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NASA is lying on more than 1 occasion.

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Started: 4/23/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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NASA is lying.


While NASA has been secretive towards cases that are indeed classified, they are a government ran organization, that receives extremely little funding from the government. While the NSA has lied before, as well as the CIA, they are intelligence agencies that rely on the invasion of the citizen's private info. NASA is a space exploration agency, there is nothing to lie about.
Debate Round No. 1


"...that receives extremely little funding from the government."

NASA receives about $20,000,000,000 per year. That is about $54,,000,000 per day. I remember reading somewhere that to feed every hungry mouth in the world, a mere $1,000,000, just 30 minutes of NASA pays worth of time.

" NASA is a space exploration agency, there is nothing to lie about."

That has yet to be determined. I will affirm that our "space exploration program" is nothing but a huge Hollywood production. Fantastical, CGI SCI-FI fantasy.


I will prove that at least one or more of NASA's photos are faked, and it will be assumed, given the circumstances, that all are faked as well. There are no actual photos of Earth in existence. There are a few composites, a painting or two, and some cgi. With the thousands of satellites out there, shouldn't there be hundreds or thousands of them by now. They supposedly had the technology to do it in the 60's!

In this comparison, America has over doubled in size. Proof one.(2)(3)
Blatant copying and pasting of cloud formations. Proof two.(3)

The word "sex" in cloud formations, really? My 8 year old brought this home on the cover of her dictionary. Proof three.(4) I suppose it could happen after all there must be photographs somewhere on the internet of full words in clouds. Wait, I found one!

I'm sorry, that was uncalled for.

NASA claims it has a hand full of actual photos of earth, but not one of them show a trace of any of the thousands of satellites said to be in orbit at varying heights around the earth.(5) You would think, that with that many giant pieces of aluminum, baler wire, duct tape, and tinfoil flying around the world, some of them would reflect some light back to the camera with the sun at the cameras back. How many real pictures of these satellites do we have? Close to none, if any.

Recent photos of pluto show that NASA at least has a sense of humor about lying to us.

In this photo, earth is relatively small, considering earth is 4 Times bigger than the moon. Common sense says if he were actually on the moon, the earth would appear 4 times bigger than the moon appears from earth.

This is supposed to be a few shots of earth, made into a video type image... The side of the moon we can never see, that is not protected from meteors by earth and her gravity, is almost craterless. The clouds don't move over the entire 1/4 spin of the earth, and the moon actually appears to do a "flyby" instead of an orbit.(6)

The most damming evidence is the fake videos from inside and around the iss, when humans get in the picture.
Multiple bubbles seem to come out from places. Are they actually in a giant pool?

swim kicking...


And little slip ups like saying you are filming in the US...(7)

these guys are simply hanging upside down! Check out those red faces.

Lastly, there is usually a delay in communincations from the iss and the ground. These pranksters have been cought faking that on multiple occasions.(8)









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Debate Round No. 4
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