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National Security Is Less Important Than Civil Liberties

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Started: 10/20/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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National Security is less important than civil liberties because in a democracy, its about the people and if you take away their civil liberties that is 1) unconstitutional and 2) starts turning our democracy into a totalitarian government. In America, we are supposed to be the place where people come to get better opportunities but if we take away their civil liberties, why would they want to come here if the country they are coming from also take away their civil liberties? If we start taking away people's rights, they are going to start leaving then America will no longer be considered the land of opportunities. Don't get me wrong, National Security is important but the people can use weapons, thanks to the right to bear arms, to protect themselves and if need be, the country but in no way shape or form should we be putting the needs of the government over the needs of the people, especially not in a democracy such as we have here in America. Civil liberties protect us not harm us. For example, thanks to the right to bear arms as I mentioned before, we are able to protect ourselves from others. The freedom of speech, gives us the opportunity to have our own thoughts, our own feelings and be able to express them without severe punishments such as being thrown in jail or executed. Take Hitler for example, he put national security over civil liberties and thousands and thousands of people died because of it. He wanted to protect his "perfect society" by getting rid of anyone that was different or believed different things than he did.


National Security is more important than civil liberties. My first claim is that in the age of global terrorism, governments must use pervasive policies for the greater good. My second claim is that people with nothing to hide, benefit from these security measures. My third claim is that these policies are effective in saving lives.
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