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New Smash Bros Fighters

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Started: 10/22/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 5 hours ago Status: Debating Period
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Can we finally get it this time? Please? Hello. This is PowerPikachu21, and I want to know what video game characters should be in Super Smash Bros.

I prohibit any bull*** on these types of things, and want a serious debate. If you do choose to try to get some stupid thing on my debate, you'll be denied access to accepting any future debates of mine. You must select a character which came from a video game. You can NOT choose something or someone from a TV Show, Movie, Comic, Brand, Real Life, Fanfiction, YouTube, or any variations of the kind. And if you choose an object from a video game, get out. Only characters from video games. Not following the rules counts as being eliminated.

You must create a perfect move set for your chosen video game character. That means: Jab, Side/Forward Tilt, Down Tilt, Up Tilt, Up Smash, Side/Forward Smash, Down Smash, Dash Attack, Grab, Up Throw, Forward Throw, Back Throw, Down Throw, Pummel when grabbing the opponent, Neutral Special, Side Special, Down Special, Up Special, Neutral Air, Forward Air, Back Air, Down Air, Up Air, and Final Smash. If you're missing one of these, I WILL call you out, and if you don't get it right the next round, you will be eliminated.

Oh! And no characters that are in an Official Super Smash Brothers game, whether from Super Smash Brothers 64, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Smash Brothers 3DS, Super Smash Bros 3DS's DLC, Super Smash Brothers Wii U, or Super Smash Brothers Wii U's DLC. Doing so makes you eliminated.

Do not think about running out of time. If you do run away from this debate, and fail to post, you get eliminated as soon as the timer reached 0 Days, 0 Hours, 0 Minutes, 0 Seconds.

Are we clear? Can we eliminate all trolls on the premises? ("eliminated" means you lose.)

I choose Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series by CapCom, a well known company. You must have at least 1 debate cleared to accept this debate. If you have any questions regarding this debate, contact me in the comment section of this debate.

(If you are wondering why I'm being very specific about the rules, and why everything's in paragraphs, that's how fed up I am with these users)


I choose Shovel Knight as a new Smash Brothers character.


Jab: shovel hit

-Fast but short range

Side/Forward Tilt: shovel slash

-Wider range than shovel hit, but slower

Down Tilt: shovel

-Like shovel hit but lower

Up Tilt: shovel up-stab

-Quick but only hits directly above

Up Smash: shovel up-slash

-Waves shovel overhead, wider range than up-stab

Side/Forward Smash: charge shovel

-Slashes shovel with large range

Down Smash: shovel spark

-Like the down tilt, but i creates a spark on the ground that travels forward (like from the game)

Dash Attack: double dust knuckles

-Uses the dust knuckles punch two times in a row. Each punch moves him forward(like from the game)

Grab: standard grab

Up Throw: throws upward

Forward Throw: throws forward

Back Throw: throws backward

Down Throw: shovels into ground

Pummel when grabbing the opponent: hit with shovel

Neutral Special: chaos sphere

-Throws a chaos sphere forward, and it bounces 3 times then disappears on the fourth bounce (like from the game)

Side Special: propeller dagger

-Launches himself forward while attacking with his propeller dagger. (like from the game)

Down Special: fishing rod

-Drops a fishing rod downwards damaging enemies.(like from the game)

Up Special: throwing anchor

-Throws an anchor upwards, that travels in an arch shape (like from the game)

Neutral Air: shovel hit

Forward Air: shovel slash

Back Air: back shovel hit

Down Air: shovel drop

-points shovel downwards to attack while descending (like from the game)

Up Air: shovel up-stab

Final Smash, Troupple King dance

-The Troupple King appears in the background, to perform his dance. The fishes that dance along with him attack the enemies.

Why Shovel Knight?

1. Shovel Knight won game of the year in 2014, which demonstrates his popularity.

2. Shovel Knight's attacks from the game translates well into Smash Bros

3. Shovel Knight was the first indie game character to receive his own Nintendo Amiibo, which indicates Shovel Knight would be a great first indie character to join Smash Bro's.

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Debate Round No. 4
12 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 day ago
Alright, because tomorrow is all you have left. (Also, arguments Round 1 is optional)
Posted by RainbowDash52 1 day ago
Don't worry, I will post my argument by tomorrow at the latest.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 day ago
I hope I didn't get cursed or something. This is the 2nd time someone accepted my debates, but didn't post the first round.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 day ago
I hope I didn't get cursed or something. This is the 2nd time someone accepted my debates, but didn't post the first round.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 days ago
RainbowDash52, don't forfeit Round 1 like Caleb did back there. I feel like it would be a reportable offense. (He's feigning amnesia, too! WTF!)
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 days ago
Okay. I changed it so BeardlessSensei can accept. But NO FORFEITING!
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 days ago
Sure. But answer this question: Do you like this site, and are planning on coming back tomorrow?
Posted by BeardlessSensei 2 days ago
Umm...I kind of want to accept this but I haven't cleared any debate... Can I make this one my first one?
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 days ago
I already saw that pattern, cam. But it doesn't mean I shouldn't do these debates to see other peoples' opinions. Besides, I want to share my own opinions via the same method.
Posted by cam06082003 2 days ago
dude i know you like smash bros but their not gonna make another one till they make a new console
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