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Nintendo is the best video game company.

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Started: 1/31/2015 Category: Technology
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I leave this debate open to any person who wants to accept as Con.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! This is my first debate on this site. I will be arguing that Nintendo is the best video game company. The debate will be open for 3 rounds, and there will be a week to vote. On to the argument!

I believe that Nintendo is the best video game company because: A: They make games that are fun for the whole family; B: Their consoles are the only consoles to not fall prey to a slew of shovel ware and rehashes, and C: They have good quality consoles for the lowest price on the market. These are the main points I'll be arguing in this debate.

A: They make games that are fun for the whole family. By doing this they can reach a wide range of possible consumers. I realize that "hardcore" gamers may not like games such as "Just Dance" or Mario, but hardcore gamers weren't and never will be Nintendo's target audience. If you don't like their games, then don't sit and whine about it. Go buy yourself an Xbox One or PS4 and stop complaining about Nintendo, as you are not who they are aiming their games at.

B: Their consoles are the only ones not to fall prey to a slew of shovel ware and rehashes. I admit, the odd New Super Mario Bros. might fall in there, but for the most part, their console's library is full of fun, innovative games. Ever heard about the "Official Nintendo Seal of Approval"? No? Well, it is a seal of approval that they put on games that are published on their console or handheld. This is a sign that they care about their fans and that they care about the quality of the games on their console. It's not often that you hear about one of the "worst games ever" on a Nintendo console, and that's for a reason. They care, and they aren't about to let a yearly series like FIFA onto their console without SOME kind of big improvement over the last game.

C: They have good quality consoles for the lowest price on the market. My proof: The original Wii sold at a launch price of USD $250 at launch. The PS3 sold for USD $500 at launch, and the Xbox 360 sold for USD $400. The Wii had the lowest launch price of the three, and it was arguably the best in quality. It also sold the most units, selling over 100 million units. This trend continues with the 3DS and Wii U: The competition for Wii U sold at launch anywhere from USD $400- $500, while the Wii U was cutting it a little close at USD $300. Same goes with the 3DS.

Most people agree that the 3DS is better than the PSVITA, and it has sold more units. the 3DS has a huge library of games, with, admirably, a worse resolution and online capabilities, but still better games. Games make or break a console, and the games made the 3DS.

With Wii U, it is arguably STILL the best console on the market, but it has fallen behind with the gimmicky tablet controller and the lackluster library of games. The Wii U recently is picking up speed however, and may make a comeback. However, it isn't the best example of Nintendo's genius, and it isn't the best example to use for argument C.

I hope someone will accept this debate and debate me from the con standpoint. Debate on!



Opening case:

I first make the following observations of the resolution. The burden of the Neg is to find just one video game company better than Nintendo. Because of that, the Aff must defend Nintendo against all other video game companies. In addition, "best" and who it is best for has yet to be defined. For this reason, the video game company that is argued for by the Aff can be better in a large variety of ways. Companies can be judged on anything unique to them, no matter the beneficiary, and those impacts will then be judged based on magnitude.

Argument 1: Valve
Valve is a better company than Nintendo for a variety of reasons.
a: Working
Of video game companies, Forbes ranked Valve better for working than other video game company while Nintendo was last. The article shows doubt about Nintendo's company:
"Some are wary of recent decisions the company (Nintendo) has made that have put them in a relatively uncomfortable position in the current console generation." [1]
Working environment is as important as impacts get and Valve clearly surpasses Nintendo.

b: Product
As well as a better working environment, Valve produces better product. This is evident in the Forbes study:
"It should be noted that both Valve and Blizzard are two companies in the industry that perhaps more than any other focus relentlessly on the quality of a release, sacrificing strict launch timetables in the process." [1]
The quality is evident by the number of people it benefits. At the very moment I am typing this, 7.3 million people are active on Steam, Valve's gaming platform. [2]
Both my opponent and I will agree that the product of a company is important. Clearly, Valve will make all sacrifices to ensure the only the best quality and it is evident by the number of users.

c: American pride.
While Nintendo operates out of Japan, Valve is an American company. In an age of global economies, America gets great benefit out of having local companies. #'Murica. [3][4]

Argument 2: Capcom
Capcom takes the top spot on a cinemablend list for video game companies.

a: influence
Capcom are praised for impacting the world of gaming along a far broader spectrum of games than Nintendo. Capcom has been the most influential video game company forever changing the world of gaming. The Cinemablend article explains:
"Capcom...has pretty much made a great game in every single iteration of video game history imagineable, fighting games just being their particular forte."
Influence on the gaming world is an important way to measure the magnitude of impacts, and Capcom clearly tops Nintendo in the area. [5]

b: Charity
Capcom is actively working to support suicide-prevention. This means that Capcom is actively using its great power to help people. By partnering with CALM, Capcom is making real impacts on the world outside of the gaming world. CALM has already made great strides in the area of suicide-prevention and plans to continue in the future:
"CALM says that since its launch in 2000, suicide rates in the charity's base of Merseyside have dropped by 55%. CALM's Simon Howes says the charity is "delighted" to be working with Capcom on its next partner campaign, demonstrating "how the gaming industry can work for social good" while raising funding and awareness of an issue that plagues the industry's key demographic." [6]
When looking at impacts, impacting those not in the gaming world is just as important as impacting those in the gaming world.

In order to recap, only one of the companies presented needs to be better than Nintendo for a con ballot. This company can be better in a wide spectrum of ways, impacting a broad spectrum of people.

Debate Round No. 1



Argument A: Valve

a. While I agree that Nintendo has made some stupid decisions in recent years, they still make high quality games and products. I agree that the entire company is out of touch lately, but Nintendo has made many good decisions in recent years, and they should not be overshadowed by the bad ones. The fact that the company is Japanese has a bearing on this: many Japanese people have a different mindset than Americans, and it's easy to judge on that fact. The fact that we are american may have an affect on how we view the company's decisions. The decisions may make sense in the mind of someone from Japan, but not as much sense in the mind of a person from the US.

b. Better product is all in the eyes of the beholder. Nintendo also releases high quality games, and they are ready to make delays if it means a better game. Even if Nintendo doesn't have an online gaming service, there are still MILLIONS of people playing their Wii or 3DS, and making content, and talking about it, and much more. Nintendo WILL make sacrifices, like Valve, to make sure the quality of a game is as high as possible.

c. American Pride... The fact that Valve is an american company doesn't really have a bearing on the argument :/ We could make the case that EA is better than Sony because EA is american. The argument that states America benefits from having local companies is true, but it is blatantly an argument based on the fact that we live in America, and america benefits from it. Are we to say that all international companies are worse than American companies because they don't benefit America as much?

Argument B: Capcom

a. Nintendo has influenced the gaming world as much, if not more than Capcom. Capcom wouldn't exist today if it wasn't for Nintendo and Mario's revival of the video game market- you can't get much more influential than a revival of a market. As for the spectrum of games, Nintendo has done very well with this as well. The three genres they haven't really touched upon are the FPS, Horror, and RTS. They have, however, done very well in the Platformer, Action- Adventure, Racing, Sports, Fighting, and RPG genres.

b. Nintendo is also very dedicated to charity and safety as well. Their efforts to help the environment are whole- hearted. They say, and I quote, "We are always researching new ways to make our products, operations and corporate offices as environmentally friendly as possible." Their practices, such as reducing the amount of plastic in game cases and using recycled paper most always in their offices show how committed they are to protecting the environment.

As for charity, here is a list of charitable things Nintendo is undertaking right now.

Nintendo of America makes corporate contributions to charitable organizations on an ongoing basis. Additionally, Nintendo of America offers an Employee Matching Gifts Program through which Nintendo will match, dollar-for-dollar or product-for-product, employee donations to qualified organizations of the employee's choice. Nintendo of America also has established a dedicated employee organization for charitable activities called the NGiving Committee. Here are some of the charitable organizations and events supported by Nintendo of America and its employees.

United Way of King County: Nintendo has a long relationship with this charitable organization which has many community-based organizations under their charitable umbrella. Early learning and ending homelessness are two of the community's most pressing issues.
Starlight Children"s Foundation: Nintendo sponsors this organization"s effort on a global scale to benefit seriously ill children and their families. Nintendo helps fund the production, repair and operational costs of Fun Centers, which are mobile entertainment units equipped with the latest Nintendo gaming systems that provide bedside entertainment and therapeutic play for pediatric patients.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue: Annual Charity Auction Sponsorship, Celebration Luncheon Sponsorship and Youth of the Year Awards, Friends Breakfast Sponsorship, SMART Girls Program Event Sponsorship, holiday "Adopt-a-Family" and product donations for miscellaneous events.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue Low-Income Public Housing Site "Eastside Terrace": Annual Sponsorship (toward operating expenses), Special Events sponsorship, Summer Swimsuit Drive, Summer Reading Program support, Backpack & School Supply Drive and Winter Coat Drive.
Make-A-Wish Foundation: Annual Sponsorship, monetary and product.
The ESA (Entertainment Software Association) Foundation: Nite to Unite event sponsorship.
YWCA Family Village: Annual Thanksgiving dinner drive.
Hopelink: Annual Giving Tree: Collecting holiday gifts for children in need.
Nintendo Annual Golf Tournament: Benefitting a different charity each year.
Youth Eastside Services: Annual Invest in Youth Breakfast Sponsorship.

Capcom is also clearly very charitable, but this HUGE list of charity that Nintendo is undertaking is rather big, and saying that Capcom is more charitable than Nintendo might be true on a few fronts, but mostly wrong. I'm quoting you here- "When looking at impacts, impacting those not in the gaming world is just as important as impacting those in the gaming world."

This statement is so true, but it pertains also to Nintendo, even more so than Capcom.

Good argument, Con- I will wait for your Final round argument.




Argument 1: Valve
a: My opponent has misinterpreted my argument. I am not simply saying that Nintendo has made bad decisions, although I do appreciate my opponent admitting it to be true. I am arguing that Valve is a better place to work for its employees, a fact gone refuted. Extend the Forbes review as it is part of what makes Valve a better company.
b: My opponent here has a lack of evidence. Extend the Steam evidence to show that at any given second, there are more than a million people showing approval for Valve. My opponent says that there are millions of people playing on Nintendo devices, though my opponent lacks evidence in this claim. In addition, the 1.3 million number is not referring to a weekly or monthly total, it is at a given second, how many people are actively using Steam. My opponent here also says that Nintendo will make sacrifices and yet this claim has no source. My Valve argument shows a specific area where Valve is making sacrifices for quality, yet my opponent is making baseless claims.
c: As my opponent didn't specify who the company is best for in the resolution, having an argument that Valve has a greater impact on America is perfectly valid. In addition, America has a larger population and thus the impact is larger. Japan's population is 1.3 hundred million [1], whereas America's population is 3.2 hundred million [2]. This means that being beneficial to the United States has a larger impact in this round.

This argument is being won for a few reasons. It has note gone refuted that Valve has a better working environment; Valve clearly puts more focus on quality (an argument with sources lacking from my opponent); and Valve's benefits have a larger impact.

Argument 2: Capcom.
a: There is a major fault in my opponents argument here. This is again lack of source. My opponent has made baseless claims about Nintendo's influence and yet is going against accurate, sourced information. The cinemablend study that I cited earlier clearly shows that Capcom tops the list as best video company because of influence. My opponent claims that Capcom wouldn't exist without Nintendo, and yet again, there is no source for this claim. In judging this point, it needs to be looked at that Capcom has sources vouching for it, while Nintendo only has claims.

b: Charity needs to be measured by impact. It is very nice that Nintendo does a lot for people, that's great, though impact is what matters. Capcom is effectively saving lives with its charity work. Nintendo may be donating for gifts, and that is important, though saving lives is a much larger impact. In addition, numbers need to be provided. While my gamesradar evidence clearly showed numbers for how effective the charity is, my opponent has failed to quantify Nintendo's work. Finally in this point, I did not list all of the charities that Capcom is helping. Here are a few more examples of great charity work:
"All of the proceeds will benefit two charities: The Save Babies Through Screening Foundation and the March of Dimes New Mexico Chapter, who are fighting to save children's lives and spread awareness about congenital heart defects" [3]
Again here, Capcom is saving lives, the ultimate charity.

The Capcom argument is going to come down to two things: impact on the gaming world and impact on others. For the gaming world, Capcom has been shown, with sources, to be superior to Nintendo. In terms of charity, Capcom is winning based off of impact and numbers.

To wrap up, I'll go over the voting points. In order for the Neg to win, I must simply prove one of these two companies to be better than Nintendo. My opponent thus needs to defend against all other video game companies. In addition, it should be noted that my opponents case is no longer relevant to the round, and does not need to be flowed through as the round is now between Capcom and Nintendo and Valve and Nintendo.

You made great arguments Aff, I look forward to the final round.
Debate Round No. 2


Good job Con.

I wanted to say that I read your entire argument- I don't have any answer to it. I am essentially saying, you win, Con.

There isn't any way I can debate it. I concede that you are right on all your points. Good job, Con, you win.

There's no way I can fight against your points. Good job on your debate- I need to tackle smaller subjects before going to bigger ones. I bit off more than I could chew here. Good job, and I wish you luck in other debates.

Debate on!


First I'd like to say that you debated very well, especially for a first timer.
Second I really appreciate that you wrote this instead of just waiting out until you forfeit, that takes character.
I wish you the best of luck in future debates, smaller or bigger
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by MasterLucario 3 years ago
I'd be for Nintendo if i was pro. Nintendo sold more wiis than xbox360s and PS3s. Nintendo the greatest.
Posted by Esiar 3 years ago
They are just video games!!!
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to pro, as a first timer it is hard to know how to word debate titles properly and I think con knew it, the way I see it is Pro came in debating consoles and games and con changed it to software developing companies, could have been on purpose, could have been a mistake. Argument to con, Pro admitted defeat.
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