arguments debated, pro was spreading more belief than actual argument. Con was the only one to present a source of any kind (on global warming), and pro was, at times, ambivalent and even concessionary (like on global warming; he changed his case from no global warming at all in R2 to natural global warming in R4). Pro also FFed, so he loses conduct. I also found it hard to read pro's seperate arguments; they all seemed to run together.