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Nintendo's 3DS is their worst handheld platform in years.

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Started: 10/8/2015 Category: Entertainment
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All of Nintendo's previous handhelds were the best they could make at the time, but the 3DS made too many mistakes and was wasted potential.

Sold significantly less compared to the Gameboy, GBA and the original DS.

Has really low blurry resolution in this day and age. Tablets and smartphones have evolved with more capabilites and better hardware, making the 3DS less essential to own than ever.

It's basically a clone of the DS. The DS touch screen was great for its time, but applying the same idea 7 years later doesn't achieve the same effects.

It's the 2010's and Nintendo still has a paternalistic attitude. You can't message friends or send friend requests to random people you meet online.

It's Nintendo's most expensive system. 3DS launched at $250, and even now it costs $175-200. GBA costed $100. NDS costed $150.

One of the weakest launches in modern history. The system had a drought and took 2-3 years to attain a decent library.

**3D Vision**
Gimmick. Most titles on the system rarely use it. I can't think of any titles which used it to create a unique meaningful gameplay experience.

**Indie Support**
Exists but pales in comparison to what the Vita and mobile devices have.

**Digital Distribution**
The virtual console has a small selection. The 3DS should well be able to handle digital GBA, SNES, and DS games. Also, the online marketplace for 3DS is lacking in sales and deals like other marketplaces have.

**Lack of Original Titles**
Most of Nintendo's games on the systems are ports and formulaic sequels. Even my favorite game on the system (A Link Between Worlds) is heavily derived off of another game.

**Lack of new IP's**
Gamecube had Pikmin. Xbox had Halo. PS3 had Uncharted. GBA had Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. DS had Nintendogs and such. 3DS had.... nothing?? Okay, it had Steel Diver...

Perhaps Nintendo should have waited it out a year or two, to design a more up-to-date platform.


I know this pretty bad to start on, but it's time for my ace in the hole: The Virtual Boy.

When you say that ALL other Nintendo handhelds are better for their time, this also would include the Virtual Boy.

And the 3DS has a great selection of games! Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon OrAs, Link Between Worlds, Smash Bros, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 3D, Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, and more!
Debate Round No. 1


By the way, I'm not saying the 3DS is a bad system. It can provide some entertainment - it's no Sega Saturn. It's just not up to Nintendo's caliber of quality in my opinion. Compared to MOST other Nintendo systems, it's a weak link. As a lifelong Nintendo fan, the 3DS is the only product of theirs that I regret purchasing.


1) Virtual Boy is not a handheld, so it shouldn't count. It's semi portable but you can't really take it with you in your pocket and feasibly play it on a bus and such.
2) Virtual Boy is regarded as one of the worst consoles of all time. To say "The 3DS is better than the worst system of all time" doesn't say much.
3) I said the 3DS was their worst handheld IN YEARS - not their worst of all time. Meaning that even if we assume the Virtual Boy to be a handheld, I'm essentially saying the 3DS is the worst since Virtual Boy (or Gameboy Color, if that counts as a separate console - and not a GB flanker).

Main point: It's a step back from the Gameboy Advanced & Nintendo DS. (And if you want to throw consoles in the discussion, I also found the Gamecube and the Wii to be better)


As far as the games you mentioned, Ocarina and Majora are ports - and not original titles for the system. There's a superior version of Smash Bros on the Wii U, so it's not an exclusive anymore. I've played Pokemon X/Y, and despite all the graphical improvements, mega evolutions and conveniences and such added to the game, it's still the same basic game I played 15 years ago. Same plot, same progression, same battling system. Grind, gym, grind, gym. No real surprises or twists.

I think what every system needs is a "killer app". A title that's so groundbreaking and unique that you can't get anywhere else. 3DS has a number of decent and merely good games, but in terms of having brilliantly original games that will age into all-time classics, I think it's lacking.

In a way, the 3DS has become the personification of the modern criticism against Nintendo. It's a Mario/Zelda/Pokemon device. You buy the device, you get those 3 things and there's not a bunch of other pleasant surprises.


The GBA was a big jump over the GB. The DS particularly was a significant system that was the progenitor of touch based interaction on portable devices. The DS created its own lane and had something completely different to offer for people who already had a Gamecube and GBA.

The problem with the 3DS is that it pretty much just exists in the same lane that the DS (and now the Wii U) exist in. It didn't give me an entirely new and fresh gaming experience. It's quite derivative.


You know what? I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're right.

I personally love the 3DS, but it really is just a beefed up DS. I'm worried that this will make me lose some credibility, but I accept defeat.
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for being brave, and a good sport. Look to see you around on the forums and on other debate topics here.



And people, please vote for pro, even if you do believe the 3DS is a great system. They had WAY better arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I have a 3ds myself, and it's not terrible, but it's far from Nintendo's best or even memorable work, I find it funny that it was sort of made in conjunction with the Wii U which also ended up being their worst home console in years.
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