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New Zealand should be a state of australia

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Started: 12/4/2014 Category: Politics
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New Zealand should be a state of Australia because we need there help in the defence force. We have no way to defend ourselves if we were to be attacked. Another reason is sport. If New Zealand and Australia combine we would almost own the world of sport. For example, netball, Australia is first and New Zealand is second, if we combined we would be unstoppable. They have a much wider range of trade-able goods than us so if one fails they have other things to fall back on. Australia gets about US$200 billion a year we only get about NZ$10 million a year. New Zealand would benefit hugely from this. My last thing is, the pavlover rivory would finally be over!


Australia's defense force would do just fine without the help of New Zealand. The New Zealand Defense Force only holds just over 14k people, approximately 2.2k of which are in reserves[1]. Compare that to the Australian army, which has approximately 10.5 million troops[2].

Convincing New Zealand to hand itself over to Australia would take way too much time and the benefits are simply not worth it, especially since the rest of Australia would be obligated to fund New Zealand. New Zealand has a completely separate culture and way of life to Australia, as well as many different laws and ideals. It would take unbelievable amounts of time to merge our two countries together.

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Posted by CrazyCowMan 2 years ago
It was difficult to argue at all, taking into account the 750 word limit.
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