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Nike or Jordan shoes?

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Started: 2/13/2014 Category: Fashion
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I'm a Nike's fan...what about you? I'm only doing this for the ability to vote.


No other athlete in the history of pro sports is an icon the way Michael Jordan is an icon, so it"s only fitting that no other signature shoe or brand is as iconic as Air Jordans. These kicks are the most popular shoe of all time. People spend thousands of dollars collecting them, and every time there is a release (or re-release) people camp out in front of malls all across the world to get a pair.
But as popular as these shoes are, how much do you really know about them? If you answered "not that much I guess," then this list is for you. It"s part trivia, part history, and part attempt.
Since the first pair of Air Jordans were released in 1985, the Air Jordan shoe collection has been considered a breakthrough in basketball shoe design and some of the best basketball shoes of all time.
Air Jordans, basketball shoes produced by Nike and Michael Jordan, first came out in 1985. New versions were then released annually. The first version was released in black and red to match Jordan's Chicago Bulls uniform.
NBA Commissioner David Stern banned them for not having any white on them. Jordan wore them anyway and was fined $5,000 each game. Nike would pay the fine and even used this "outlaw" angle in the shoe's advertising.
The shoes were extremely popular. Demand for them was so high, that there were numerous reported assaults, riots, robberies and even murders over the shoes. One of the most infamous incidents was the of Michael Eugene Thomas, who was choked to death by a classmate.

In the winter of 1984, Nike had little credibility in the basketball world. While competing companies such as Adidas and Converse had signed high-profile basketball stars to endorse their shoes, Nike lacked such a marketing tool. In an effort to change this, Nike persuaded Michael Jordan, then a 21-year-old rookie with the Chicago Bulls, to sign a five-year $2.5 million contract which would include his own line of shoes.

The first Air Jordan's were designed by Peter Moore. Moore designed the shoes to match the uniform of the Chicago Bulls (red and black). However, Moore did not realize that at the time the National Basketball Association required all players to wear white sneakers. Jordan wore the shoes despite the requirement and the subsequent fines he was forced to pay only helped to market the shoes.
The Air Jordan's were unique in that Nike released new designs annually. As of 2009, new designs continue to be released by Jordan Brand, a subdivision of Nike. While the designs vary, the distinct "Jumpman" logo is often incorporated in some manner.
The original Air Jordans made Nike $2.3 million within the first two months of being available to the public. Today, Nike is one of the leaders in basketball shoes thanks in large part to the success of the Air Jordans. Moreover, the risky decision that Nike made in 1984 to invest such a significant amount of money in a single athlete has since become the norm. Now the most popular athletes in almost all sports have their own line of shoes.
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Posted by G_MONEY 3 years ago
Well, I am a very big shoe collector and "sneakerhead." Since jordan is made by nike, they are pretty much the same company for say. Now Jordans are a lot more "hyped" just because they are well, jordans. Not saying nikes aren't hyped, but that jumpman is straight up iconic.
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