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Nas is better than Jayz.

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Started: 3/9/2017 Category: Music
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Nas puts a lot of thought and a message behind his lyrcis, Jay z just gets his ghostwriters to put a load of rhymes, alliteration, and other dumb stuff. Who cares when you're listening to music? I want great sounds, not some circus tricks.

Illmatic is better than Hov's entire discography combined, and I'm barely being hyperbolic. I haven't listened to any of Jay's albums, apart from blueprint, which I got as it came out. He just doesn't have any cool story to get you interested in his stuff, and if he isn't a bit dull then he's doing just weird stuff, like the collab with Linkin Park.

Jay Z's best song? Black Republican.

For this debate, the burden of proof is on con to get me interested in Jay Z's stuff


Jay Z is 10 times better than Nas. Jay Z is more famous, and for a reason. If you walked around the street and asked people who Nas was, not many people would know. Jay Z's best songs are Empire State of Mind, the song about Paris, Run This Town, and 99 Problems. My favorite Nas song is Hate Me Now, and that's not even close to any of Jay Z's best songs.
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