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Natural Selection Does Not Explain Evolution

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Started: 2/21/2013 Category: Science
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I await acceptance. I will be defending the following resolution:

"The Theory Of Natural Selection Is NOT An Explanation For The Theory Of Evolution"


I have accepted. I will be defending the following resolution:

"The theory of natural selection is an explanation for the theory of evolution"

Now to clarify, before i start writing any long things, are you suggesting that natural selection does not support evolution, or that natural selection alone cannot support evolution?
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting.

You asked me to clarify whether I meant "Natural Selection does not support Evolution" or "Natural Selection alone cannot support Evolution." I did not mean either. I hope my opening argument will make it clearer for you:

Premise 1: The Theory of Natural Selection is not an explanation for anything.
Conclusion: The Theory of Natural Selection is not an explanation for Evolution.

I eagerly wait your rebuttal.


This rustled my jimmies. Let me point out the first flaw, the premise.

The theory of natural selection explains how species advance, using genetics.

The individuals that can survive their environmental factors (such as obtaining food, keeping the needed body temperature, etc.) and competing factors (other organisms fighting over resources/mates) will be able to pass on their genes. Their offspring would then gain the traits that allowed their father and mother to survive to the point where they can have offspring.

This is the process of natural selection, where many different individuals of a species, if they are "fit" enough to mate, their traits that made them fit is passed on, thus, their offspring would too be "fit". This occurs over thousands or even hundreds of years, and leads to species that cannot survive while competing against others to go extinct. This is natural, and it selects those that can survive. This is why it is called natural selection.

As for evolution, it is the theory that SPECIES (i would bold, but i dont know/care for how) change and adapt over time. Now time does not mean in a day, or 1 generation. There was a project called Darwin Tunes that explained how this would take place using music. They have been uploaded to sound cloud, and here are some links to show the evolution of the sounds, by the selection of how satisfying they are to humans, what would vote on it.

0 generations
and finally 8700

In case you have forgotten, or didn't notice, i posted these to demonstrate that evolution is not though one generation, but many. This is supported by natural selection, which explains how species can advance and change. Also i posted these because darwin tunes are really good, i wish someone would make full length songs with these.
Debate Round No. 2


GarretKadeDupre forfeited this round.


Darknonymous forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GarretKadeDupre 3 years ago
Ok? You cared enough to comment so what's your point?
Posted by qopel 3 years ago
no votes=nobody cares
Posted by GarretKadeDupre 4 years ago
Vote Con.
Posted by qopel 4 years ago
What does music have to do with evolution?
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