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New Lyrical Challenge

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Started: 2/14/2011 Category: Entertainment
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Ok, it’s time for another lyrical battle.

This debate will consist of three raps, one per round starting with round two.

  • One self-hype rap: Boast about how good you are.
  • One personal story rap: Write some auto-biographical raps.
  • One topical rap: Here you will chose a topic which you feel strongly about (religion, politics, whatever) and write a rap about it.

You can do them in any order you like.




Lets do this!
Debate Round No. 1



The biggest mother fvcker on DDO here, rocking the text
Muffling one and all like a face in between breasts.
Making a mess of the English language
my raps are savage.
Chopping you to pieces like your whole bodies made of cabbage.
Don’t worry yo, I know even though you can’t flow.
That at least people will respond with a “hey, cool story bro!”

When I walk into a bar, I am suddenly surrounded-.
And passed more beers then when the first Aussie bar was founded.
Now I’m holding six beers in each hand and break dancing.
And the boyfriends are giving me looks,
like I’m acapella singing to Hanson.
“Who’s this dick, taking up all of the attention?”
Mmm bop bitch, go and withdraw your old age pension
And line up the bar with drinks, 9 shots please.
I take em like Fifty before I slap you like Eazy-E.

Throw game in your ladies ear, like I’m Neil Strauss.
You say she’s not interested, I know you’re lying like I’m House.
Pull out a coin and perform some prestidigitation.
Make your girl disappear so you start losing your patience.
Turn your smile upside down like a dead baby joke.
Still I see you looking like you want your hands around my throat.
Don’t be hurt friend, we should all be mates.
But my games so strong it could turn theLwerd straight.


Its so hard to be humble when you're this great.
The name is NewCreature and I'm here to frustrate
any wannabe emcees,
across the seven seas.
I'ma shred you lyrically, because I'm greater (grater) and you're just cheese.
anything you say can and will be used against you.
My purpose is to entertain while I simultaneously offend you.
To send you..
back down to earth where you belong,
cuz your delusions got you thinking that you're God,
that's where you wrong, it won't be long,
'til you inevitably confess that I'm the best.
You're about to be checked "mate", like a game of chess.
But I digress.
I'm supposed to talk about how great I am.
The only one greater than me is Christ, the great "I am"
My genius stems,
from a higher power that is beyond all imagination.
My flow is so out of this world,
you might need a translation.
Btw, I heard you mention,
how dudes at Aussie bars give you attention?
Well it's probably cuz you look like a girl, like Taylor Hanson.
Only a fraction,
of my skills is required to rip you up.
My flow is sick, nay, its gross,
like that clip with 2 girls and 1 cup.
Ill one you up,
every time,
simply 'cuz I got better rhymes.
My wit steals the show, its like I'm literally committing crime.
At a drop of dime,
I can drop a verse just in time,
I really have no reason to rhyme,
but your lyrics have no rhyme, or reason,
Im not just teasin'
You're flow Falls like Autumn, while my flow stays hot like the Summer season,
I'm leavin.
You can keep hyping your self up with your Aussie accent,
Ill just stay silent.
cuz my greatness needs no explanation, it's self evident.

Debate Round No. 2


May I point out that my opponent's ‘self-hype' rap was almost entirely disses. Yes, I can.

Sometimes I regret every single day of my whole life,
Thinking I want to slash myself with a sharp knife.
Teach those fvckers who take advantage of me a lesson
"Why did he do it?" I'll have them all guessing.
Messing with my own head, because I don't really want to be dead,
Just the things that I said and did, I find it hard to self-forgive.
Like when I left my girlfriend to live on a river.
The worst thing was I wasn't even angry with her.
Angry at myself and sick of my fvcking family,
Sh!t drove me away like a reaction to an allergy.
Apparently, I rapidly caused her agony,
Now I'm missing a piece like I'm an amputee.
No direction to aim my gallantry, just unhappy
Like a gull with no sea. She used to complete me.

Moving on, now I'm filling up my hole with b!tches
Always wear a condom, so my d!ck never itches.
Bridges, I crossed and burnt all the ones along the way.
Riches, I might get them, but I have to save my pay.
And get out of debt, that's another regret.
Ten thousand in the red and not a thing to show for it.
Dead set when I say I think about self-terminating.
My life is somethings like being constantly caught masturbating.

I'm alright though.


I only have 20 minute on the clock.
How am I supposed to write an auto-biography when I'm getting writer's block?
tick tock.. tick tock.. I still don't have a story to tell,
Should I just make some ish up? maybe act my life's been hell?
I should I write about how I'm supposedly in and out of my jail cell..
Or maybe even pretend like my real name is Kal-El,
With super powers and was sent here when my home planet, Krypton fell.

But then that wouldn't be right, I don't wanna rhyme about fiction.
Even if I can get away with it, it would be against my convictions.
What should I talk about then? I only got 8 minutes left...
Maybe I'll talk bout this girl who committed cardiac theft.
She stole my heart, but that's my secrete, best kept.
1 minute to go, I guess I'll just give you this round.
Ive been too busy with school, church and this new hobby I found.
Debate Round No. 3


RAP TOPIC: Internet

When I jack in, I’m back in the wonderful World Wide Web.
Video game faqs, ways to alter your shed.
Make your own boozes, how to shave your head.
Swear words of every language in the letters A to Z.
Information overload, facts and lies are spoon fed.
Father Ted, Judge Dread and Drop Dead Fred.
Machines that make Gold out of Lead.
Everything your favourite philosopher said.
Build a baby’s bed and paint it cherry red.
Buy a throughbred, calculate your overhead.

The things you can do are many and so few.
Bored out of your mind, with a million things to do.
See through the muddle, like lightning striking a mud puddle.
New things are brought into existence every second.
Connections, freedom of expression and anonymous confessions.
Women dressed in hessian, aggression and concession.
I’ll mention not a fraction all while I fill this rap session.
Research the rulers of the Spain and the war of their succession.

Google is your friend, I recommend you learn to comprehend;
Ascend from the back end of enlightenment and learn some things.
Or pretend it’s not there, with your fingers in your ears la la la
See how far, you go when your mind lingers on your fears.


NewCreature forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
7 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 7 records.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
You posted something, that's good enough for me.
Posted by NewCreature 7 years ago
sorry man, school started this week. i was kinda busy. hopefully I can make it up in the last round.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Nice. :)
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
I was doing some free styling in my car and I thought of it. :P
Posted by GeoLaureate8 7 years ago
This is a pretty interesting battle style, tv.
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Hello. :)
Posted by tvellalott 7 years ago
Whoa, this looks fvcked in the Challenge list. o.O;
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