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New characters for Smash Bros.

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Started: 6/24/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a debate for new characters to add to Super Smash Bros.


1. For this debate, characters from a cartoon is allowed.
2. You must give a valid move set for your character (One that's canon to their video game/TV show/movie. So no Teletubbies with rocket launchers).
3. Characters originating from YouTube or a brand is invalid.
4. Your move set must contain 4 special moves, and a Final Smash.
5. You must also give a reason for why you chose that character.
6. Forfeitng a round will result in a conduct loss, or an instant defeat (Voter's choice).

Voting Rules:

Argument points will be given to whoever had the better character, and the better explanation.

Conduct points will be given to whoever didn't insult their opponent, or forfeited a round (You're not required to give conduct, however).

Spelling & Grammar is self explanatory; whoever's arguments were easier to read (Optional).

My character will be Amaterasu from CapCom's Okami. My opponent will choose their character in round 1, then arguments Round 2.


lets get right into the noose.

i select dat boi from reddit.

first attack: super devastating pepe airstrike: drop a super destructive bomb on ur enemy, making them stunned.

second attack: lets get right into the noose: throw gnomes at ur enemy at SUPER SPEEDS.

third attack: wheelie?: call in tumblr to airstrike your enemy.

FINAL SMASH: oh sh!t what up: throw cancer cells at your enemy.

kk thx pl0x vote for me
Debate Round No. 1


It seems like my opponent just recently made an account. I'll accept that he posted some moves Round 1, but I'll delve into rebuttals next round.

Move set:

Amaterasu is the main character from Okami, protecting it from evil demons, using her Celestial Brush. She has many different abilities, so we can give her different moves to customize with, like Palutena does in SSB4.

Move Set 1:

Standard B 1: Power Slash; Amaterasu’s most basic attack. She draws a straight line in front of her. Holding B increases the Power Slash for a maximum of 21% damage. At minimum, it can do 11% damage.

Side B 1: Galestorm; A quick whirlwind that can turn enemies around. It can also reflect projectiles, a lot like Mario’s cape. Hitting an enemy does 2% damage, so it’s mainly a defensive move.

Down B 1: Cherry Bomb; A powerful explosive that deals 28% damage, with great knockback. It’ll detonate either after 6 seconds, or if it touches an enemy. However, after creating a Cherry Bomb, you can’t make another one for 30 seconds.

Up B 1: Water Spout; Amaterasu creates a water spout to carry her vertically. It’s another version of Greninja’s Hydro Pump, but a little bit slower. You can only move up with this move, and it deals 3% damage to enemies that touch it, launching them back a bit. The water spout goes up the height of 2.5 Miis, making it a pretty good recovery move. After the move is done, Amaterasu can’t do anything unless she gets hit, or when she lands.

Move Set 2:

Standard B 2: Snarling Beast; Amaterasu pulls out the Snarling Beast Divine Instrument, and shoots ink bullets straight forward, shooting 4 bullets per second with 1% damage per bullet. The bullets do not make enemies flinch, however.

Side B 2: Inferno; a fiery pillar in front of Amaterasu. This is basically Ness’s PK Fire. It damages enemies for a total of 16% HP, then launching them a fair distance.

Down B 2: Veil of Mist; Amaterasu creates a veil of mist slowing down attackers nearby. This move works very similar to Bayonetta’s Witch Time. If someone is about to land a hit on Amaterasu, she can use Veil of Mist to slow them down to 1/3 their normal speed for up to 10 seconds (slowed down time is dependent on the enemy’s percentage, maximum slow down time at 80% damage). However, this attack has a 0.1 second delay. Also, if used multiple times in a 30 seconds duration, the slow down time will half, and this stacks if you start spamming the move, until the slow down time is 0.125x the original.

Up B 2: Vine; Amaterasu creates a vine going diagonally upward, working like Ivysaur’s Vine Whip in Brawl. It will home in on a solid ledge, and pull Amaterasu towards it. Hitting an enemy with it deals 3% damage, making them flinch.

Move Set 3:

Standard B 3: Hurricane; A fierce hurricane damages enemies. The hurricane is the size of Amaterasu, and travels up to 3 times the length. It can be charged to go farther, coming from a minimum of no movement, but it won’t last as long. It’ll stay alive for 2.7 seconds before vanishing. Hitting an opponent will deal a total of 15% damage, and is nice when edge guarding. However, there’s a 0.2 second delay between charging the move, and unleashing it.

Side B 3: Blizzard; An icy burst that travels horizontally until B is released, or when it reaches its maximum length (about 4x Amaterasu’s length). This works a lot like Zelda’s Din’s Fire, except Blizzard is an ice attack. At minimum, this can do 7% damage. When at its maximum length, it deals 21% damage. This move can freeze enemies; the farther the move travels, the longer the opponent will stay frozen.

Down B 3: Thunderstorm; A lightning strike onto Amaterasu from above. This move is similar to Pikachu’s Thunder. From 5 Miis high, lightning will come down until it hits Amaterasu (Like Pikachu, Amaterasu doesn’t take damage from the strike), creating a powerful burst on Amaterasu. The Lightning itself does 7% damage, but the blast on impact with Amaterasu does 19% damage, with good knockback.

Up B 3: Catwalk; Amaterasu travels a path chosen by the player. Amaterasu will fall more slowly for 1.5 seconds, while the path is being created by the player. After the 1.5 seconds, Amaterasu will follow the path made, ending with a leap in the direction the path ends. This is solely a recovery move, and doesn’t deal any damage.

Final Smash:

Shiranui: Amaterasu reverts to her more powerful version from 100 years ago; Shiranui. For 30 seconds, her attack and launch power is increased by 1.5x, and she doesn't get launched as easily.

Why Amaterasu?

Amaterasu is a character with potential, and potential is always good when choosing a fighter. And whoever will have the character analasys (Like Solid Snake's Codex in Brawl, and Pit in Smash 4), Amaterasu's little friend Issun will surely have material for a few good jokes. Also, why not add another 3rd party character in Smash?

Closing Thoughts:

I was probably a bit more prepared then my opponent was, with an entire set of 3 different customizable moves. I could make a rebuttal, but I'm saving that for my round 3. My opponent can try to refute my arguments for his Round 2, and perhaps elaborate on his own character. Until then, Ammy will just go and fight demons in Nippon.


Amaterasu's brush techniques:

Snarling Beast:



M_M_M_Moneyshot forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Sure enough, he came, he left. This is sufficient enough for at least a conduct loss. However, I'll refute the arguments made by him.


It seems like I forgot to put "No memes allowed" in the rules. I'll let my opponent's exploition be valid. However, it still falls short.

Insufficient Move Amount;

Rule 4 states "Your move set must contain 4 special moves, and a Final Smash." My opponent only listed 3 moves, not 4. Maybe he only played the N64 version of Smash Bros, where Side Specials didn't exist? Anyways, the number of moves is insufficient, since he's missing an Up Special, it seems! You can't have a character without an Up Special, which is the recovery move to get back on the stage (Yes, I know Yoshi and Jigglypuff are exceptions to characters with recoveries).

Lack of Explanation, and possibly Overpowered;

The first attack says "super destructive", does this mean it covers the entire stage? Yes, I never stated the character couldn't be over powered in the rules, it's kind of self explanitory. You can't have an over powered character, or else all of the other characters won't be used.

2nd attack could also use an explanation. How fast are the gnomes going, and how much damage would each do? And how many gnomes per second? Also, the name is irrelevant to the actual attack.

3rd attack's name is irrelevnt to the actual attack as well. Also, it's lacking an explanation. How much damage does the airstrike do? How big is the air strike?

The Final Smash could also use explanations. What do these cancer cells do? How long does the Final Smash last?

Grammar issues;

Yeah, I might as well make this clear. Con appears to have been on reddit for maybe too long. Capital letters would be nice, even though it's the native typing thing there. And the end... That might be some lost points too ["kk thx pl0x vote for me"]

Closing Thoughts;

Since my opponent timed out, my arguments regarding Amaterasu still stand. I believe every single of Amaterasu's moves are sufficiently explained, such as how much damage each move does, whether it's simlar to another attack, and launch potential. My opponent, however... I want a real debate.

I doubt he'll be coming back so... Amaterasu can just go back to Nippon and do whatever.


M_M_M_Moneyshot forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


M_M_M_Moneyshot forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
I hope M_M_M_Moneyshot realizes he only has 32 hours left for him to continue the debate. (Also, I wonder if he read the rules at all)
Posted by BenJWasson 2 years ago
that's a shame, i was gonna accept but teletubbies with rocket launchers was my character...
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