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Sony Take Responsibility for your Actions


I don't understand why Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton decided make a movie Threatening the life of North Korea Leader Kim Jong- Un thinking that it would funny. First of all its against the law to threaten the life of another human being especially Kim Jong- Un the leader of another country that the United States does not have a good relationship with. I don't condone the that course of action Kim Jong - Un has taken to retaliate but what would you do if your life was threaten....

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blind-faith and superstitions should be stopped


blind faith in black magic should be stopped because they take out money from us...

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Should the movie "The Interview" have been banned in the first place?


-First this is NOT a debate about N Korea or blackmail by hacking. I agree that both are bad. This is a PURE question of whether the movie should have been banned in the first place. -I say Yes because -Similar to how you can't yell fire in a building, there should be a line set here that should have banned this movie. Not saying they're the same thing, of course, but we do have laws that limit free speech when public safety is at risk. Public safety is at risk here (regardless of how muc...

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The CIA Was Right in Torturing Terrorists


Please note this round is for acceptance only. I wish to contend that the CIA was right in the usage of harsh interrogation methods. If you do not know of this, here is a link: I would prefer facts mentioned to be attributed to their source. Good luck and have fun!...

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should prisoners be able to get a job after prison


people who have gone to prison shouldn't have the right to go get a job because they have committed and crime and there for for should not have the same rights like people who have not done anything to harm or rob anyone or thing.. it depends on what kind of crime that this prisoner has committed and there for it depends how much this prisoner has changes in his life....

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Darren Wilson was in the right


The fact of the matter with this case is that Michael Brown has no argument for his defense. I'm not saying that it isn't horrible to lose a family member, but when someone assaults an officer of the law, you cannot pull an about-face and say that the officer was in the wrong. Here are the facts, -13 shots were fired at Brown, only a small number actually hit. -Blood and DNA from Brown were found on officer Wilson's weapon and pant leg, as well as inside the squad car, supporting the argu...

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Is police brutality a problem in the US?


Police brutality is a big issue in the United States, as I will show you if you accept this debate my freind....

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Should the grand jury have indicted Darren Wilson?


Yes, I believe the grand jury should have indicted Darren Wilson. Yes, there was a lot done wrong on Michael Browns part but that is no excuse that shoot somebody 10 times. Why didn't he use a taser? Why couldn't he shoot him in the leg to stop him?...

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Is the Ferguson uproar really about Michael Brown?


Resolved: the riots in Ferguson are not necessarily about the killing of Michael Brown, but is the result of long-standing racial tensions in St. Louis. Debate layout: Round 1 is for acceptance. Round 2 is for arguments. Round 3 is for closing statements. I thank Pro in advance for accepting and for a good debate! Good luck!...

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The U.S media covers up black on white crime and over reports white or "white" on black crime.


I am not racist. What I am saying is a fact. Not all black people are responsible for the actions of some black people. Same thing with whites, Hispanics ect. Please no race baiting, racism or denying of facts. There is a double standard in the U.S media. If a white person commits a crime against a black person even if it is out of self defense as we saw in ferguson that event will be discussed and reported on a lot. If a black person commits a crime against a white person that crime will not...

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