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New Smash Bros Fighters: Special Edition

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Started: 10/11/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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This is another Smash Bros debate. We each choose a character we want for the next Super Smash Bros. This time, I'm adding a few rules.


1) Your character must be from a video game. I've seen too many TV characters!
2) You must come up with an entire move set for your character. It must include 4 Special Attacks, 3 tilts (side, up, down), 3 Smash attacks (side, up, down), the grab (whether it's a ranged grab or not), jab attack, AND the Final Smash. I prefer you choose your character and move set before accepting.
3) You must say why you chose that character. Is the character worth being in Smash? (Saying "They're cool/cute/sexy" doesn't count, as that's subjective, and means nothing.
4) Be ready for any turnabouts that may happen. Running out of time is an instant loss.
5) Your character can't have been from any official Smash Bros game. So you can't choose Pichu, Mewtwo, Bayonetta, Roy (Fire Emblem), etc.

My chosen character is Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series.


I believe the first round would be what character we chosed to be in the new smash bros fighters: special edition. my chosen character is Abe from the OddWorld series.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank EmilioMurillo for accepting. I'm not familiar with OddWorld, but the first few minutes of watching Abe's Oddysee, it seems like you might grasp a bit finding an entire move set.

With that, here's Phoenix Wright's move set.

Basics and Throws:

Jab: 2 punches into a point. First hit does 2%, second hit does 3%, and the 3rd hit does 4%: a total of 9%.

Dash Attack: Phoenix Wright trips and falls over. Strength varies on when opponent is hit. At the start, it's the most powerful, doing 7%, and good knockback. However, Phoenix Wright must get back up, which takes a while. This attack is punishable.

Grab: Phoenix Wright uses the Magatama to grab the opponent (close range), and says "Hold It".

Pummel: After grabbing the opponent, the Magatama can damage the opponent with 2% damage per 1 second if you press attack while grabbing.

Forward Throw: Phoenix Wright points forward, throwing the enemy pretty far. Does 6% damage.

Back Throw: Phoenix Wright turns around and points that way, with 5% damage and less knockback than Forward Throw.

Down Throw: Phoenix Wright slams the opponent into the ground, doing 3% damage, and can combo into a Forward Air.

Up Throw: He points upward, and the throw does 5% damage, and goes almost as far as F-Throw.

Shield: Phoenix simply blocks.

Tilts and Smash Attacks:

Forward Tilt: Phoenix Wright throws papers like in UMvC3. It hits 3 times in rapid succession, with the final hit launching a fair distance. It does a total of 7%.

Forward Smash: Phoenix points while shouting "Take That!" Fully charged, it does 21%, and great knockback.

Up Tilt: Phoenix does a headbutt, which can combo into an Up Air. The attack itself does 8% damage.

Up Smash: An upward point. Great knockback, and does 19% at max charge.

Down Tilt: Phoenix dusts off the floor, like in UMvC3. Can combo into F-Air, and does 5%.

Down Smash: Phoenix Wright desk slams. It bounces the enemy off the floor, sending them almost directly upwards. Knockback is good, and does 23% at max charge. The move is punishable, though.

Air Attacks:

Neutral Air: Phoenix Wright does his "Illumination" attack from UMvC3. Not much knockback, but can combo into F-Air. Does 4%.

Forward Air: Phoenix points forward, doing 7% and fair knockback.

Down Air: Phoenix Wright sneezes (like in UMvC3), and does 6% damage. If it hits around Phoenix Wright's legs, it has a meteor smash effect (the opponent gets send downwards really fast. Speed varies with damage %).

Back Air: A weaker point backwards, doing 5%, and less knockback than F-Air.

Up Air: A headbutt that does 6%, and fair knockback.

Special Attacks:

Neutral B: Objection; This attack has 5 stages, and the amount of "objection points" Phoenix Wright has determines the stage level. At 0 to 9 pts, stage 1, it's fairly weak, doing 7%. Stage 2, 10 to 19 pts, 9%. At stage 5, 50 pts, it does 30% damage, and incredible knockback! Phoenix Wright gains 1 point every 3 seconds, taking 150 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds) to reach stage 5 Objection.

Down B: Investigation; This is what you'll mainly use as Phoenix Wright. He takes 3 seconds to find evidence. Each evidence collected adds 5 pts for Objection. While searching for evidence, Phoenix Wright is vulernable to all attacks. Down B can't be cancelled either, so do it when you know your safe.

Side B: Logic Blast; This is a slower version of Din's Fire. It does 9% damage, regardless of where it is, though. It automatically goes off after 3 seconds. It can be reflected and absorbed. And it does less damage if you do another Logic Blast within 7 seconds after the previous use, doing a minimum of 2% damage. The default knockback is alright.

Up B: Magatama Warp; Phoenix Wright teleports the same distance of Mewtwo, except after reappearing, he doesn't keep his momentum. It doesn't do any damage, and is soley for getting back on the stage.

Final Smash:

Psyche Lock: 5 Psyche locks appear on the stage. Each one explodes after 2 seconds. The first 4 do 10%, and great knockback. The 5th does 20%, and amazing knockback.

Why Phoenix Wright?

Phoenix Wright is known by many. He's been in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and his attacks there could come into Smash Bros. For those who don't have UMvC3, with Phoenix Wright in Smash, he can still beat people up by shouting at them. Plus, he has his own gimmick for Smash Bros; collecting evidence when possible, and hitting the opponent with an Objection!

As for all the pointing in the move set... that's Phoenix Wright's thing.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
2 more hours remaining. Just type something for Round 2, and I'll let you come up with a new move set later.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
That's why people use Microsoft Word. When you get online (hopefully within 5 hours of me posting this), just come up with things.
Posted by EmilioMurillo 1 year ago
To say i did had a paper of the movelist but my stupid autistic self lost the whole dam thing so sorry id i dont make the due dat :(
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
Rule #2 said to make the move set before accepting. I really hope EmilioMurillo researched Abe beforehand. And that he researched a ton! You can't make a move set for a simple 2D platformer!
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
25 hours remaining.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
I think people will accept decently quickly to this debate.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
I've been wondering this for a little while now... What exactly does it mean if a user's account is closed?
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