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NXT is better then WWE (Pro-Wrestling)

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Started: 10/15/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Thank you for clicking I hope you accept this challenge and we can have a thorough debate about this topic.


Don't know why I accepted but I'll do this debate anyway because I believe WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is better than NXT (Next Generation).

I look forward to a wonderful debate with my opponent and good luck in the future rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


Very good luck too you as well.

So first off NXT has become one of if not the hottest company around, with the likes of Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Bayley, Sasha Banks and others putting on amazing matches and clear cut simple storylines that keep the viewer intrigued for the entire show. WWE on the other hand make complex stories most of the time with stupid loopholes in them that make no sense when you look back on it. For example recently on RAW Kane was reviewed by Human Resources' Ashley too see if he was fit to be DOO (Director of Operations), Ashley says he is perfect for the job and Seth Rollins needs to be reviewed and does Seth get reviewed NOPE. Then Next week on RAW for some reason Stephanie says that if Kane loses the World Title match against Rollins he is fired as DOO even though Ashley had stated he was doing good at the job and Seth needed to be reviewed which makes utterly no sense whatsoever which is just one example of how WWE storylines are too complex and not simple enough.

Next the different atmospheres for the shows, in WWE you RAW, Smackdown, Main Event, Superstars and 12 PPV's. Now all those shows except Mania has pretty much the same exact arena set-up and its gotten way too boring and bland. NXT has there weekly show set up and then for Takeover's they change things up for a different atmosphere.

Crowds: In NXT the crowd is into the show chant for every single match so even a boring match can be entertaining while just listening to the different crowd chants. From Sasha's Ratchet, Bull-Fit, TEN, Breeze is Gorgeous and so on the NXT audience always gets involved into the show. WWE audiences for the most part are silent maybe except for when Cena, Orton, or some Main Eventer is on the screen which just makes the show look boring.

Shows: Ok so I am over the 3 Hours of RAW. There is rarely a time where I can just sit down and watch 3 hours of a usual lackluster RAW. Then we also get Smackdown which is two hours of basically unimportant stuff and piped in cheers and boos. Plus Main Event and Superstars which are blah. Now with all of these shows it becomes harder for characters too stay fresh. For example if you see the Dudley Boyz on RAW and Smackdown all the time eventually you'll just get bored of them and not care whats going on with them. But on NXT they get one hour every week and when you dont see someone one week the next week you hope to see them even more which builds anticipation for yourself and you are even more happy when you do see the person.

I could write more but I would really like see what you have too say to validate that WWE actually is better then NXT.


Story lines - Now I will agree with you when you say that the Next Generation is becoming one of the more hotter branches of the WWE as we have all seen the talent that is put in by these young superstars and divas that wish to graduate up to become a true WWE wrestler. However, the story lines, as you said, are completely different for various reasons such as, the WWE has more intense rivalries (Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens was an intense rivalry but it was short lived), and the WWE has a vast amount of superstars which leads to more rivalries than NXT does. The story lines in the WWE however, provide more action between superstars such as Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker, Seth Rollins vs. John Cena, Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler, etc. all of these rivalries, while they do contain some of the most idiotic of story lines, provide long lasting action between the two.

Atmospheres - You say that the atmospheres "have pretty much the exact arena set-up and its gotten way too boring and bland." While I usually would say that it is time for a change, I would say leave it be since it has been like this for a short amount of time. Raw has used the exact same red arena that it always has and Smackdown the exact same blue arena which is compared to NXT which uses the signature black and yellow arena set up in every show. The PPV's on the other hand change every other year (excluding the Hell in a Cell PPV event) which cancels out your statement on the PPV's not changing their atmosphere.

Crowds - You say that the crowds in the NXT chant for every match (I know this to be true as I have watched NXT matches before) and I can agree that they do chant more. However, the WWE (Raw, Smackdown) have a much larger fan base compared to NXT as millions upon millions of people tune in to watch WWE with just a few tens of thousands of people tune in to watch NXT.

Shows - We both know that the three hour Raw idea was proposed in 2011-2012 and it became a hit right off the back. I remember I would sit down every Monday night and I would watch the superstars as they went out and performed for the entertainment of the crowds. Now, while I will say that the appearance of a superstar on every single night of an episode gets bland after a while, its good to see superstars when they first return to action since we haven't seem them in either months or years (the Dudley Boyz for example or Rey Mysterio) which adds on to the excitement of the fans.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for the response.

Now I do agree with you in the storyline aspect that WWE has created more heated storylines over time that is only because there roster is so small that they are forced to maintain storylines for longer then NXT does. NXT has more sensible storylines though which dont make fans shake their heads and sigh in boredom of a perhaps stupid storyline like the Rusev V. Ziggler one. Also you have to remember NXT has only really been around in this form for about 2-3 years and in that time they have had a few heated rivalries such as Bayley Vs Sasha and Sami Vs Owens for examples.

Onto my atmosphere argument. When I say atmosphere I do not mean the colors I mean the set-up of the arena how they always copy the same set for the entrance and arena with the titantron on the cut off LED board with the name of the show on it and the WWE logo on the left side of the stage. Also the grey ropes they've recently been using have added to the dullness of the shows as well in my opinion.

The Crowds. Now I dont know about you but when I hear no crowd reaction for a match or segment whatsoever I get extremely bored with it and dont care about it which happens alot on RAW and Smackdown (Considering they pipe in the crowd for Smackdown). In NXT its always loud and the crowd gets involved in the show, and they think of the coolest chants and when you that kind of atmosphere it makes you go hey thats cool I wanna go there, I wanna be apart of that.

Shows: Honestly in my opinion the only time 3 hours of RAW were ever good on a weekly basis was only from August 2013 to June 2014 after that it was a slow slope downward. I mean now it's about stagnent but 3 hours of RAW has always been intolerable for me. I mean back when they first went too 3 RAW was so boring with about 10 replays of what happened earlier in the night instead of using new talents. During the first few months RAW was 3 hours I could barely get through the first hour of it, I even started watching TNA and during that time TNA was better then RAW. And Nowadays compared too NXT, RAW is laughable. I mean if you ask someone who watches NXT and RAW which one they'd rather watch 9 times out of 10 I'll bet they'll say NXT.


Now when we get into atmosphere, I got confused as to what you were implying and so I went with the color scheme of the companies. I will say that the Raw and Smackdown atmospheres have been the way they are since 2006-2007 and I believe that they keep it this way because that is what the fans are used to seeing. When WWE first changed the appearance of their setup, there was mass confusion between the fans as they were trying to figure out why it was changed as everyone used to like their old setup (I won't lie, so did I). However, throughout the months, the fans started to accept the new setup and learned to welcome it and that's why I believe that the WWE is remaining the way it is, to avoid a backlash upon changing the arena setup. NXT on the other hand, they have the signature setup that they have which seems to be a smaller titantron, a smaller ramp, and the barricades which resembles the setup of TNA (Total Nonstop Action) wrestling arenas.

The crowds - In WWE, there is always somewhat of a sound going on in the audience unless something "tragic" has happened and the fans are taking a moment of silence for that injured wrestler. During the matches, there is always a sound in which the fans are cheering for the two or more wrestlers competing or they are booing the two or more that are competing. NXT is the same way, something tragic happens, crowd goes silent, when there's a match going on, the crowd is going wild. NXT is just like WWE when it comes to the crowds that come and cheer for the wrestlers.

Shows -
Raw - Three hours
Smackdown - Two hours
PPV'S - Three - Four hours
NXT - 1 hour

The time slots between NXT and the other shows hosted by WWE have a large distance between the two which adds for more matches on each show. NXT often stops their show on a cliff hanger or after someone has just won a match which leads to the people at home watching mad or sad because they know that they won't know what happened until next week. Raw on the other hand ends on a tragic note or after a match but they always go about 15 minutes over their time slot in order to inform the audience on what is going on.

In conclusion, WWE is far more superior to NXT as the fan base in Raw and Smackdown is far greater than that of NXT, the time slots between the Raw and Smackdown allow more action and more fights than the time slot held by NXT, the design and arena of Raw and Smackdown are better than that of NXT, and the story lines of the wrestlers on Raw and Smackdown contain more rivalries than that of NXT
Debate Round No. 3
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