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New fighters for the next Smash Bros game

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Started: 5/14/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Super Smash Bros is a really good fighting game, where video game mascots like Mario and Sonic and Mega Man brawl in various areas from video games. Everyone is requesting new fighters to join, so I decided to make this debate.

Debating Rules:

1. You may only pick 1 video game character (unless it's a pair like Rosalina & Luma, or the Ice Climbers)

2. You can only choose a character that originated from a movie. (Like you can't choose Elsa, because she came from a movie)

3. When choosing your character, you'll have to give a good explanation for why he/she/it should join Smash Bros.

4. You must also have some moves chosen for your character. This will include some Special Moves, and a Final Smash.

5. No trolling of any kind.

6. If you time out once, you lose conduct points. Time out again, and That is a concession.

7. Timing out in Round 4 is an instant concession.

8. You are able to choose any video game character from any company, any gaming platform (system).

9. First round is acceptance only. No arguments in the first round.

Voting Rules:

1. The voters will try to remove all bias in their vote.

2. Whichever debater has a better reason for their character being in Smash Bros will receive argument points.

Round Structure:

Round 1: Each debater will say their chosen character, and from what game. The contender will accept the debate only.
Round 2: Both debaters will give a few moves that the character would have, as well as why that character should be in Smash Bros.
Round 3: If needed, the debaters will refute the opponent's decision and defend their own.
Round 4: The debaters will recap their arguments, and defend if necessary.

My character will be Amateratsu from the video game Okami, for the Nintendo Wii. Let's see who my opponent will choose


I belive that Black Mage from Final Fantasy 14. He should join smash becuase he is in a smash flash remake. He is very good in that game, so why souldnt he be good in thid game. The black mage is an outstanding character that could have had a great story line in SSBB. (Story Mode) He is very strong and can combat even the most op characters. He wouldnt be Over Powered like some characters are, but it would be a great addition to the smash team.
MovesetGround attacks
AttackNameDescriptionDamageKnockbackPriorityTotal framesActive frames
Neutral attack N/A Right jab, followed by a left jab. 2% 21, 55, 25° 2 9 4-6
5% 45, 55, 25° 11
Forward tilt N/A Swings his staff forwards. 8% 28, 96, 30° 3 12 4-7
Up tilt Goblin Punch Does a Goblin Punch above himself in an arc. 9% 42, 80, 85° 4 14 2-7
Down tilt N/A Does a low stab with a knife. 7% 30, 88, 30° 2 14 3-9
Dash attack Petrify Turns himself to stone before falling on the floor. Grants him Super Armor. 14% 35, 90, 35° 4 36 11-14
6% 35, 60, 30° 15-19
Forward smash Thundara Fires a bolt of lightning directly in front of him. Strong but slow. 14% 38, 80, 40° 5 37 19-36
Thundaga Creates a pillar of lightning that advances across the entire stage. 0% N/A N/A 69 58
20% 63, 28, 35° 6 65 10-39
Up smash Fira Performs a rising fire uppercut, similar to a Shoryuken. 15% 42, 93, 89° 5 22 13-16
5% 2 22-28
Firaga Creates two pillars of fire on either side that move towards him, creating a bigger flame when they collide. 1% 45, 93, 160° -1 110 45-62/65
5% 100, 100,90° 70-78
Down smash Blizzara Creates ice crystals on the floor adjacent to him, freezing enemies on hit. 9% 50, 85, 90° 5 32 16-26
Blizzaga Creates ice crystals that travel along the floor. 0% N/A N/A 68 57, 58
3% 56, 95, 25° 4 27 8-20
AttackNameDescriptionDamageKnockbackPriorityTotal framesActive frames
Neutral aerial N/A Spins around in a great fireball. 2% 0, 50, 70,110° 2 20 4-16
63, 80, 45° 17-18
Forward aerial Chocobo Kick Hits forward with a Chocobo Kick. Can be used to pseudo wavedash. 9% 49, 90, 50° 3 14 4-9
Back aerial N/A Stabs behind him with a knife. Powerful semi-spike. 9% 35, 100,150° 3 17 3-5
6% 35, 100,125° 6-11
Up aerial Flood Fires a stream of water upwards. Good for juggling. 10% 35, 95, 90° -1 14 3-8
Down aerial Death (Scythe) Swipes downwards in an arc with a scythe. Hitting when it flashes red makes Death appear. 6% 45, 50, 270° 4 20 6-12, 8
Death (Reaper) Death hovers near the opponent for about 3 seconds before striking with a powerful meteor smash. 6% 80, 60, 270° 7 98 90-98Special moves
AttackNameDescriptionDamageKnockbackPriorityTotal framesActive frames
Standard special Stop Creates a clock-esque circle around him that paralyzes opponents and reflects projectiles. Can be charged for longer stun. 0% N/A 7 25 12-15
Side special Haste Casts a spell that traps the opponent in a series of quick combos with his staff and fists, sending them flying with the last blow. Huge lag if missed. 0% N/A -1 43 4-18
1% 61 4-5, 8-9, 12-13, 16-17, 20-21, 24-25
2% 30, 34, 38, 42
6% 75, 85, 32° 48-49
Up special Warp Conjures a small green ring that can be slightly controlled. Teleports to the green ring if the button is released or max distance is reached. 0% N/A N/A 37 N/A
Down special Meteor Summons a meteor which can be charged, making it both bigger and stronger. It moves in a diagonal downwards path when released, causing an explosion if it collides with something. 0% N/A N/A 35 11, 29
5-14% 35, 100, 45° 6 12 1-12
92, 60, 40° 15 2-8
Final Smash Random Encounter Summons several monsters on-stage that attack opponents which culminates with a huge explosion called "Flare". 2-11%
AttackNameDescriptionDamageKnockbackPriorityTotal framesActive frames
Grab N/A Grabs the opponent. N/A N/A N/A 15 4
Pummel N/A Stabs opponent. 1% N/A N/A 10 5
Forward throw Aero Creates a small tornado to lift the opponent up, then hurls them forward. 1% 80, 100, 10° -1 37 6-26
3% 80, 100, 25° 27-29
Back throw Quake Causes a pillar of earth to jut out of the ground, hitting the opponent. 0% N/A N/A 44 28
8% 65, 125,130° -1 24 8-15
Up throw 1000 Needles Changes his hat into a Cactuar and pelts the opponent with a stream of needles. 1% 10, 8, 66° -1 42 21-34
4% 63, 85, 95° 35-36
Down throw Bio Poisons the opponent with his staff, which deals damage over time. Second most damaging throw. 1% 40, 120, 40° -1 38 17-26
4% 33-34
1% N/A N/A 300 N/A
Debate Round No. 1


Woah... First round was acceptance only, man. I guess I'll let it slide, though. I'll get into my own arguments for Amaterasu.

Character Backround;

Amaterasu is the sun goddess of a country (I guess) known as Nippon. 100 years ago, the great Nagi imprisoned the dreaded Yamata no Orochi. Orochi breaks out, and it's up to Amaterasu to use her Celestial Brush to save Nippon.


Smash attacks;

Forward Smash: Amaterasu deals a strong hit with her Solar Reflector (The first weapon you obtain in Okami)
Down Smash: Amaterasu sprouts trees on both sides of her, launching whoever gets hit upward.
Up Smash: Amaterasu strikes with her Rosary or Glade, whichever one Nintendo chooses.

Special Attacks;

Neutral Special: Power Slash; Amaterasu uses her Celestial Brush to slash enemies in front of her. Can be charged to deal 20% damage when fully charged.
Side Special: Hurricane; Amaterasu creates a chargeable hurricane in front of her. The longer it charges, the faster and farther it goes, great for dealing up to 15% damage. (The hurricane will go up to about 5 times Amaterasu's length)
Down Special: Cherry Bomb; Amaterasu creates a Cherry Bomb in front of her, and will explode after 5 seconds, or if another player touches it. 20% damage, and good for finishing an opponent, as well as edge guarding.
Up Special: Waterspout; Amaterasu rises up by creating a waterspout directly underneath her. It can deal small amounts of damage to opponents, but is mainly used for recovery. It goes a little bit slower than Greninja's Hydro Pump.

Ink Jars: Amaterasu will go into battle with 5 ink jars, 1 jar takes 15 seconds to refill. Her special attacks will decrease her ink jars by 1, but Cherry Bomb takes 2 Jars. This reflects the mechanic from the Okami games, where you have limited usage of your Celestial Brush.

Final Smash:

Shiranui; For 30 seconds, Amaterasu becomes her ultimate form; Shiranui. This grants her infinite ink, and all of her attacks are powered up by 50%.

Why Amaterasu?

Okay, I admit I'm in the minority suggesting Amaterasu (There's only 1 YouTube video which is just wondering if Amaterasu was the CapCom character who was gonna be in Smash 4), but here's the thing; Smash Bros could very well change that.

Super Smash Bros is a great way for advertising games. I doubt you're able to name all of the assist trophies without looking it up. Okami is a great game, why not advertise it by having Amaterasu in Smash Bros 5 (I don't count the Wii U Version as 5)?

Plus, Amaterasu has powerful Celestial Brush techniques, with limited usage, a bit like Robin. We could recreate Robin's mechanic with Amaterasu, and instead of every move having a mana function, why not let all moves have limited usage?

Why not Black Mage?

Let's take a look at the move set first. This is all from Smash Flash 2, in case you never played it. We got a move set already, who's to say Nintendo will take this move set? It's already used by a fan, so I don't think they'll use it again. Amaterasu, on the other hand, (or paw, if you want), we can give Amaterasu her own move set, since she hasn't been in any Smash Bros game, fan made or otherwise.

As for the explanation that Black Mage is pretty powerful, so is Amaterasu, with her Celestial Brush.
Also, Con says he has been in a Smash Bros fan game. Sure, Mega Man was in Smash Flash 2, but they put him in Smash 4 because he is CapCom's main mascot (I believe).
Story line... I'm not sure if there will be a story mode in the next game, but Amaterasu could also have her own story line, possibly teaming up with Pit.

And I think we're good, Ammy! Let's see what our opponent comes up with to counter my arguments. I do hope he wasn't expecting an easy fight, as I'm pretty serious on the Battlefield of Words (aka debating). I hope he's ready for the 2nd round, where he defends his own case, and attempts to refute mine.


WHy should we not allow Amaterasu? She is too overpowered in the game she is already in, and she would be to overpowered in Smash. Of course you could nerf the strongest parts, but that would make the game no fun! Pro says that Amaterasu could have her storyline, but why create a sotryline, when someone else already has a perfectly great one. Pro says that suggjesting her is a Minority, no your not a minortity, and stop trying to get minority support! I just joking on that one, but It doesn't matter if it is a minoprioty or not, she is a great character, but not suitable for smash. Her "Ink Jars" are quite stupid, and shouldnt be allowed even if it was added, it would be annoying. To be honest Black Mage is more powerfull on his own, then just with one attack.
As I usally say, thank you for my oppenent for letting me challenge them.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank Con for attending the 2nd round. I'll be defending the notion that Amaterasu would be good for Smash Bros this round.


"She is too overpowered in the game she is already in, and she would be to overpowered in Smash." Bayonetta is in Smash Bros, and she's pretty powerful in her game! What did Nintendo do about this? They nerfed her, of course!

"but that would make the game no fun!" So do you want Amaterasu to be powerful or not? I already have the moves, which are powerful, but have limited usage.

"Pro says that Amaterasu could have her storyline, but why create a sotryline, when someone else already has a perfectly great one." Have you even played Smash Bros Brawl? All of the characters join together, with different starting objectives, and eventually take on a big opponent. We're creating a new story, where all characters exist within the same universe. Whether they already had a good story line or not is irrelevant.

"Her "Ink Jars" are quite stupid, and shouldnt be allowed even if it was added, it would be annoying." Well, Robin has a similar mechanic. If need be, we could have Amaterasu have 7 Ink Jars that replenish 1 jar per 15 seconds.

"To be honest Black Mage is more powerfull on his own, then just with one attack." Okay, you contradicted yourself. Amaterasu can't be powerful, but Black Mage can be "more powerful"? That makes no sense. And I never said anyone has only one attack. I gave Amaterasu all 4 Special Moves. You gave Black Mage the entire move set. This point is downright invalid.


A recap of Amaterasu:

If Amaterasu was in Smash Bros, her special attacks would involve Power Slash (Neutral B), Hurricane (Side B), Cherry Bomb (Down B), and Waterspout (Up B).

These attacks can be quite powerful (Waterspout is mainly for recovery), especially Cherry Bomb. To balance this, Amaterasu will have a limited amount of Ink Jars to use, 5 of them. The player will have to use these attacks cautiously, and make the most of them. If need be, we can give Amaterasu 7 Ink Jars for her Celestial Brush.

Amaterasu has also not yet been in even a fan game (At least that I know of). This can give her the ability to have an entirely new move set. Smash Bros is known for making good move sets, and this is easiest if there aren't any move sets already taken.

Closing thoughts:

Again, Amaterasu has been shown to be a unique fighter, relying on strategy instead of all out attacking. Her good finishing attacks would involve her Smash Attacks, and Special Attacks (not including Waterspout). With this, let's see what our opponent will come up with next, eh, Ammy?


I give up, to be honest your a way better debater than I am, this is my first debate, I give up. I kind of want her to be in the next game. Thanks for letting me have the chance to debate this topic.
Debate Round No. 3


I accept Con's concession. Amaterasu would be an excellent fighter in Super Smash Bros, using her Celestial Brush, with limited Ink Jars. Good game, and vote Pro!


DebaterOfPolitics2 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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