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Newtown was not a consparicy

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Started: 3/5/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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The Newtown shooting was not a hoax.
Opponent should either argue that it was either planned by the government, or never happened at all.


I accept and in today's debate I'll show you how Newton was a consparicy.

1. Why is the picture of the shooter just his childhood photos, where are his actual photos of him? This raises a great question, because it shows why don't we have photos of him before or during the shooting. This shows as a little suspious. This also shows that the suspect could have been a government goony trying to push the government's gun grabbing agenda. Many people say it's his brother's ID, but officers that who say his brother is very trustworthy and cooperative hasn't seen him since 2010.

2. The death of the shooter. According to officals he was whereing a bullet proof vest, but if he was planning to kill himself why where a bullet proof vest? Also why would he want to hide his Identity if he was planning to kill himself. Also he was found with a .223 Remington Rifle, the only problem is it's kinda hard to shoot yourself in the head with a rifle, so what must of really happend is that he was just a student and the government had some goony dress like a kid, go around killing some kids and a few teachers. Kill this kid and plant a rilfe on him.

3. Why were kids who were in GYM and exiting the building told to cover their eyes since that the GYM is right next to a door that leads outside thus meaning that they wouldn't see anything?

4. Woodsman. There was a woodsman that was reported near the school in black jacket and camo pants who was spotted by a helicopter and was reported screaming to parents that "I didn't do it"?

5. Why didn't any of the parents request to see their kids? If my kid got shot I would want to see them before the went to the morg and get preped.

6. Lanza. How come Lanza was able to hit 20 squirmy children that many professionals say is a hard tarket in such a short amount of time? If a professional states that such thing is hard to do then how can someone like Lanza who just reportatibely grab someone's weponry and be that good of a sharp shooter? Ryan Lanza who before the shooting deactivated his facebook account then how did it reactivate when he was in custady? Seems a little suspious because in jail or even prision you don't get computer access. How come no one in a small town like Newton that no one had heard of Lanza's problems?
Debate Round No. 1


1.)There are plenty of photos of him at an older age
it"s possible that Ryan (older brother) had more than 1 id.

2.)Yes it is true he was wearing a bullet proof vest. But what do we know about what was going on in his head? He knew that if he was going to kill himself, it would be quick and easy. If for anyreason he was shot from someone else, he probably didn"t want to deal with the pain (assuming)
He was found with more than just a rifle. He also had 2 pistols.
How many people do you think were in on this? You think the government, and even actual police officers? There are too many people in the government that would tell the truth about something like this.
3.)What"s your point?
4.)Maybe he heard the gun shots, and maybe he didn"t do it? There"s a chance that he was scared and being near the school like that could lead to suspicion.
5.)They were not allowed inside the school to see their kids. It was a crime scene. The children had to be looked at where they were shot ect. Many of the parents did want to see their kids. I don"t know where you heard that.
6.)The children were all trapped inside the classroom. There was nowhere for them to go. How do you know if they were squirmy? You don"t have the proof that they were running around trying to dodge bullets. In my opinion I think they were shocked and maybe couldn"t even move. (my opinion).
His mother took him to target practice.
It didn"t reactivate when he was in custody.
Many people knew of his problems. There were many people interviewed who knew him and talked about him. As weird as he was, there was no evidence that showed he would ever do something like this.

How do you know the sources you used are reliable? If you read them, you should notice that they don"t give all the facts, they only give "their" facts.
Where do you think all these kids went?
There were kids killed and people have seen the bodies.

And please explain if you think the government did plan this, or if it never happened and it was all made up.


1)But he hasn't seen his brother since 2010, so how could he have gotten ahold of his brother's ID. I don't know about you but I don't just hand out my ID even to my family, it's common sense!

2) This leads to the other question of how could he kill himself with a rifle, I mean that's a pretty hard thing to do. He obviously was planted with the vest and the gun and he was just some high schoolar that was brought into the building and shoot and framed.

3) If they were going outside then why did they need to cover their eyes? I mean you're outside and you're not walking through the crime seen and letting the kids see this castrophe. It's obvious that they are not wanting the children to see that it is the government that did it, because kids will blab about anything.

4) I know but what happened to him? He just up and disappeared. I mean if I saw a guy like that he looks suspious as a goat in a slaughter house. So it's obvious that this guy could have been the real killer. Even reports say he had a gun with him so that definately shows some suspsion.;

5) (look at my source #1) Usualy people are aloud to see the victums in body bags and they didn't want to see it. Isn't that just a little suspious?

6) If there was a killing in my classroom then I'd be heading for a window, I'd be doing what even it was that wouldn't be staying still because that makes you a sitting duck. That doesn't matter if his mom took shooting practice, who I'm talking about is Ryan Lanza. Thus still not explaining his supposive accuracy. False they were not all kids there were a few teachers.;

I already explained how the government did this, I gave several possiblities, the Woodsman, or an agent.
Debate Round No. 2


1.) You may not, but he might have. I don't know about you, but I don't think this family had what you call "common sense".
2.) He also had 2 pistols. Very easy to kill yourself with.
3.) If this situation was planned by the government, I don't think they can rely on the kids "covering their eyes". Especially if a plan this big is going on. Are you now saying the teachers were in on it to?
4.) Reporters say he had a gun on him. You don't believe everything else they say, why would you believe them now?
5.) Now if you are saying that the parents were part of it, couldn't they easily claim that they saw the body inside the bag? If they are not part of it, how did they have all the funerals? (I went to one, it was Ana`s) (not using that as evidence though)
6.) You may be heading out the window, but would they? Do you know how high the Windows were? If they were easy to open for little kids? Windows in elementary schools aren't made so little kids can easily jump out. Possible maybe, but not with a man shooting at you. Also no one can say how they would act until they are actually in a situation like that. You can't compare everyone to you and think they would act and do the same things you would do.


1) Though his family may not have had common sense you must use common sense in today's debate by understanding that it would be a. impossible for him to get his brother's ID after not seeing each other for two years and b. his brother just won't give out his ID to someone unstable and with the possibility that his brother could lose it leading to identity theft.
2) No he only had a rifle, if you knew about this you should've brought it up in earlier rounds. The last round is rebuttles and closing statements, so this arguement is won by con.
3) Of course teachers were on in this, why don't you think they would say that otherwise.
4) Hey I'm just going with the facts. My opponent doesn't answer my question here so by default con wins this arguement.
5) yes, but no one claimed so.
6) I'm just saying what I would do in that situation. My opponent drops the other half of this contention so by default it is also won by con.

We can see in this debate pro drops a lot of my arguements so I can see nothing but a con vote. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jhate 4 years ago
Police reports stated the rifle was not used and they found 4 handguns, On scene a officer reported after Lanza died that there were shotguns and rifles in the school. Watch the documentary it goes through police audio. The nurse said she met eyes with him in an interview then in another interview stated that she was hiding under the desk and saw nothing but his feet. There was a closed casket funeral, parents were not aloud to see their kids because it was "easier" on the parents. Many of the parents acted weird in interviews and were seen laughing and stuff before interviews, No photos of anyone dead, pages made for the victims several days before the shooting, RIP Victoria soto page taken down once people saw it was created december 10th and people questioned it. Too many holes
Posted by zezima 4 years ago
I know I can't "prove" it, but my uncle is in the SWAT team and his friend actually went into sandyhook and said it really was an AR-15.
Posted by Noswad63 4 years ago
Newtown Shooting Was Definitely not entirely true. Shell casings found inside school where not that of an AR-15 Rifle. AR-15 Was found locked in the trunk of his car, So how did he use it? Police took a nice time to release the records and data on what happened it took too much time while they made stuff up. I Believe the Newtown shooting had some "Added details" from the government so they could get their assault weapon ban.
Posted by zezima 4 years ago
Cons sources are no where near reliable...
Posted by drhead 4 years ago
If I could vote, I would vote for pro. Con either can't read or is unwilling to refute things that don't support his view. Him completely ignoring the rebuttal about the shooter having two pistols is the most prevalent example of this.

A point that wasn't brought up was that the teachers asking the students to cover their eyes was probably to preserve their innocence. Do you think any of the students would have WANTED to see their friends' brains blown out immediately before their death?

It is unfortunate that I am required to complete 3 debates through 3 days of an instigator forgetting about their own debate, or through an arbitrarily large 180 day voting period, before I am allowed to vote.

Back to this debate. I do have little sympathy for conspiracy theorists, since the majority of their supporting evidence is purely hypothetical. A hypothesis is not a definite sign of something being a conspiracy, and such hypotheses should not be treated as definite proof in a formal debate. I could speculate anything in your arguments' place and be no less correct.
Posted by TD_Cole 4 years ago
You both really need to work on spelling. I can see a typo here and there or something like that. But it's way to frequent in both arguments.
Posted by justin.graves 4 years ago
lannan13... I think that two things would help you in this debate. 1. Actually looking at the facts on both sides. 2. Give sources that aren't akin to the National Enquirer.
Posted by zezima 4 years ago
Just make sure in your first round you say where you stand either that it never happened, or the government planned it, or if you have a different opinion.
Posted by zezima 4 years ago
You can start right away. And if you say it's fake I wont hold anything personal against you.
Posted by lannan13 4 years ago
I want to accept but I have one question, Do I present my case round 1 or is round one acceptance
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Vote Placed by Lizard 4 years ago
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Total points awarded:05 
Reasons for voting decision: Con sourced his claims, and since debates about things that "are" are pretty much dependent on what you have backing your claims, I have to give Con the win.
Vote Placed by samurai 4 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:Vote Checkmark--0 points
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Total points awarded:42 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't use any resources, but made a lot more sense. Con "assumed" to much.