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No one ever protested against discrimination of men

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Started: 11/27/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I want to know that has anyone ever protested for discrimination of men ? People have do t it for women but has anyone ever tried doing it for men?


There's over 7 billion people. At least 100 of those must be supporting masculinism.
Debate Round No. 1


see guys ,,i dont know much about social reformers who protested against discrimination of men,, but atleast in my country(india) no one ever did it(as per what i have heard of)please give your opinions for other countries..this will help me understand more about the topic


Sorry about my delay.

I guess the 7 billion people argument didn't convince you. Well, there is a masculine rights movement:

As you can see, people do support masculine rights. I've done my burden, I believe.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dirty-Morgs 1 year ago
In the university of York people tried to create a international men's day (there is a international women's day) to deal with problems like male suicide rates it was shut down by feminists. one day later a male student committed suicide.
Posted by Vibhukhare 1 year ago
power pikachu as per ur comment u say atleast 100 people might have protested....please tell who r the 100 people?????
Posted by Vibhukhare 1 year ago
guys please if you all know anyone who has ever fought for discrimination of men please debate and tell
Posted by madness 1 year ago
Males used to have to pay more car insurance. Not any more.
Or so we think.
Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
Why 100?
Posted by PowerPikachu21 1 year ago
Nah. I'll just argue that, because there's so many people on Earth, at least 100 of them must be masculinists.
Posted by ZenekPr0 1 year ago
Easy one, con has to prove that during human history there was at least one protest against discrimination of men.
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