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No Game No Life is a superior anime to Death Parade

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Started: 5/27/2015 Category: TV
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Round one acceptance. We will debate about what makes an anime good or bad, or quality of the shows in general. The burden of proof is shared.

No game no life:

Death Parade:


I accept and look forward to a good debate.
Debate Round No. 1


There are many reasons why no game no life is ranked higher than Death Parade as can be seen from my links, and also why NGNL is a superior show.

What makes a show good? Cleverness. People need to think, it shows that the show is complex, and also triggers the brain, stimulating a challenge and also making the show more entertaining. No Game No Life has many clever solutions, that are mostly unexpected, and combined with the interesting and unique games, makes it superior to Death Parade. For example, let's take the first "clever game" that the main characters play in NGNL. In the first youtube video, beginning from around 3 minutes, our main character plays Rock-paper-scissors against a girl, with the twist that he can only win with paper. It is clever because he didn't plan to win at all; he had planned to tie from the beginning, with his incredibly vague request that allowed him to practically let the girl become his slave!

Another example is when our main characters are yet again playing a game, this time Chess, which the sister is unsurprisingly, incredibly skilled at. However, things go awry when she attempts to make sacrifices--the chess pieces are actually alive! They are unwilling to move into a place where they know they will be killed; in contrast to the opponent using magic to forcibly move their soldiers and playing an advantageous position. Luckily, the brother steps in once more, using his leadership ability, speaking encouraging words to the soldiers, and even convincing their queen that the opponent was immoral in forcing them to become slaves, thus turning the tides.

Of course, these are only two examples, but I believe I had made my point. No Game No Life is a clever anime/show overall. Death Parade has none of this cleverness, because the people who play the games have no memory of their life, and are forced to play to allow the arbiters to judge whether they go to heaven or hell.

Comedy factor
Comedy is crucial in a show or anime. Serious animes can be of course very good as well, however, comedy is an advantage here because it allows for relief, and as a result, even stronger suspence in contrast to the serious moments of the show. It allows people to laugh and enjoy the plot. No Game No Life has many attributes of comedy within it. For example, right after that serious game of rock-paper-scissors, Shiro demands that the girl "fall in love with him".

This is the result:
s://; alt="" width="699" height="398" />

As a result, we get a start of a recurring joke of Steph inevitably falling in love with Shiro, and disliking her rash actions when she sees Shiro as a handsome man. This is quite funny, and pushes on the plot easily along with the mystery and games. There is even at one point where this joke is technically used as a solution--within a life-threatening game in which memories of Shiro were lost in his sister Sora, and Steph was made to believe that she had been made to fall in love with Sora instead of Shiro. Which leads to this hilarious moment:

As you can see, the comedy is very entertaining, as well as a good plot device. In contrast, death parade has nearly no comedy. Where's the comedy? Where's the funniness? It isn't as entertaining as No Game No Life, clearly!

With a combination of cleverness and comedy, No Game No Life deserves to win. It is truly better than Death Parade.



Foreword: I'd like to just once again thank my opponent, not too many people create debates about anime. As I've seen both already, I've come to the personal decision that Death Parade is actually a "better" anime than No Game No Life. If anything, the two animes are like polar opposites of one another. While No Game No Life is one of those "happy go lucky" shows, Death parade requires a more mature audience and can be just as dark as those other series like Deathnote. In the end, this debate is entirely subjective and it is up to the viewer to decide which anime he/she feels is better.

As my opponent has not stated what constitutes one anime for being "superior" to another, I will do so myself.

1. Plot/Story

2. Character Development

3. Sound

4. Connectivity

First, what is Death Parade about?

Summary: "After death, humans go to either heaven or hell. But for those that die simultaneously, they arrive at a bar to be greeted by the mysterious bartender Decim. He challenges them to a Death Game, where they wager their lives. The trick is that the actual game is to reveal their true natures. Decim himself is the ultimate arbitrator of who wins and who loses, who lives and who dies.

Death Parade is a wild ride from the beginning. The first episode had me hooked and I was waiting for each episode to air. The setting is dark, showing the darker side of humanity and how people will act when their back is against the wall. That being said, there is mature content of a psychological nature. Even though this is an anime about games like darts and bowling, the games have the dark twist to them that is not suited for children. I thought that Death Parade was going to be an episodic anime, simply providing a different game each episode, but the anime gave back story to the arbiters and a storyline that continued throughout the season."


Genre: Drama, Horror, Psychological

1. Plot/Story

Death parade is an anime about the afterlife. There aren't too many series whose storyline deals about life after death. Already one can see that this show which won, Best anime of Winter 2015 as something unique. What I think makes Death Parade a better anime than No Game No Life, is the complexity of the plot.

The main story behind Death Parade is about an arbiter who determines who lives and who dies, basically. His name is Decim and is definitely my favorite anime character in the whole series. I think the "lesson to be learned" about the overall show is not to judge other people, because you don't know what they're going through and we're all human, NOBODY IS PERFECT. Therefore, while Decim has a unique position, he also has some of the greatest responsibilities to bear but he does know what he's doing which is what I like about him.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the plot of No Game No Life, I find it boring and unoriginal. No Game No Life is about: Two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister, who find the real world too dull so one day, they meet this young boy called "God" and he agrees to bring them into his fantasy land. The two then resolve to conquer this land but not with weapons or armies, but through games. That's right, games. International boundaries are decided by games ranging from chess to Call of Duty from Basketball to Rugby and these two brilliant minds plan to restore Humanity to its former Glory. You see, there are sixteen races and he who conquers all sixteen has the right to "Challenge God."

So basically, the main plot is to conquer the world and then try and become God, where have I heard that one before? Hitler? Napoleon? This time it's two siblings, Sora and Shiro, teaming up to do the same thing, only difference is without killing anyone.

I think Death Parade has a HUGE advantage in terms of originality and complexity over No Game No Life.

2. Character Development

Maybe because both series are only one season long, this isn't really all that credible. Still, I will reference it as it shows just how great an anime can become.

I'll start with No Game No Life.

I can testify that Sora and Shiro have not changed physically, mentally, or psychologically from episode one to episode twelve. Maybe emotionally, but I mean the two are siblings and maybe its not healthy for them to be so "close", if you know what I mean. I'm going to just talk about Sora because he's the main character in NGNL, and I'm running out of characters.

The overall personality of Sora, the serious-funny guy never fades regardless of who he meets or what happens, he literally is a STATIC character and does not change from beginning to end. What I really hate about his character is that he RARELY appears to be aware of his current situation. What I'm trying to say is that reality, no matter how dire, does not phase him because he knows that he is living in a fantasy world where killing and murder and all that is prohibited. I think the show really did a good job presenting a world where there wasn't any death, but they go overboard in some aspects.

Next, Death Parade: Decim. Decim is a stone cold type of guy, almost like a robot. He is capable of showing love and feelings but he comes off as a DUTY FIRST FEELINGS SECOND type of guy. I can relate to him, but I give him the edge because well, HE HAS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. At the start of the anime, he is just like a machine passing judgement on humans for what seems like an eternity. But one day, he meets this one human who he is unable to pass judgement on, her name is Chizuki. He allows her to observe him and spend time with him, so that when the day comes for him to pass judgement on her, he will be able to as he knows her better. But Chizuki is human and criticizes Decim when he passes judgement on another group of humans. She caused Decim to reconsider what he is doing and this is proof that Decim changes, his personality and outlook differs from before and after meeting Chizuki. He even cries at the end, when he eventually passes judgment on Chizuki (Spoiler Alert) and he almost made me cry as well.

In the end, I give Decim the edge over Sora in terms of character development which strengthens my claim that overall, Death parade is a better anime than NGNL. I would post the picture of him crying but this is my first debate and I don't know how to yet, sorry and I'm down to 1,661 characters Jesus!

3. Sound

By all means, both animes had awesome soundtracks but this one song from Death Parade really touched me. Check it out, it's on my Soundcloud Account. (Follow me? I'm "My Childhood')

Hey, I love NGNL sound too so I'll give you guys a link.

Both series meet the mark in terms of Sound in my opinion.

4. Connectivity

What is Connectivity? Well, this is that personal message that the anime watcher makes to the show which really defines it; makes an anime great.

I'm sure everyone can relate to NGNL, funny protagonist, must conquer the world at all costs, meets new people along the way. You know, your standard adventure story.

But Death parade wow, changed my entire outlook on life. You see, Chizuki committed suicide because she was super depressed. She had a bright future ahead of her as a skater, but broke her leg one day and could never skate again. She visited her mother as a ghost and realized she made a mistake in committing suicide. Her mother CRIED everyday for her, she prayed for her, Chizuki felt so bad for her and regretted her decision.

There's so much more I'm leaving out, sorry, but I've reached the character limit. Plus, this was rushed, I started with less than 3 hours left and haven't really had time to edit so I apologize if this comes out as sloppy. Next round, I'll present my arguments more clearly.
Debate Round No. 2


To my opponent: You simply have to click text, change it to rich text, then copy and paste the picture. You can also upload pictures to your account by clicking on your profile, where you can store pictures.

After a long and hefty thought, I've agreed with my opponent. Indeed, NGNL is inarguably smarter and funnier than Death Parade. But at the same time, Death Parade offers change, offers a more realistic onlook on people, focusing on people's life, especially on the story of Jovi-whatever-it-was-called. Both offer a variety of games, and although I do find NGNL's still yet more entertaining, I do agree that Death Parade's game show different types of people and their reactions. It is especially the games of heaven and hell that make Death Parade all-the-more interesting than NGNL, in which NGNL's characters are smart, and you're excited for their plans, and when they do reveal their plans, they are brilliant, but Death Parade offers a look into people, into yourself. Indeed, especially the last episode, it made me cry as well.

Well, I'm just babbling now. I'll let my opponent win. Vote for my opponent. Good debate. Perhaps sometimes we'll debate about a more serious topic.


I'm humbled. I was able to win my first debate, what an accomplishment.

Once again, I'll just thank my opponent for creating such an intriguing topic. To think that I would be able to convince my own counterpart to agree with me, wow!

There's no doubt, both animes are amazing, but my opponent and I alike have reached the ultimatum, that Death Parade is just more personal, more deep, more inspirational. While both series offer interesting stories, I have to praise Death parade for its originality, a trait becoming less and less common nowadays.

I now have no doubt in my mind, that DP has a better storyline, better protagonist, a soundtrack out of this world, and is more relatable than NGNL which is what gives it a huge edge in terms of "superiority."

Well to the viewers, thanks for viewing! Vote con, it's in the interest of both myself and my opponent that you do so! If you haven't already, check out Death Parade and No Game No Life, you'll be glad you did!

Links to death parade:

Dub - episode 1 =

Sub - episode 1 =

Review - GrArkada =

Links to No Game no life

Dub - episode 1 = NOT AVAILABLE

Sub - episode 1 =

Review - GrArkada =

Be sure to watch the reviews, the reviewer is very talented and is regarded as the best anime reviewer in all of You tube. (WatchMojo)
Debate Round No. 3


Heh, your further debates will probably be much harder. It was an incredibly close call for me to decide as well so I just decided to have a debate about it. :D


I wouldn't be able to grow as a debater if I didn't experience more formidabble opponents. I look forward to those future debates.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TeenagerX 2 years ago
I loved both animes, I'd argue for death parade but I don't meet criteria.
Posted by Kozu 2 years ago
I'll have to watch this one.
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