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Netball is more suited to girls than rugby is

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Started: 9/7/2013 Category: Sports
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Is netball more suited to girls than rugby is? Personally I think yes, it is.
Netball:a team game similar to basketball, played mainly by women
Girls:a female child, from birth to full growth.
Rugby: a form of football played with an oval ball in which the handling and carrying of the ball is permitted.
Let the games begin.


First I must thank my opponent for this debate, the first I have engaged in on this site despite having been here for some three or four months.
You have not made it clear as to whether or not this first round is for acceptance so I will presume that I am free to make counter-argument right away. As you have said:
"Let the games begin!"

So first of all I find myself asking about your definition of girls:
Does 'From birth to full grown' include an adult women or simply means to the end of puberty. This may not alter the argument very much (at least not mine) but it will be nice to know.
Now that I have asked you this I will deliver my argument:

So, is netball better suited to girls, more so than rugby? I do not believe so. The majority of girls will dislike rugby and a lot will even despise the idea of getting dirty but is netball better suited to girls? NO.
I mean why is netball better suited? Girls are often not as physically strong as men (this is true and not at all sexist) but that doesn't mean that they cannot train up and get stronger.. It doesn't mean that they cannot learn to throw and catch a rugby ball. Just because from birth boys are brought up being taught physical sports such as rugby, football, ice hockey and so on it does not mean that the same cannot go for girls.
Treat a girl like a boy from birth and there you go (I'm not saying you should, just that gender will not change and the interest and capability will spark)! The girl might well turn out with a love for rugby. Despite a possible slight natural physical inferiority to the male sex nothing can prevent a girl from playing rugby. Maybe by teenage years most girls will be disinterested in Rugby but that does not prove that netball is better suited.
Please supply me with reasons for which you take the position that you do. Thank you once again and I hope we both enjoy a fantastic debate. I look forward to your reply- Will
Debate Round No. 1


(By girls I am meaning teenage girls, e.g. 13-17.)
Netball is definitely more suited to young women for the following reasons.
~Body type- girls bodies are not built for rough encounter, conflict, or fighting.
~Mental state- girls are more fragile and sensitive than males
~Rugby is a brutal, rough sport.
~ Intense physical endurance can stunt, growth, development (breasts) etc...
~Girls are not as physically strong as boys and shouldn't be made to be.
Girls are made to be feminine and gentle, sensitive and caring. Not brutal and forceful as in the game of rugby. Rugby is a very danger sport and can cause severe injuries such as brain damage- when head comes in contact with hard boots etc, muscle and limb damage etc etc. Boys and men even have a hard time playing rugby and often come off the field with a bloody nose, a limp, or a torn muscle, if this is the case, which it is, why should women/girls play rugby?
I understand that it may be some female's desire to play a sport such as rugby, and they are in fact more than capable of doing so, however that is not to say that Rugby is more suited to girls than netball.
Netball is no where near as rough as rugby, creates thinking ahead skills, game skills, co-operation skills, problem solving skills and fitness skills (some could say so does rugby) but all this takes place without the players getting severly injured, which they rarely do in comparison to rugby.
I definitely know which sport I would rather my daughter play, the one where they won't come off limping and bleeding, with a broken nose and a bruised tendon. Netball.

Thank you:) I am eagerly awaiting your reply!


Now I too agree that I would rather my daughter play netball. However a person of the female gender is no different to that of the male when it comes to being better suited to the sport. While a male may be stronger I ask you:
"Why do girls need to be 'feminine' as we call the shaving of body hair, application of makeup, being delicate, weak and attractive. Do not tell me that is not what most people refer to when speaking of femininity. Why does a girl have to fit into your stereotype of one.
A girl is simply a young person in possession of female genitalia and whom refers to oneself as a female. While most teen girls may be 'feminine' this does not refer to 'girls' as a young, female age group. A baby girl can grow to become any size or strength and could have any interest in any thing.
Anyway since when are all girls 'gentle and caring'? You are referring to a possible majority and in that instance should have titled your question:
"Netball is more suited to most girls than Rugby is"
Besides this is only because of how society has developed. With women not involved in many sports other than gentle ones. Because they are 'too soft' or 'gentle.

You claim girls are "Made to be feminine and gentle"?
Why are women "Made" to be anything?

Now while most girls hate the idea of Rugby, are not physically strong enough to play it, don't like getting muddy or wet and might well be mentally too kind to do so I find my opponent is not thinking philosophically. Girls, a term used to represent a young group of females (or all young females) are theoretically little less able to play rugby than their male counterparts. It is only because of how girls are brought up and seen in society that you presume they are less suited to Rugby.

Girls are 'gentle' 'kind' 'weak' and so forth because that is what society expects of them. Who says they cannot be otherwise ? You have listed a lot of girls' sates of mind but far from all.
Debate Round No. 2


GeorgiaAshley forfeited this round.


I realise my opponent has forefitted so I shall not post an argument for this final debate. Thank you for the debate GeorgiaAshley it has been a pleasure.
Debate Round No. 3
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