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Neji Would Loose In A Fight Against Rock Lee.

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Started: 6/17/2010 Category: Entertainment
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This Debate Has The Content Of The Manga/Anime "Naruto".
I Think That Rock Lee Would Defeat Neji Hyūga In A Battle. Lee Is Clearly More Educated And More Mentally Fit Also Physically. Were Neji Lacks In Self Confidents And Higher Superior Training. Rock Lee Is Also Known For "NEVER" Giving Up. In Witch You Can See That Neji Just Thinks His Destiny Is To Be The Leader Of The "Hyuga" Branch.. Witch Later In The Shippearan He GAVE UP On.. Witch Shows His Lack Of Self Convidents Witch You Would Need To Become A Great Ninja, Witch Lee Has Lots Of..A Little Too Much Maybe!!

I Look Foward To Your Reply Christina, See You In Class ;)


Thank you for this debate.
I am disappointed that my opponent did not state if we were arguing in a Spippuden or Pre-Shippuden scene, but for this debate I will assume that we are using both examples.

1. You have stated that Lee is more fit than Neji. I do not see what this has to do with Lee beating Neji in a fight. Neji's fighting style dose not require him to be strong, it its more important to be agile. I also dont understand why you say Neji lacks self confidence, as that is one of his main traits, being very self confidant and bringing others down. Neji never wanted to be leader of his clan. He simply want's the branch house to be respected.

I am disappointed that I do no have more room to write. I look forward to your rebut
Debate Round No. 1


Thank You For Finally Replying :]
I'm quite Unhappy on how you tried to make me look unprepared by quoting "my opponent did not state if we were arguing in a Spippuden or Pre-Shippuden scene" Witch Is Un-true because on Tuesday in class you had asked me this question witch i Clearly Stated That It Was A Pre-Shippuden! But Nice Try :]
I Did NOT Sate That Neji Was Weaker Than Lee I Simply Quoted That Lee Was More "Mentally Fit" Witch Means He Has More Confidence For Himself. And Being Fit Has Everything To Do With A Fight! And I Would Love To Know Where It States That One Of Neji's Main Traits Is Self Confidence.
Thank You "Andthisis" For This Debate! :]

My Sources


AndThisIs forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Puck 7 years ago
Please go into capslock rehab. :(
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