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No-Kill animal shelters are better.

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Started: 7/10/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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No-Kill animal shelter are better, due to the fact that you are bound to have more adoptions and sales at a no-kill shelter, because people do not want to buy from a kill shelter.


No-kill animal shelters would be fairly unneeded.

You are supposing that they are better since adopters would like shelters would like shelters which do not kill.
The problem is, you are not fully understanding the actual purpose of an "animal shelter."
The purpose of this shelter is not always to get animals adopted, but to rehabilitate them, or get them back to normal life, so it would not always be necessary for animals to be adopted.

My argument is that animal shelters can be a health hazard since sick animals with an infectious disease and can spread further nuisance if released.
Also, animal shelters cannot take care of an animal forever, they'll have to kill it if it is not adopted, they cannot just feed, take care, and treat for animals without having profit.

This might seem cruel, but this will benefit both the animal shelter and the people.

(I think I overwrote it a bit, the first paragraph should sum it up.)
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Posted by Anonymous1123133657 2 months ago
Sorry for that writing error, I wrote "would like shelters" twice because I failed to check and review what I had written.

You may deduct points if you feel it is needed.
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