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NC State PE courses should be mandatory in order to graduate

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Started: 11/11/2009 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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PE is a mandatory way for students to be healthy. We live in an obese country and having physical education in state school such as N.C. State is one step in progressing in the right direction. For example, the PE courses offered at N.C. State teach you exercise skills that you can use for outside the classroom. These courses also take the time to offer nutritional information that students do not learn in their normal academic schedule. From this students can gain a great understanding in what to do to lead healthy lives.

Having PE courses benefits the student body as a whole, because then they are given benefits such as the Carmichael Gym for extra-curricular work out activities. Without students taking these gym courses and contributing money towards the physical education sector of the college, they would not be provided with exercise perks that are currently in place. Students can not only work out in a full exercise gym with free weights, machine weights, and cardio machines, tvs, and radio, but also they can enjoy the more specialized exercise courses offered daily for different target areas of the body.

Furthermore, exercise has been proven to make people both happier, and more focused when it comes to academic studies. Exercise provides stress relief for students who would typically be strained with school, work and deadlines. Therefore, the incorporation of physical activity allows for students to re-focus in order to perform in a better state of mind elsewhere. From my experience, I have seen drastic improvement in the organization of a particular day when I have worked out. I have been more alert and attentive in classes and organized throughout the day with what tasks I plan to accomplish. Exercise does not always have to be associated with long-term commitments in order to achieve results. The effects of the mind are immediate and relevant to the day at hand with a required PE/health course.


Though America is dealing with overweight issues, not all of these issues are directly apparent with the entire N.C. State student body. Furthermore, Students enter college between the general ages of 17-19 and are defined by society as adults. Therefore as adults, if obesity is a problem for any students they should be able to seek help that is necessary or take a PE course at their will. And other students are welcomed also to take PE courses, but should be at the same time trusted as adults to make rational decisions pertaining to their health needs and desires. If necessary, information can be easily obtained through other resources as well, such as online or books if necessary.

With response to the PE course requirements benefiting students as a whole, how is this relevant if N.C. State has never not required PE courses. How does the administration know that students would not seek out Physical Education courses without requirement, knowing that it benefits students as a whole. Students who are taking advantage of the Carmichael Gym and other perks that are offered would enroll themselves in a PE course, knowing that it helps to provide them a place to work out. Therefore, students who really care for the workout area and programs would partake enrollment, and those students who do not care for the facility and its benefits can put their time into another course.

Physical Activity may have these effects, but the problem here is a time constraint. People who want to work out daily are going to work out with or without the course requirement, therefore PE courses are taking away from time they could allot for a more brain stimulating course. For other students who may not care as much about working out, they may not be able to find a PE course that works with their schedule; therefore, they are forced to sacrifice more important courses to fit PE into their day. My roommate had to take a PE course, which did not interest her because of the inconvenient time and graduation plans. She would seem aggravated both before and after class because she believed it was not the most efficient way to spend her day. So, clearly although exercise helps relieve stress, if you are not willing to fully engage in activity to relieve your stress there will be nothing to gain, and therefore, the PE course will render itself unnecessary.
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